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Réalisateur dans l’industrie du divertissement pour adultes, Franck Vicomte est né en Hongrie, et compte de nombreux films à son actif, dont une grande majorité pour les studios Dorcel.

C’est d’ailleurs dans ce cadre qu’il met en scène de sublimes actrices comme Cléa Gaultier, Mariska ou Anna Polina. Son goût prononcé pour l’esthétisme permet aux spectateurs de profiter de vidéos aussi magnifiques que perverses. Dans “Tiffany 4 you”, Franck Vicomte souligne les courbes de la jolie Tiffany Tatum avec une lumière et un cadrage parfaits. Dans ces scènes luxurieuses, l’actrice du X goûte aux plaisirs saphiques avant de se laisser aller à l’échangisme avec sa meilleure amie et son compagnon.
Jamais à court d’idées pour satisfaire les fantasmes de son auditoire, Franck Vicomte n’hésite pas à proposer des scénarios toujours plus érotiques et excitants comme dans “L’initiation de la fille au pair”, où Anissa Kate accueille une jeune fille au pair à qui elle réserve de nombreuses surprises, ou dans “Club Xtrem”, une vidéo se tenant dans un club très sélect où les plaisirs n’ont aucune limite… vous invite à découvrir les films X de Franck Vicomte. Le réalisateur vous réserve bien des idées pour pimenter vos soirées. Films disponibles en streaming, VOD et téléchargement==

Découvrez les meilleurs films X du réalisateur hongrois Franck Vicomte et profitez d’une soirée très érotique !

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They make their fantasies come true Today, Renato decided to take his partner Karina King...

Thr3e vol.3

With: Karina King, B. Rous, Simon Kitty, Amalia Davis, Candie Luciani, Nata Ocean, Renato, Brad Knight, Kristof Cale, Jimmy Bud

They make their fantasies come true Today, Renato decided to take his partner Karina King shopping. Just as the couple are about to leave Karina's favorite shoe store, she turns around and goes back to the sales assistant to ask for her personal phone number, which she happily does. Later that day, the couple decide to get down to business and call her to join them. For some time now, Karina has been fantasizing about making love with her husband and another woman. B. Rous seems the ideal candidate for this new experience. Simon Kitty, Renato and Brad Knight have just enjoyed a dream dinner party. While Brad's girlfriend has gone home to bed, Simon Kitty is eager to enjoy the rest of the evening with the two men. It's been a while since she's had the chance to make love to two men at the same time. This is the perfect opportunity. Three-way pleasure Alone at home, Amalia Davis prepares for the return of her boyfriend Kristof Cale and a surprise guest. The couple have found the perfect way to avoid falling into a rut. From time to time, depending on their respective desires, Kristof invites a stranger to join in their lovemaking. For the couple, this only strengthens their desire and love. After the threesome, Amalia has a little surprise in store for Kristof. This time, she invited another woman to join them. After a busy day at the office, Kristof can't wait to join his partner and Candie Luciani to round off the day and, why not, extend the pleasure into the night. A just return of things Tonight, Kristof has organized a party that Nata Ocean will long remember. Blindfolded, she hears that Kristof is next to her, but not alone. She had been asking him for weeks to invite a friend to try something new. Excited by what she hears, Nata quickly removes her blindfold to discover that Karina King is already looking after her boyfriend. Now all she wants is to join them and enjoy her surprise too. A few days later, Nata decided to return the favor to Kristof by also inviting a third partner. Now that Kristof has fulfilled his fantasy of making love to two women, it's the pretty blonde's turn to enjoy two men at the same time...

They know exactly what they want. Whether they're businesswomen or just employees, they decide...

Girls At Work - stories vol.1

With: Candee Licious, Brill B., Veronica Leal, Karina King, Sasha Rose, Zlata Shine, David Perry, Josh, Matthew Meier, Tommy Gold

They know exactly what they want. Whether they're businesswomen or just employees, they decide where, when and how. Brill B. and David Perry have been working together for some time now, and although their relationship is purely professional, Brill B. would like to take it a step further than just saying hello at the coffee machine in the morning. Today, as David leaves his office for a meeting, she decides it's time to get down to business. The meeting isn't that important after all, and the archive room will limit the number of colleagues who might surprise them. It's a safe bet that the two new lovers will have other opportunities to visit the company's various offices. It's not unusual for Veronica Leal to stay late in the office to finalize important files. She doesn't mind working after her colleagues have left, because she's pretty sure no one will disturb her. When she leaves the office, she discovers that Josh has also decided to stay late. As the two colleagues prepare to go their separate ways, Josh seems to have a problem with his car key. Luckily for him, Veronica hasn't left the car park yet and offers to give him a lift home. All he has to do is call his car dealer the next day. As soon as Josh is seated, Veronica makes some unexpected advances. A little surprised at first, Josh finally succumbs to her seduction game. Luckily for them, the car park is deserted at this hour. Working overtime can have many advantages. They know how to mix business with pleasure. Karina King is a businesswoman who is highly respected by her peers. She knows what she wants and rarely fails when she has an idea in mind. Today that idea is Matthew Meier. The two colleagues have worked together for years and know each other very well. Matthew knows full well that when Karina has urges, he'll be able to satisfy them all, even (and especially) if it's in the office. What could be more exciting than making love and running the risk of being caught in the act? Matthew is a handsome man who is lucky enough to work in a predominantly female company. They're all so wrapped up in their work that they don't really take the time to get out and meet other people. After all, why waste time trying to get to know strangers when they know their male colleagues almost as well as they know themselves? Today, Sasha Rose and Matthew have an informal meeting about a future client. It seems that Sasha is much more interested in her colleague's attributes than in the boring case he is trying to present to her anyway. They can certainly reschedule the meeting for a later date... Very enterprising colleagues As Josh rushes back to his office for his next meeting, he bumps into Candee Licious as she comes out of the lift with a glass of water in her hand. Surprised, Candee spills her drink on her colleague and does her best to dry Josh’s-soaked trousers. What if the best thing to do was to take them off and lay them out until the next meeting? The two colleagues had been hanging around each other for a few months, and it was high time Candee took matters into her own hands to make progress on this sultry case to say the least. Zlata Shine has a soft spot for Tommy Gold, the analyst who has recently joined the company. She'd like to get to know him better, but he doesn't seem to understand the discreet signals she's been sending him over the last few days. Today she decides to stop beating around the bush and let him know straight away that she wants him, now, right now. With their colleagues out to lunch, Tommy now has no excuse not to succumb to Zlata's charms.

These propositions are impossible to refuse Every day, when the weather's nice, many employees...

Impulses vol.6

With: Shalina Devine, Clémence Audiard, Brill B., Liz Ocean, Tiffany Tatum, Selva Lapiedra, Sasha Rose, Kristof Cale, Alex Romero, Raul Costa, Renato

These propositions are impossible to refuse Every day, when the weather's nice, many employees from the offices surrounding this park come to relax on the grass during their lunch break. Today, Kristof Cale and Alex Romero have a lively discussion about what they think they know about women's sexual desires and urges. To their surprise, they are approached by Sasha Rose, a pretty brunette who has overheard their conversation. They're speechless when they realize that Sasha is offering them exactly what they've been talking about: intense, direct sex with no strings attached or obligations. Selva Lapiedra is a thrill-seeker, especially when it comes to motorsports. Her best friend knows this, and for her birthday she treated her to a racetrack session with Raul Costa, one of the best drivers in the region. Far from being intimidated, Selva appreciates the gift. After a few laps around the circuit that were far too short for her liking, the pretty brunette decides to thank the driver in her own way, and in turn provide him with some... very intense sensations. Clémence Audiard and Kristof Cale both have very busy schedules. So, when they finally have a bit of free time, they like to relax in the sun by the pool of their magnificent villa. While Kristof tends to the garden, Clémence receives a surprising message from her best friend Nathalie (Tiffany Tatum). The two friends have known each other for almost five years, and against all odds, Nathalie has just proposed a threesome with Kristof... At first a little surprised that his girlfriend would accept such a proposal, he realizes that he'd be really stupid to refuse. Unexpected encounters Shalina Devine is used to carpooling with strangers to get to her office. This morning, she has an appointment with Renato, her driver for the day. As his route doesn't change, he offers to pick her up every morning before he leaves for a business trip abroad. As the contact goes well and the man is charming, she readily accepts. For her last journey, Shalina has no desire to go to work and offers Renato a lift home instead. She plans to thank him in her own way for all the trips she's made over the last few weeks. Recently single, Brill B no longer wants to tie herself down to the wrong people. What she wants now is just sex, for her own pleasure. Until now, the pretty blonde has never had the opportunity to do anything with another woman. If she's going to have fun, she might as well try something new. While looking for a potential partner on a dating app, she matches up with Liz Ocean, who seems to be far more experienced in the field and offers to teach her a thing or two. Brill B certainly won't regret this encounter, which far exceeds all her expectations.

Pleasure is meant to be shared Catherine Knight and Renato have been a couple for several years...

Thr3e vol.2

With: Sata Jones, Catherine Knight, Alyssa Bounty, Stella Sedona, Kristof Cale, Josh, Thomas Stone, Renato, Matthew Meier

Pleasure is meant to be shared Catherine Knight and Renato have been a couple for several years and are as much in love as the day they met. Their sex life is also very fulfilling, thanks to the little games they regularly organize to avoid falling into routine. Tonight, they've decided to find a stranger to join them. What man could resist the charms of a half-naked woman caressing herself in her car? Matthew Meier thought it would be a boring evening, but it ended in a much more exciting way than expected. Sata Jones and Kristof Cale are equally adept of threesomes. Sata has agreed to let Catherine join them for an evening of lust, on condition that Kristof returns the favor a little later. For the moment, she's just as excited as her partner at the prospect of spending the evening in the company of such a beautiful woman who shares their taste for shared pleasures. As Sata and Catherine begin to get to know each other better, Kristof quickly joins them to get down to business. A few days later, while Kristof is trying to finish an important file, he receives an exciting call from Sata, who is waiting for him at home, half naked. She also reminds him that he owes her a favor and that their evening guest is already on his way. Hesitating between his file and his wife, Kristof finally hops into his car and heads home a little faster than usual. When he arrives, his wife is already having fun with Josh. Excited by the situation, he soon joins them. Now on equal terms, the couple will certainly have the opportunity to find new partners. Stella Sedona loves to receive and give back Stella Sedona and Thomas Stone are looking for a new home. The one they currently occupy no longer suits them, and they need a change. Today, they've just visited a sumptuous villa, but Stella is more taken with the real estate agent than the house itself. Thomas is used to his wife's antics and can hardly refuse her anything. It's been a while since they've invited a stranger to join in their little couple games, so this is the perfect opportunity. For his part, Renato intends to make the most of this rather unexpected proposal. After her adventure with the real estate agent, Stella had a little surprise in store for her husband. To thank him for letting her have fun with another man, she invited the gorgeous Alyssa Bounty to join them for another evening of shared pleasure. A little surprised at first, Thomas can't hide his excitement for long, while Stella also intends to take advantage of the pretty brunette's charms.

Angelica Heart knows how to take care of her employees In any company, the hardest thing for the...

Girls at work - team building

With: Alice Drake, Angelica Heart, Anita Rover, Jadilica, Matthew Meier, Tommy Gold, Brad Knight, Kristof Cale

Angelica Heart knows how to take care of her employees In any company, the hardest thing for the boss is to make sure that employees feel good and are happy to come to work every morning. Some companies have understood this and don't hesitate to organize activities outside the office to strengthen ties and motivate their teams. Today, as she does almost every day, Angelica Heart is the last to leave the office. As head of a large agency, she has a duty to lead by example. When she returns home, she finds Brad Knight, her partner, taking a well-deserved rest after a long day at the office. He certainly didn't think Angelica would wake him up in such an exciting way. An excellent way to unwind after a long day. The next day, while all her colleagues are preparing their files for the day, Angelica summons them all to her office. This is usually a bad sign, but today she has a little surprise for them. To reward them for their hard work and dedication to the company, she treats them to breakfast before offering them a special treasure hunt in the nearby park. The best way to get to know each other For Anita Rover and Tommy Gold, who've been circling each other for some time but never dared to take the plunge, this is the perfect opportunity to finally get together, away from the office and in idyllic surroundings. It goes without saying that the two lovers are going to make the most of these few hours away from their colleagues, abandoning any chance of winning the treasure hunt. But is it really that important? Later in the day, everyone gets together for an artistic activity in which they all have to paint their most beautiful work. This little painting session brings Alice Drake and Jadilica closer together. Normally, the two women don't have any common files to deal with, but this outing allowed them to bond in a totally natural way. After a busy afternoon, they decide to get together in a quieter place to get to know each other better... Exciting extra-professional activities The following day, Angelica plans to get everyone together for some more sporting challenges than the day before. Unfortunately for her, Anita Rover injures herself during the tug-of-war, but she can count on the predictable help of Kristof Cale and Matthew Meier to recover in no time. She had no idea her colleagues could be so caring. While lounging a little apart from their colleagues, Alice Drake and Jadilica, who are now closer than ever, are joined by Tommy Gold, one of the company's hotties. What if they asked him to take part in one last event, just as sporting as the others, but much more exciting? After all, two can have fun, but three is even better. A little goes a long way in improving interpersonal relations at work.

They can't resist their impulses Since moving to Barcelona, Clémence Audiard has made a habit...

Impulses vol.5

With: Agatha Vega, Clémence Audiard, Angie Lynx, Carollina Cherry, Sata Jones, Mary Popiense, Kristof Cale, Tommy Gold, Tommy Cabrio, Paulo Bangkok

They can't resist their impulses Since moving to Barcelona, Clémence Audiard has made a habit of strolling along the beach as often as she can after her long days at work. Today, the pretty redhead decided to spice up her evening a little by inviting Kristof Cale and Tommy Cabrio, her two regular lovers, to come and have a drink at her place. Naturally, the two men know nothing about each other and are "surprised", to say the least, to meet under such circumstances. Clémence, who is used to having only one partner, will for once have two men ready to satisfy her every impulse. At the office or in her personal life, Sata Jones is a very active woman who generally gets everything she wants, when she wants it. During her daily jog, she crosses paths with Tommy Gold, a man she finds very much to her liking. Without speaking to each other, they race to see who can finish first. To reward her adversary of the day, Sata invites him to join her at her place for a long moment of relaxation and pleasure. Isn't that better than a medal or a drink in a bar? Truth or dare? Carollina Cherry and Mary Popiense have been friends for years, but their respective careers prevent them from spending time together. So, when the opportunity finally presents itself, they rent a large villa to spend a few days together. After a day of shopping and photos on the terrace, a simple game of truth or dare reveals their true feelings for each other. Mary's boyfriend Paulo Bangkok won't regret joining them at the last minute. Angie Lynx and Mary Popiense are true social networking professionals. Today, Mary invited blonde Angie for an interview to present her new cosmetics range. It doesn't take long for the two influencers to forget the real reason for their meeting, preferring to spend time together away from the cameras. The social networking video can wait a few more minutes. While strolling along the beach, Agatha Vega meets the gaze of a total stranger and falls head over heels in love. Normally rather reserved, the young woman plucks up her courage and suggests to Kristof Cale that they move straight on to the main course without stopping at a café. She suggests going straight to a nearby hotel to explore their sudden desire in depth.

Lawyers willing to do anything for their clients Normally, the atmosphere at this law firm for...

Girls at work - the firm

With: Karina King, Sata Jones, Niki Harris, Selva Lapiedra, Molly Devon, Kristof Cale, Renato, Tommy Gold, Brad Knight, Matthew Meier

Lawyers willing to do anything for their clients Normally, the atmosphere at this law firm for wealthy clients is both professional and relaxed. Today, however, is a special day because Renato, one of the firm's biggest clients, has come to make sure that the current business is going according to plan. Karina King and Sata Jones, the two senior partners, are exceptionally present together to answer any questions he may have. Today is a special day for Selva Lapiedra, the firm's latest recruit. She has just passed her final bar exams with flying colors and can now wear the famous gown that is the pride of all lawyers. To celebrate, her colleagues have thrown her a little surprise party at the office. Selva, who is very close to Brad Knight and Tommy Gold, the firm's two assistants, decides to stay with them for a while to celebrate in the best possible way. Karina King and Sata Jones are specialists in complicated cases The next day, left alone in the office, Sata Jones receives a visit from Molly Jones and her soon-to-be ex-husband, Matthew Meier, with whom divorce proceedings appear to be well underway. After reading the various documents, the man angrily throws them away and leaves the office, leaving Molly distraught. Not knowing where to turn, she takes advantage of the lawyer's presence to comfort herself in her arms. Luckily for her, Sata knows how to remain professional in all circumstances and does everything in her power to put a smile back on her face. For her part, Karina King is not insensitive to the charm and charisma of her biggest client. Renato is a very busy man, but the lawyer also knows how to play private detective to track down the man she covets. Taking advantage of her client's weekly visit to the massage parlor, Karina arranges with the manager to take the place of Renato's regular masseuse. Lying half-asleep on the massage table, it takes him a few minutes to realize that his lawyer has many hidden talents. This massage session will be far more exciting than usual. All's well that ends well After Matthew's hasty departure earlier in the week, Sata decides to go to his home to get him to sign the other half of the papers. After the events at the office, she's not sure what kind of welcome she's going to get. When he opens the door, the man seems a little more relaxed than on their previous meeting, and the lawyer intends to do everything in her power to finally close this case. Like her partner, Karina King's many talents often enable her to smoothly extricate herself from tense situations. For several months, Karina King has been working on a complicated case. Kristof Cale has been improperly incarcerated, and Niki Harris, his wife, has spent untold sums of money so that her husband can finally be released. After proving his innocence, Karina picked him up straight from prison and brought him home. Overjoyed to see the man she loves again, Niki invites the lawyer to join them in celebrating his release. The timing is perfect since Karina never refuses a little bonus in kind.

Shalina Devine loves both men and women On a day-to-day basis, Shalina Devine and Matthew Meier...

Thr3e vol.1

With: Shalina Devine, Candee Licious, Angelika Grays, Lia Lin, Karina King, Sasha Rose, Tiffany Tatum, Veronica Leal, David Perry, Renato, Matthew Meier, Thomas Stone

Shalina Devine loves both men and women On a day-to-day basis, Shalina Devine and Matthew Meier have a classic love life. They both have fulfilling jobs, and above all, they're very much in love with each other. However, once the door to their sumptuous apartment closes, they step out of the frame in which their friends know them. Intimate Shalina loves to play submissive games, and although he was a little reluctant at first, Matthew soon fell for it. The couple have a very fulfilling sex life, and Shalina never gets as much pleasure as when her partner takes the reins. Tonight, he's even got a surprise in store for Shalina in the person of Candee Licious. Shalina has long wanted to share her man with another woman. It is now done, to everyone’s delight. After this unforgettable experience with another woman, Shalina decided to take matters into her own hands and turn the tables. A few months ago, Thomas Stone, one of her office colleagues, openly admitted to her that even though she was in a relationship, he really liked her. After discussing the matter, the couple decided to invite Thomas to join them, so that they could both fulfill their fantasies. Although very promiscuous, Shalina and Matthew are still in the experimental phase when it comes to inviting another partner to their sexual games. When the day comes, Thomas, who thought he'd have a good time alone with the sculptural blonde, is surprised to discover that he'll have to share her after all. New experiences for Angelika Grays and Lia Sin Angelika Grays and David Perry may be fairly open-minded about everything to do with their sexuality, but there are still some subjects that stump them. For some time now, David has fantasized about seeing his wife taking pleasure with another man while he watches them. Although the idea turns him on, it took a while for the pretty blonde to accept it. After careful consideration, Angelika finally admits to him that this idea excites her just as much as it does when she watches him make love to other women. For her, this new experience can only strengthen their love. Tonight, they've invited David's colleague Renato to join them for a passionate threesome. At a private party, Angelika met Lia Sin, an intriguing brunette who had been single for some time. The two women spent the evening gazing at each other, without daring to go any further. A few days later, Angelika invited Lia to her home to get to know her better and find out just how far she was prepared to go. Just as the two new friends started to turn up the heat in the living room, Angelika's boyfriend David unexpectedly walks in. This doesn't seem to bother them in the least, as they soon invite him to join them. Karina King and Veronica Leal love to share Karina King was looking for an original gift for her husband Renato's birthday. With an income that allows them to afford just about anything when they want it, Karina wanted something truly out of the ordinary. After spending some time on a dating app, the pretty blonde set her sights on Sasha Rose, a brunette with a dream body that would melt any man's heart. The next day, just as Renato is blowing out his candles, his wife finally gives him his present. A little surprised at first, Renato realizes that his usually reserved wife will also be part of the game. Tiffany Tatum and Veronica Leal are determined to celebrate 10 years of friendship. Over the years, they've shared absolutely everything, except their boyfriends. What if this reunion was the perfect opportunity for Tiffany to finally have some fun with the man who's been making her friend so happy and fulfilled all this time? After Veronica's offer, how could the pretty blonde refuse? The couple are used to sharing their intimacy with strangers, why wouldn't they do the same with their best friend?

Sensual games for Clémence Audiard Clémence Audiard and David Perry live in a sumptuous villa...

Luxure - my wife's games

With: Clémence Audiard, Clara Mia, Shalina Devine, Geisha Kyd, Natalie Grace, Eveline Dellai, Mary Popiense, Kristof Cale, Charlie Dean, David Perry, Tommy Cabrio

Sensual games for Clémence Audiard Clémence Audiard and David Perry live in a sumptuous villa and their life as a couple is very good. For both, everything is going well, both professionally and personally. Even though their respective schedules do not allow them to spend as much time together as they would like, they always manage to get together at some point to spend some quality time together. The couple has always been very open, and it is not unusual for one or the other to go out on a date. The only condition is that the other one knows about it. Tonight, Clémence and David have decided to mix business with pleasure by inviting Charlie to join them for a little game... For the couple, making love together is good, but it's even better when they can share their intimacy with a third partner. Although the couple managed to keep up appearances for a long time, Clémence and David finally decided to separate. It did not take long for the pretty redhead to find a partner who shared her taste in sex. A few days ago, Kristof Cale and Clémence met a waitress who had all the right qualities to join them in their lovemaking. For her part, Natalie Grace, the waitress in question, had apparently taken a certain interest in the French girl. It did not take long for Clémence to contact her again and make her an offer that would be difficult to refuse. Clémence may be submissive with men, but she likes to dominate when she is with a woman. The reunion should be unforgettable for both. Two's company, three's a crowd David Perry and Charlie Dean have known each other since college. As they reminisce over dinner, Shalina Devine casually asks them if they've ever made love to the same woman. Surprised, the two men don't know what to say until Shalina lightens the mood by telling them that it would be the first time for each of them. As David's greatest fantasy is to see his wife making love to another man, it doesn't take long for the three guests to interrupt dinner and move on to this unexpected and exciting dessert. Eveline Dellai and Geisha Kyd are madly in love. One night, Geisha takes a shower in front of her girlfriend, she finally admits that she would like nothing better than to see her make love to another woman. After going through several dating applications, the two women end up throwing their devotion to the charming Natalie Grace. Seduced by this unexpected proposal, she joins the couple a few days later for a very special girls' night out. It's a safe bet that this meeting is just the beginning of a new sensual and passionate love affair. Share and trust Clara Mia and Tommy Cabrio spend a few days in the sun in a beautiful villa. Although they are not alone, the place is an ideal place to meet and relax, far from the worries of their everyday life. As they relax by the pool, Clara notices Mary Popiense, one of the other tenants, across the pool. She decides to approach her and offer her a rather original experience. Although they are very comfortable with their intimacy, the couple have never dared to share their lovemaking with another woman. What if this encounter was the one they were waiting for to take the plunge?

A well-deserved vacation Tania (Clara Mia) and Mary (Cherry Kiss) have been friends for years,...


With: Clara Mia, Cherry Kiss, Chloé Duval, Mary Popiense, Juan Lucho, Tommy Cabrio, James Duval, Paulo Bangkok

A well-deserved vacation Tania (Clara Mia) and Mary (Cherry Kiss) have been friends for years, and every summer, to celebrate their friendship, they go on a girls' trip to the sun for a few days to unwind. Both have busy schedules, and this ritual break has quickly become necessary. Although they are both in relationships and very much in love, this annual escapade is always without their respective partners. This year, the two friends decided to treat themselves by renting a luxurious villa with a sea view. While visiting the town and walking on the beach, they are approached by a man who invites them to a private party. This is an excellent way to start their vacation and make new friends. On site, Tania, the more party-loving of the two, quickly gets to know James and Chloé, a charming couple who do not seem to be immune to the charm of the pretty tattooed brunette. It won't be long before they sneak away to get to know each other better. For Tania, this improvised threesome is just a first step to having a truly great vacation. Two Lovers for Cherry Kiss Mary, on the other hand, seems to be more reserved. This does not prevent her from getting closer to Juan Lucho, the handsome Spaniard who invited them to the party. The couple fell asleep together by the pool and plans to enjoy being alone to get to know each other better. The pretty blonde may be madly in love with her boyfriend, but she is determined to make the most of the encounters she can have during these vacations, and well...who could know? Upon returning to the villa, Mary realizes that this little extra-marital adventure could jeopardize her relationship with Alex (Tommy Cabrio), her boyfriend of four years. Even though their relationship seems to be going well, she finds him too serious, too predictable. And if this little escapade allowed her to put a little spice back in her life? While Mary and Tania are sunbathing on the beach, a man comes up to them...Unexpectedly, Alex has decided to surprise his girlfriend and propose to her. She, who thought she would spend a quiet vacation, how will she manage her relationship with her official boyfriend and her new lover? Very exciting encounters As the couple decides to spend an evening alone to celebrate the event, Tommy takes advantage of Mary being in the shower to look at her phone. He accidentally discovers the video of Juan and Mary's exploits by the pool. Unexpectedly, this discovery excites him more than anything else, and their reunion takes a completely different turn, much to their delight. Meanwhile, Tania has gone out for a drink with her new friends to leave the lovers alone. While talking to Juan, she notices a woman staring at her for a few minutes. It doesn't take much for her to go talk to this beautiful stranger and get to know her. As she was ready to console Juan, Tania finally finds herself in the arms of her brand-new girlfriend. Tania is not picky. She likes both men and women, and this night that was supposed to be boring ends up being the most exciting one. As the trip comes to an end, Tommy finally confesses to Mary that he discovered her video with Juan. While she expected a breakup speech, Mary discovers with joy that her future husband was very excited by what he saw and had been fantasizing for a long time about seeing her make love with another man. Knowing they would never see Juan again, the couple decides to invite him to the villa for one last sexual adventure. While Mary and Tania thought they were going to have a peaceful vacation, they both ended up finding love...

Shalina and David have been married for many years, but unlike many of their friends, they have...

Shalina 4 you

With: Shalina Devine, David Perry

Shalina and David have been married for many years, but unlike many of their friends, they have managed to keep their relationship on track. Their passion is the same as when they first got together. Every day, Shalina has a surprise for her husband. Today, she waits patiently in the bedroom, wearing a simple lingerie set that reveals her perfect body. This is a great way to celebrate their wedding anniversary.

Shalina 4 you Shalina 4 you Shalina 4 you Shalina 4 you Shalina 4 you Shalina 4 you
As Geishakyd's love life is very quiet at the moment, she spends her time on dating apps to find...

Geisha 4 you

With: Geisha Kyd, Josh

As Geishakyd's love life is very quiet at the moment, she spends her time on dating apps to find the one who will make her forget her loneliness for a day. Today, she came across Josh's profile which seemed to tick all the boxes. Without wasting any time, she sent him a message to meet her directly at her home. She discovered that Josh was exactly the man she needed... for today.

Geisha 4 you Geisha 4 you Geisha 4 you Geisha 4 you Geisha 4 you Geisha 4 you
A company on the brink of bankruptcy Alexis Crystal and Charlie Dean have been working together...

Girls at work - the consultant

With: Shalina Devine, Alexis Crystal, Geisha Kyd, Lili Charmelle, Kristof Cale, Charlie Dean, David Perry

A company on the brink of bankruptcy Alexis Crystal and Charlie Dean have been working together for some time and their relationship has quickly surpassed the professional framework. It is not uncommon for them to take "privileged" moments in the offices whenever they have the opportunity. Thus, this morning, despite an important meeting organized by David, the CEO of the company, they took a short recreational break between the elevator and one of the many little-frequented corridors in the building where they work. David has noticed that despite the strict instructions he gives to every new arrival, his employees tend to get too close. He is aware that in the long term this may harm the general atmosphere and especially the quality of their work. Faced with the catastrophic drop in figures for some of his salespeople, he decides to call in an external consultant to try to turn things around before his company sinks for good. Nothing beats practice Although extremely professional in the tasks assigned to her, Shalina Devine does not hesitate to combine business with pleasure. In this case, she is much more interested in the few minutes spent with her charming colleague Lili Charmelle than with David's call. The two women seem to be the perfect example of a healthy love relationship in a professional setting. Several days later, David summons all his colleagues to introduce them to Shalina and explain his program. After interviewing them individually to try to better understand the problem and provide solutions, the consultant puts her plan into action but apparently, it was not the one David was expecting. While he probably thought that Shalina would establish stricter rules, she prefers to improve interpersonal relationships. Kristof Cale and GeishaKyd are the first couple to benefit from the wise advice of this experienced woman. An extremely professional consultant … For her to be certain that her instructions are respected and more easily applied by the rest of the colleagues, the consultant gives exercises to each of them. Thus, this evening, under the approving gaze of the trainer, it is Kristof and GeishaKyd's turn to transmit their new knowledge to Alexis. Everything goes so much better when one steps out of the professional framework. Changing the way collaborators work is a great thing but if the management doesn't make efforts on its side, it will have been for nothing. That's why, a few days after her arrival, during a review, Shalina decides to test David and show him that despite obvious closeness, his colleagues are all ready to roll up their sleeves to turn around his company.

Girls at work - the consultant Girls at work - the consultant Girls at work - the consultant Girls at work - the consultant Girls at work - the consultant Girls at work - the consultant
They live their desires to the fullest Today, Linda Leclair decided to play her favorite game....

Impulses vol.4

With: Clémence Audiard, Candee Licious, Linda Leclair, Mary Bambola, Alika, Natalie Grace, Veronica Leal, Totti, Kristof Cale, David Perry, Charlie Dean

They live their desires to the fullest Today, Linda Leclair decided to play her favorite game. She loves to go out of town on weekends but hates to commute alone. For some time now, she's registered with a carpooling website and regularly takes passengers with her. This saves her money and allows her to meet new people. This afternoon, she gave Totti and Charlie Dean a ride on her route. However, on this beautiful sunny day, the pretty blonde decided to make an unexpected stop in a quiet place to enjoy the presence of these two men. The latter are a little surprised when Linda starts caressing herself in front of them while driving. All their doubts fly away when she stops on a deserted road and orders them to take care of her otherwise, she will leave them without any remorse on the side of the road... For some time, the pretty redhead Clémence Audiard has had her eye on her new neighbor but has never had the opportunity to approach him. He is often away on business trips, and she has not yet found a valid reason to talk to him. This morning, however, everything may change. While she's showering, a delivery man rings her doorbell to ask if she can take a package for her neighbor. This is the perfect opportunity to finally get to know each other better. When she saw him leave this morning with a simple attaché case, she knew he would be home later that day. So she decided to leave a note on the door for him to come and pick up the package. When she opens the door for him, the outfit she wears hides nothing of her body... nor of her intentions. Why resist temptation? A gym is a great place to meet new people with at least one common interest. As she finishes her daily session with her coach, Alika returns to the locker room and discovers with surprise that she is not alone after all. Mary Bambola, a brunette with more than perfect curves, is undressing to take a shower after her session. Until now, Alika had never fallen under the charm of another woman at first sight but her previous meetings were done in public places, in other circumstances. Why not take full advantage of the current situation and offer her to take a shower together and more if all goes well? Kristof Cale and Natalie Grace have been in a relationship for a few years and their sex life is in good shape. To maintain the flame one or the other always manage to surprise their partner. Tonight, while they're having a good time at a select club in the city, Natalie has a little surprise for Kristof: a vibrating remote-controlled sextoy that she decides to test on the spot despite the crowd. Kristof barely has time to play with the remote control when his girlfriend, too excited by the situation, drags him to a quieter corner of the club to get down to business. Why settle for an object when you can have a man on hand? Their urges are stronger than anything Candee Licious and Veronica Leal are both office mates and best friends. Their special relationship helps them overcome the almost daily problems they have with their superiors. To unwind a bit after work, Veronica asks her friend to join her that evening on a date with a man she's been seeing recently. At first a little surprised by this impromptu threesome proposal, Candee ends up accepting. Although they know each other by heart, the two friends had never done anything serious together before. This is the perfect opportunity for them to have new experiences that neither of them would soon forget.

Impulses vol.4 Impulses vol.4 Impulses vol.4 Impulses vol.4 Impulses vol.4 Impulses vol.4
An Unexpected Meeting This morning, like every morning, Agatha Vega goes to work with her...


With: Agatha Vega, Geisha Kyd, Shalina Devine, Clara Mia, Candie Luciani, Alexa Flexy, Cherry Kiss, Totti, Alberto Blanco, Vince Karter, Raul Costa, Thomas Stone, Kristof Cale, David Perry, Alex Romero

An Unexpected Meeting This morning, like every morning, Agatha Vega goes to work with her traditional coffee in hand. Since she doesn’t live far from the office, she prefers to walk there rather than take public transportation. The road she takes is usually quiet, but today she is about to have an encounter that may well turn her life upside down. While walking quietly, Agatha is hit by Geishakyd, who is too eager to take her cab to pay attention to the others. After a long apology, Geishakyd rushes in her cab to join an important meeting. Still a little disoriented and left alone on the sidewalk, Agatha notices that in the collision, the pretty stranger dropped her wallet. Looking inside, she finds a phone number and calls to warn the owner. The cab being too far already, Geishakyd proposes to meet a little later in the evening to recover the object. To thank her benefactress, she decides to invite her to the very private party she is organizing the following weekend. Of course, Agatha and Kristof, her boyfriend, accept. Why miss an opportunity to have fun? An unforgettable evening A few days later, as planned, the couple goes to their new friend's beautiful home. To their great surprise, there are already a lot of people there and all of them seem to be very open to all proposals. The couples mingle and undress without worrying about the looks of the other guests. At first a little embarrassed, Agatha and Kristof decide to stay a little to see how far this evening will lead them. While visiting the various rooms of this immense villa, they end up finding their hostess in the company of two men. Very excited by this unexpected situation, the couple settles down to attend the scene. Geishakyd seems to appreciate this interest and intends to offer them the most exciting show possible. Even if they remained simple spectators all evening, the two lovers did not lose a crumb of it. As soon as they return home, their excitement takes over. As soon as they close the door of their apartment, the couple, whose sex life was starting to stagnate, finally find a way to give it back the spice they had at the beginning of their relationship. What if their evening opened new possibilities? Discovering Multiple Pleasures A few days later, to thank their new friend for the invitation, Agatha and Kristof ask her to join them for dinner. They confess that the little party she invited them to has opened their eyes to their own relationship and to the fantasies they both had without daring to admit it. Until now, Kristof did everything to answer his partner's desires. And if this evening she agreed to carry out one of his greatest fantasies to him: to make love with two women at the same time. The aperitif hardly finished, Agatha takes Geishakyd to her room. The two women begin to kiss and to caress with passion while Kristof watches. Soon, he joins them to finally participate in this threesome he has been expecting for so long. Now that the couple knows exactly what the other wants, their relationship has taken a path they didn't know existed until a few months ago. Their new "best friend" regularly organizes parties for consenting adults and this time, Agatha and Kristof have decided not to be mere spectators and to actively participate. Since they met, they have only made love to one other woman. Tonight, Agatha will finally be able to enjoy herself with a man other than her partner in an orgy that neither of them will forget. What if the two lovers had just experienced a true revelation that would allow them to fulfill all their deepest fantasies?

Revelation Revelation Revelation Revelation Revelation Revelation
A Great Place to Work Shalina Devine, Angelica Heart and Geishakyd love their job. They never...

Girls at work : After Hours

With: Geisha Kyd, Shalina Devine, Angelica Heart, Amirah Adara, Candee Licious, Charlie Dean, Totti, Thomas Stone, David Perry

A Great Place to Work Shalina Devine, Angelica Heart and Geishakyd love their job. They never say no to working overtime when they must, but what they love most is getting together after work to blow off steam. Although they see each other all day long, they are lucky enough to get along very well and spend time together. While Angelica and Geishakyd went out for a drink, Shalina stayed at the office to finish up an important file with David Perry. They are the most senior members of the company and over time, although they are both in separate relationships, they have developed a certain attraction for each other. With a physique and a sexual appetite like hers, no man could resist the pretty blonde. The office being the only place where they can meet regularly, all the offices have been, at one time or another, witnesses of their lovemaking that can be described as ... fiery. Once the day is over... The next evening, after a long day at the office, the girls meet at their favorite gym to effectively eliminate all the stress of the day. For Angelica, it's just the beginning of the evening. After a good shower and after having put on a tight dress hiding nothing of her curves, she goes to Totti's, one of the leaders with whom she maintains a rather serious relationship for some time. As for Shalina and David, they met on their place of work and time has done its work. Regularly, the two lovers meet for evenings placed under the sign of sex and passion without their colleagues being aware of it. Once a month, the girls meet at the Spa at the company's expense. This is one of the many perks they have that they would not exchange for anything in the world. Geishakyd, one of the newcomers, had never had the opportunity to go there before and for her first visit, she found herself in the expert hands of Amirah Adara. Amirah Adara is a true expert in massage and relaxation. Although they don't know each other, the two young women are quickly attracted to each other and what should be a classic massage session turns into a long moment of tenderness and shared pleasure. They like to work overtime For some time, Charlie Dean, one of the salesmen, has been dating the pretty blonde Candee Licious. Like any young couple, they try to make love as often as they can and especially, in all possible places. Today, the young man made a date with his girlfriend at the office after work hours. He certainly didn't expect his girlfriend to come dressed only in a long coat under which she is wearing only a very sexy lingerie set. To be sure to spend an unforgettable moment, the couple intends to take advantage of all the empty offices. To Charlie's delight, his girlfriend, in addition to being beautiful, is also a real expert in sodomy. Luckily for them, the offices were empty because Candee's screams of pleasure would certainly have attracted people... Thomas, the waiter of the bar in which the girls come regularly does not leave Shalina Devine and Geishakyd indifferent. This evening, they decided to have some fun with him. After his shift, he finds the two young women at home, almost naked, kissing on their bed. Who could resist to such a spectacle. Soon, the lesbian duo turns into a threesome during which everyone will find happiness. Here is the proof that working relationships can bring much more than one could hope for.

Girls at work : After Hours Girls at work : After Hours Girls at work : After Hours Girls at work : After Hours Girls at work : After Hours Girls at work : After Hours
Seduction is a very serious game Today is a big day for Mia (Alexa Flexy), after weeks of...

The pen pal

With: Alexa Flexy, Alyssa Bounty, Asia Vargas, Bonnie Dolce, Nikki Nuttz, Thomas Stone, Josh, Kristof Cale, Totti

Seduction is a very serious game Today is a big day for Mia (Alexa Flexy), after weeks of long-distance relationship, she will finally get to meet her pen pal. Her friend Alyssa has finally been able to free herself to spend a few weeks with her. Although they have never met before, the two young women have found so much in common that they have become fast friends. Mia plans to introduce her to all her friends and have a good time with her. For Mia, seduction is a game that she takes very seriously. Men or women, nothing excites her more than trying to make them fall under her spell. Thomas, one of the supervisors of the university in which the young woman is a student did not resist for a long time. So, as soon as they can, the two lovers meet to have a good time while taking the risk of being caught. This doesn't seem to worry them, on the contrary, it only increases their desire and excitement. Despite her innocent looks, Mia is already a real expert in pleasures of all kinds and her partner of the day knows that these few moments of intimacy will be largely used. He perhaps did not expect that for once, Mia offers him her tightest hole whereas she had always refused it to him. This is a gift he won't forget. The pen pal is an expert in pleasure This morning, Asia Vargas decided to skip class. Even though her parents are paying a fortune for her to attend one of the most famous universities in the world, the young woman prefers to take some time for herself, especially when she's planned a morning date with two of her very, very good friends. Once her mother left for the office, the pretty brunette, dressed in a lingerie set that hides absolutely nothing of her perfect curves, lets her two lovers of the day enter. At first a little surprised by what they see, Totti and Kristof realize very quickly that they did not come so early for nothing. Asia is not only an expert of fellatio, but she also turns out to be a specialist of the group sex. For her, nothing is better than a good anal session to start the day well. Despite appearances, Alyssa Bounty, the pen pal, is not as innocent as it looks. The way she looks at her new friend's naked body suggests that she is just as attracted to women as she is to men. Nikki Nuttz, Mia's brother, is going to discover it firsthand pretty quickly. He had already had the opportunity to see photos of Alyssa, but nothing could predict that he was going to fall so quickly in her nets. That evening, while the rest of the family was out, the two young people met again to get to know each other much better. An unforgettable encounter For several days, Mia and Bonnie, one of her classmates, had been hanging around each other but with their schedule, they had never had the opportunity to discover each other more intimately. Taking advantage of a break, the two young women finally found themselves in the toilets for a very long moment spent to discover the body and the intimacy of the other. There is strong to bet that the two young women will want to renew the experience as soon as possible. For Alyssa, this stay at her pen pal's was beneficial on many points: she was able to discover a city she didn't know and to meet unexpected people. While she has to get back on the plane in a few hours, she still has one thing to do. During all the time she spent with Mia, she never had the opportunity to thank her properly for her welcome. Of course, she has fantasized a lot about the pretty blonde but without daring to act on it. This morning, while Mia finishes preparing herself, Alyssa takes her courage in both hands and comes to reveal her feelings for her new friend. At first a little surprised, Mia quickly realizes that it would have been a shame to let Alyssa leave without having taken advantage of each other. Whereas the two young women kiss passionately, they are joined by Josh, the boyfriend of Mia, who had just spent the night at her place. What could be better than an impromptu threesome before they part ways? Not much really.

The pen pal The pen pal The pen pal The pen pal The pen pal The pen pal
For Shona and Megane, pleasure is a way of life For Shona River and Megan Lopez, sex is more...

Mégane and Shona escorts deluxe

With: Mégane Lopez, Shona River, Cherry Kiss, Lika Star, Catherine Knight, Charlie Dean, Totti, Kristof Cale

For Shona and Megane, pleasure is a way of life For Shona River and Megan Lopez, sex is more than a pleasure, it's a way of life. It's been a few months since the two young women met by chance during a party organized by a rich common friend. They quickly realized that they shared many common interests such as luxury goods, men, and sex. Since then, they have moved in together and are living a life of lust and pleasure on their own. This morning, Shona got up early to go on her first date. Totti, the businessman she has to meet, knows exactly what he wants, which limits useless discussions. A regular customer of the young woman, he knows by heart all her qualities and has decided to share them with one of his colleagues. Shona likes to spend time with him and never refuses new play partners. Blindfolded, simply dressed in a set of lingerie that hides nothing of her perfect curves, she demonstrates to both men that fellatio is one of her specialties. Once these preliminaries are over, she gets down to business by inviting her partners to take her in double penetration, her other specialty. Once the two men have cum on her magnificent breasts, Shona knows she has perfectly fulfilled her mission before leaving to honor her other appointments of the day. They're ready to fulfill all their partners' fantasies Tonight, Charlie Dean needs company. He's working on a huge project that's taking up all his time, so whenever he can, he contacts lovely young women ready to take his mind off his professional worries. The brunette Catherine Knight is a real specialist in the genre. Dressed in a tight leather dress and high heels, she knows by heart the tastes of her partner and intends to help him to release all the pressure accumulated these last days. Charlie loves to lick and play with the feet of his conquests before making intense love to them. This date with Catherine will certainly not be the last. Although they share the same apartment, Megane and Shona rarely get to spend time together and this day will be no different. As Shona relaxes and plans her day, Megane goes out and gets into the luxury car of the couple who just hired her services. Cherry Kiss and Totti live a little outside the city, in a beautiful villa away from prying eyes. They have a busy life, both professionally and sexually, but from time to time they invite young women like Megane to spend some quality time with them. Although the pretty blonde has a taste for men, she never refuses to share her time with women, especially when they are as pretty and hot as Cherry. Cherry loves to watch her husband have fun with other women, but only if she can participate. Desire above all In an attempt to get over her recent breakup, Lika Star asked her best friend to visit her for a little chat before throwing away all of her ex's stuff and trying to get her life back together. The young woman certainly didn't expect her friend to have a handsome man delivered to her home whose qualities are to comfort all the women who call on him. Once the surprise has passed, Lika lets herself be seduced by the stranger and intends to take advantage of this opportunity which is given to her to finally take pleasure with an expert. Anyway, her ex was not good in bed... She knows perfectly well that Kristof will not interfere in her life so, why sulk her pleasure? Might as well make the most of it. After a week rich in emotions, Shona and Megane finally have the opportunity to spend some time together, far from their daily constraints. Giving pleasure to strangers is good, but why not take advantage of the present moment and think a little about yourself? Tonight, the two young women will only think about themselves and nothing else. They could very well have gone out to a restaurant or a private club but for once, to relax, they will take care of each other...

Mégane and Shona escorts deluxe Mégane and Shona escorts deluxe Mégane and Shona escorts deluxe Mégane and Shona escorts deluxe Mégane and Shona escorts deluxe Mégane and Shona escorts deluxe
A New Life for Lana Like many young women her age, Lana Roy found a job as an au pair to pay for...

A lovely au pair

With: Lana Roy, Shalina Devine, Linda Leclair, Kristof Cale, David Perry, Totti

A New Life for Lana Like many young women her age, Lana Roy found a job as an au pair to pay for her education fees. The only catch is that she has to change host families regularly. Today, Lana goes to live with Shalina Devine and Kristof Cale, a couple with a reputation for taking good care of their employees. Despite their appearance as a perfect couple, Shalina and Kristof each have their own little secrets and a very liberated sexuality. When she arrives at the couple's home, Lana is welcomed with open arms by the hostess who gives her a tour of the house. Meanwhile, Kristof is having a good time with his assistant. Linda Leclair has all the skills needed to do her job perfectly, but she has proven to her boss that he can also benefit from her knowledge of pleasure. Why waste time in boring meetings when a one-on-one with this beautiful blonde gets things done just as fast? Linda is an expert in many areas, but fellatio and sodomy are among her most developed skills. Shalina and Kristof, a couple with very free morals Shalina and Kristof are no fools. Each knows that the other likes to have a good time with other partners. In an attempt to save their relationship, they allow themselves a date night every now and then, especially since Lana came into their lives. One evening, while the couple is out, Lana invites her boyfriend Josh to join her. If you're going to live in a lavish house, you might as well make the most of it. With the busy schedule of the young woman, the two lovers do not have any more time to see each other and to take advantage of each other. All these evenings spent away from each other have at least one positive side: their libido is at its peak when they see each other. After a very boring dinner, Shalina decides to take her time before going home, alone, without her husband. Instead of going straight home, she goes to David's, a long-time friend with whom she likes to have a good time when her husband has upset her. Tonight, the pretty blonde is lucky as David was to spend the evening with his best friend Totti. As Shalina sucks David off, Totti joins them to end the night in style. Shalina needed to relax before returning to her busy life. Both men know exactly what will make their partners go to heaven. Adept of all the pleasures of the flesh, the pretty blonde has a very particular preference for anal sex and double penetration. Knowing that, the two men intend to enjoy the time spent in her company. Lana Roy, an au pair with very special skills The next day, as they have breakfast together, Lana understands that something is bothering her boss. So when Kristophe leaves for the office, Lana goes to Shalina's room to try to comfort her. It will be enough of some caresses and kisses more and more supported so that the two women approach in a much more personal and physical way. At first a little hesitant, Shalina is quickly seduced. Even if both women are usually more attracted to men, they never refuse when the opportunity to take pleasure in the arms of another presents itself. With her body tense and her sex soaked with desire, Shalina quickly forgot her worries under her new friend's agile tongue strokes. And if this experience allowed her to finally save her couple? A few hours later, when he returns from the office, Kristophe discovers with pleasure that his wife is waiting for him in their room, simply dressed in a lingerie set that hides nothing of her intentions. Since their marriage, it had been a long time that she had not reserved him such an exciting reception. Whereas he thought he would spend a hot evening alone in company of his wife, this last reserved him a surprise which he is not ready to forget. Lana, herself very little dressed, joins them and begins to kiss his wife. After some caresses as preliminaries, the two women finally come to take care of him. As expert the one as the other, they offer him a threesome which will be certainly not the last one. What if the couple had found the perfect employee and offered her a full-time job?

A lovely au pair A lovely au pair A lovely au pair A lovely au pair A lovely au pair A lovely au pair
Shalina Devine and Tiffany Tatum are true professionals in their field Shalina Devine and...

Girls at work - The associates

With: Shalina Devine, Tiffany Tatum, Kaisa Nord, Alba Lala, Kristof Cale, Raul Costa, Sam Bourne

Shalina Devine and Tiffany Tatum are true professionals in their field Shalina Devine and Tiffany Tatum run one of the largest architectural firms in the country, and today they're hosting Kaisa Nord and Kristof Cale, a wealthy client couple, to launch a major project. Shalina loves a job well done and she knows how to motivate new employees. So, while she waits for the couple to arrive, she called the two latest arrivals into her office for a little tune-up. They had heard about their new boss's reputation, but they never imagined they would be able to take advantage of it. Barely had the office door locked so as not to be disturbed, the pretty blonde quickly takes the sex of her two partners in her mouth before revealing her perfect curves. Very excited by this unexpected situation, the two men do not intend to stay there doing nothing and enjoy all the orifices of the pretty blonde, this one even allowing them to take her in double penetration before cumming on her face. Once this important "meeting" is over, Shalina joins her clients and her associate to put the finishing touches to the construction plan. Shalina's company is known for managing its projects from start to finish without intermediaries. Once the plans are finalized, the entire team goes to the construction site to get a better idea of what the couple's future villa will look like. That evening, as they look at the 3D model of their future love nest again, Kristof and Kaisa are already imagining themselves making the most of all the advantages this home will offer them. For the time being, they plan to enjoy each other's company. Recently married, the couple spends most of their time making love in every conceivable place. Until they take possession of their future home and "inaugurate" all the rooms, their bedroom will be more than enough. Every day, Kristof realizes how lucky he is to have such a beautiful woman with such a strong libido. For Alba Lala and Kaisa Nord, everything can be negotiated Although she is relatively new in the company, Alba Lala understands that sex is an integral part of her working days. Also, she takes advantage of her rare moments of relaxation to have her boyfriend come over in secret. Today, the young couple can enjoy the large office bathroom in peace. The two lovers love to film themselves making love so they can enjoy it later and this meeting is no exception to the rule, even if they know they can be discovered at any time. This little risk-taking is part of the game and the excitement is at its peak. To spice up this moment of pleasure a little more, Alba Lala offers for the first time her anus to her partner who certainly did not expect such a surprise. A few weeks after the finalization of the plans and the visit of the construction site, Tiffany Tatum calls her customers to warn them that unfortunately, the work will be more delayed than foreseen and that the estimated budget will have to be revised upwards. In an attempt to get things moving, Kaisa Nord decides to go directly to the architect's office to ask for an explanation. Although they have not known each other for very long, the two young women quickly fall under each other's spell. So when Kaisa drops her coat to reveal her perfect curves simply covered in an ultra sexy lingerie set, Tiffany knows that the topic of conversation will be much different than she had anticipated. Kaisa is madly in love with her husband but she is also very attracted to women. This should make her job easier during this special negotiation. All's well that ends... even better than expected As expected, the two young women finally managed to find a common ground and a few weeks later, the couple receives the architects to celebrate their move in their sumptuous villa. A little surprised to see his wife so close to Tiffany, Kristof realizes that she had to work behind the scenes to make their lifelong dream come true. On her side, Shalina doesn't seem more surprised than that and she quickly removes all the doubts that her client could still have. What better way to celebrate the end of the work and the beginning of their new life, than to take advantage once again of the hidden talents of these special architects? By analyzing the quality of the services provided, Kaisa and Kristof will certainly call upon them again for future expansion projects. In the meantime, they are enjoying each other's company to the fullest.

Girls at work - The associates Girls at work - The associates Girls at work - The associates Girls at work - The associates Girls at work - The associates Girls at work - The associates
Lana Roy starts the year with a bang The famous Russian Institute is recognized worldwide for...

Russian Institute - Discipline

With: Shalina Devine, Lana Roy, Angelika Grays, Veronica Leal, Mona Blue, Charlie Dean, Sam Bourne, David Perry, Totti

Lana Roy starts the year with a bang The famous Russian Institute is recognized worldwide for the quality of its education. The parents of the young women who are lucky enough to enter the prestigious institution know that they will leave with all the advantages to start their professional life well. If only they knew what really goes on behind closed doors... Lana Roy is no newcomer and she knows that according to the rules, male students are not allowed to enter the female section of the institute. But that doesn't stop her from asking Charlie Dean and Sam Bourne to spend some quality time with her. The vacations have just ended and it is difficult for the young woman to draw a line on all the moments of pleasure which they spent together. On their side, the two young men intend to take advantage again of the generous curves of their girlfriend and especially, of her sexual talents. To begin the year well, the pretty brunette finally offers them what they waited for a long time: her anus. That should give them all the necessary courage for the resumption of the courses. Lana certainly didn't expect that Shalina Devine, the new Headmistress, would catch her right after her lovemaking and punish her in front of all her friends and teachers. That's almost worse than going to the disciplinary board. Shalina Devine follows the rules to the letter That night, while making her rounds in the dorm, Shalina catches Lana and her roommate Veronica Leal talking after lights out. Usually very strict about enforcing the rules, the Headmistress tries to make amends with the young woman for what she did to her a few hours earlier. The softness of the caresses quickly replaces the spankings received earlier in the day. Very quickly, Veronica joins them for a a very exciting lesbian threesome. For the two young women, what could be better than receiving advice from the Headmistress herself? Shalina was pleased to discover that her students had learned a lot from the previous years. Every year, the students at the Institute place bets on which of them will seduce the most teachers. This year, it seems that the pretty Angelika Grays is on her way to winning the bet. She knew that if she gave Totti her panties at the end of class, he wouldn't be able to resist for long before falling into her arms. After class, instead of going home to his wife, he goes to meet Angelika in a deserted office. The fellatio is the specialty of the beautiful blonde and she intends to show to her professor that she deserves to have much better grades. What better way to do this than to let him take her from behind on the desk before letting him cum on her beautiful ass. For them, seduction is more than just a game The rumours circulate quickly in the corridors of the institute and Mona Blue discovered by chance Angelika’s antics. Refusing defeat, she decides to send selfies of her posing naked to David Perry, the only other man allowed to work among all these young women. How to resist to such an invitation? The photos not being sufficient to the taste of Mona, she decides move on to the next step in her room, even if it means waking up Veronica Leal who joined her recently. The two young women are determined to show their teacher that they have also retained everything they learned the previous year. Even though anal sex was not on the curriculum, he is pleased to discover that they must have practiced a lot during the summer break. Shalina Devine wants to make sure that everything goes smoothly in the new year and that nothing can be held against her by the administration. So when she catches the trio in action, she knows she'll have to strictly enforce the discipline rules she has set herself. She certainly did not expect that her own lesbian antics would be discovered. The rules apply to everyone, even to her and Totti and David Perry intend to remind her of this. Faced with her own mistakes, she has no other choice than to submit to the desires of the two men. And if in fact she was only waiting for that? After having proved to them that she mastered fellatio to perfection, she decides to offer them her anus before letting them finish in double penetration. It's a safe bet that from now on, the rules will be much less strict when it comes to sexual relations inside the Russian Institute itself.

Russian Institute - Discipline Russian Institute - Discipline Russian Institute - Discipline Russian Institute - Discipline Russian Institute - Discipline Russian Institute - Discipline
Liya Silver and Stefany Kyler are true sex experts Don't be fooled by their innocent looks and...

Liya and Stefany escorts deluxe

With: Liya Silver, Stefany Kyler, Shalina Devine, Mia Trejsi, Kristof Cale, Totti, Raul Costa, Vince Karter

Liya Silver and Stefany Kyler are true sex experts Don't be fooled by their innocent looks and wise-cracking college girl looks. Liya Silver and Stefany Kyler are two experts of pleasure. Their mission is to satisfy all the fantasies of the men or women who call upon their services. Today, the two young women have an appointment with Kristof Cale, a rich businessman from the region. He is not very demanding, but Liya and Stefany know exactly what turns him on. To raise the temperature they start by undressing and caressing each other while waiting for their host to join them. After having excited him well, the two pretty brunettes move on to more serious things and inted to take full advantage of his rock hard cock. The expert blow jobs of the two escorts would have made any man cum in seconds but Kristof’s experience allows him to make the pleasure last and to share it with his two guests of the day. They take pleasure where it is Shalina Devine takes advantage of her new life as a single woman to try new things. It must be said that her ex companion was not really inclined to sex. So she decides to go through a specialized website to meet two men who should satisfy her beyond her expectations. Kristof Cale and Totti are going to realize one of her biggest fantasies by playing the role of two detectives with whom she will have to negotiate in her own way to avoid paying a ticket. With her dream physique, Shalina has no difficulty convincing them not to make her pay anything. On their side, the two men intend to enjoy playing with her body, especially when she offers them all her orifices. As a true blow job expert and anal sex adept, the pretty blonde will certainly call upon their service quicker than expected. Stefany Kyler knows that the men who call upon her very special skills all have different fantasies. Some, more shy than others, prefer to observe her from a distance. It is the case of Totti who asked her to film herself making love with Raul Costa. Arrived in advance in the hotel room that is reserved for her, Stefany begins to film herself while waiting for her partner of the evening. Once Raul arrives, she grants him a blowjob he will remember for a very long time. The young man will return the favor with a cunnilingus which will turn her on like never before. Still watched by Totti, the couple will share a long moment of pleasure before going their separate ways. According to this scene, making love knowing that one is being watched seems to multiply the desire. Desire at all costs Shalina Devine likes men but girls give her a totally different kind of pleasure. To relax a little she asked Liya Silver to join her to spend the afternoon together. Even if her clients are mostly men, Liya never says no when it comes to giving pleasure to another woman. At first a little surprised to see her client waiting for her while caressing herself, Liya quickly takes off her coat to reveal her perfect body before joining Shalina. Between kisses and languorous caresses the two women also like to play with nice sized sex toys to take a maximum of pleasure. Mia Trejsi and Vince Karter are very much in love with each other and live an almost perfect relationship. At least, that's what the young woman thought until she discovered that her companion calls on professionals from time to time to change him a little from the daily routine. On his side, Vince has the surprise to discover that the escort with whom he has an appointment today is none other ... than his wife. Once the shock is over, the couple realizes that this situation is very exciting for both of them and that it would be a shame not to take advantage of the moment. Acting as if nothing had happened, the two lovers made love again as they had on the first day. What if this experience allowed them to spice up their sex life?

Liya and Stefany escorts deluxe Liya and Stefany escorts deluxe Liya and Stefany escorts deluxe Liya and Stefany escorts deluxe Liya and Stefany escorts deluxe Liya and Stefany escorts deluxe
Their specialty: to make all their clients' fantasies come true Sasha Rose and Angelika Grays...

Sasha and Angelika escorts deluxe

With: Sasha Rose, Angelika Grays, Mégane Lopez, Nelly Kent, Mona Blue, Kristof Cale, Mugur, Totti, David Perry, Thomas Stone

Their specialty: to make all their clients' fantasies come true Sasha Rose and Angelika Grays are true desire experts. Their main concern is to help their clients, men or women, to satisfy all their fantasies and discover new pleasures. Tonight, Angelika Grays has a very special evening to attend. Thomas Stone and Mugur have reserved a surprise for their friend Totti. To celebrate his promotion, the two men invited this young blond woman with a body to die for. After a very exciting strip-tease, Angelika gets down to business with a fellatio worthy of the top specialists of the discipline. Unable to resist such a spectacle, Thomas joins the couple to take advantage of the orifices of their guest. Ready to do anything to satisfy the two men, the young woman even offers them her anus without batting an eye. After such a demonstration of her professionalism and her qualities, there are strong chances that the three men will quickly call upon her services again. Nelly Kent and David Perry have been married for many years and their life as a couple has never been better. Despite the passage of time, they have always managed to spice up their sex life to avoid falling into a routine. Today, they decided to spend an evening together. At least that's what David thought when his beautiful wife knelt down in front of him to prove to him that she hadn't lost any of her blow job skills. While David thought he was having a good time with his wife, he was surprised to discover that she had invited the beautiful Sasha Rose to join them. He then realizes that his wife has decided to give him a special gift. The pretty brunette is a wise businesswoman who intends to share Sacha's beautiful body with her husband. Accustomed to this kind of situation, Sasha knows how to respond to the solicitations of both of them in this improvised trio. Between cunnilingus, double fellatio and anal sex, here is an evening which ends under the sign of shared pleasure. Your desires are theirs Megane Lopez is a rich businesswoman whose husband is often absent for his own professional activities. Today, she has decided to hire the services of Mona Blue to break her boredom in her husband's absence. Accustomed to be obeyed, Megane intends to take advantage of this moment of pleasure between girls. Mona, her submissive of the day discovers with surprise that her dominatrix is not at her first try when she reveals a dildo that she hastens to take in mouth before letting Megan penetrate her. Although they also like the company of men, the two young women also like lesbian games. Although she is a beginner in her activity, Mona has understood that her client of the day should not delay to call her back... during the next absence of her husband for example. Kristof Cale is a very busy man, always traveling, he knows by heart all the greatest hotels in the world and all the concierges of the palaces he visits know his taste in entertainment. When he opens the door to his room for the day, he discovers that the room has been specially arranged for him. Angelika Grays, blindfolded and dressed in her most exciting lingerie, waits patiently on his bed. Knowing that her partner of the day is very fond of anal pleasure, she prepared herself especially for the occasion. After short foreplay, she lets him remove the anal plug from her open anus before letting him sodomize her with passion. This is not the first time their paths have crossed and it certainly won't be the last. No fantasy can surprise them After this night of pleasure, Kristof has to go to the airport to catch his next flight. On the way, he set up a meeting with Sasha Rose to keep him company and end his stay in style. Once she enters his lavish limousine, Kristof Cale asks her to caress herself in front of him. The trip is long enough for him to enjoy all the talents of the pretty brunette. The vehicle is spacious enough to give free rein to all their sexual fantasies and for Kristof to enjoy all the orifices of the young woman. This last one made such an impression to him that he should see her again during his next passage in town. In a totally "professional" way of course...

Sasha and Angelika escorts deluxe Sasha and Angelika escorts deluxe Sasha and Angelika escorts deluxe Sasha and Angelika escorts deluxe Sasha and Angelika escorts deluxe Sasha and Angelika escorts deluxe
Alexis Crystal, a very demanding boss In the world of fashion, models are in constant...

Girls at work - the agency

With: Alexis Crystal, Cherry Kiss, Sasha Rose, Summer Pixi, Raul Costa, Totti, Thomas Stone, Vince Karter

Alexis Crystal, a very demanding boss In the world of fashion, models are in constant competition to be able to parade for the greatest designers, pose for the best photographers and have their photo in the most famous magazines on the planet. Alexis Crystal is the head of one of the most influential communications agencies in the country and the magazine she publishes each month is also the most widely read in the industry. So her days are busy. On top of all this, Alexis also has to deal with all the whims of these fashion stars. Even internally the competition is tough. Who of her personal assistant, make-up artist or star model will know how to win her favours? Every day, Alexis has a busy schedule and little time to relax or take care of personal business. Also, as soon as she has five minutes between two appointments, she takes advantage of the presence of Raul Costa, her private chauffeur and handyman. The young man loves this very special relationship he has with his boss. His salary is good and the benefits in kind are very appreciable. It must be said that Alexis has a body to die for and sexual skills that would make anyone fall for her. Today is no exception. Before locking herself up at the office for her countless meetings, Alexis decides to have a little fun on the agency's terrace, even going so far as to abandon foreplay and let him sodomize her without any restraint. The employees take pleasure where it is To run her agency, Alexis can count on all her employees. Even if the general atmosphere remains very professional, it is not uncommon to see couples getting closer. Sasha Rose, the make-up artist, has been working with Totti and Thomas Stone, the studio photographers, for some time now. Until now the two men had managed not to crack but how to resist in front of this pretty brunette with very advantageous curves? While waiting to prepare the next photo shoot, the trio finally decides to get down to business. Sasha is not a shy girl and she intends to show them that she knows how to handle something other than her make-up brushes. Expert of fellatio, she likes it just as much when her partners take her by all the orifices, even the narrowest. Today, Cherry Kiss and Vince Karter, the two "home " models are participating in an outdoor photo shoot. The collection they have to showcase is so important that exceptionally Alexis comes to check for herself that everything is going well. Even though she hasn't tried anything with Vince yet, the young woman appreciates him very much and takes a dim view of his relationship with Cherry Kiss, the pretty blonde she recently hired to represent her agency. Once the photo shoot is over and Alexis has left, the couple meets in the rented house to get to know each other better. Their boss's doubts are quickly confirmed when Cherry takes her partner's already hard sex in her mouth. Since the house is rented for the day, they have plenty of time to enjoy it until the final orgasm. The boss likes to vary the pleasures On her way back to the agency, Alexis Crystal can't help but watch Summer Pixi, her brand new assistant. Behind her uptight look, Alexis is convinced that the newcomer hides a whole new personality. Left alone in the car with her boss, Summer has no choice but to prove to her that she made the right choice by employing her in such an important position. In addition to managing Alexis' busy schedule, the pretty brunette now has to take care of her extravagant libido. After tender caresses and languorous kisses, the two young women let loose completely with the sextoy that Alexis takes everywhere with her. Alexis likes anal sex, even when it is her assistant who takes care of her anus. After this very busy day, Alexis takes advantage of the fact that the agency is empty to show Cherry the cover of the next magazine. With her on the cover, this issue will certainly be the best selling of the year. What better way to celebrate this than with a glass of champagne and a special moment between girls. While the two young women were planning to enjoy this girls' night out, they were surprised by Vince who came to pick up a few things. A little surprised by the show, Vince doesn't hesitate very long before joining them for an impromptu threesome. Who could resist the charms of the two blondes and, above all, what would refuse to enjoy the dream bodies of the star model and his boss ... at the same time?

Girls at work - the agency Girls at work - the agency Girls at work - the agency Girls at work - the agency Girls at work - the agency Girls at work - the agency
A true invitation to pleasure The famous Russian Institute is known for providing young women...

Russian Institute - Pool Party

With: Cherry Kiss, Zazie Skymm, Alyssa Reece, Tiffany Tatum, Alya Stark, Veronica Leal, Vince Karter, Raul Costa, Nikki Nuttz, Totti

A true invitation to pleasure The famous Russian Institute is known for providing young women from the local bourgeoisie with the best possible education. To do so, they must carefully follow all the courses that are given to them. In addition to the classic program for which their parents pay a fortune, female students can benefit from more specific courses that allow them to obtain better grades quite easily. The management understands that students cannot remain locked up in classrooms all year round and need to relax outside of the institute's premises. The blonde Zazie Skymm and her boyfriend Nikki Nuttz are determined to take advantage of the free time they are given before the exams start again. They have isolated themselves in one of the dormitories of the institute to have a good time. As the boys and girls are rarely in contact during the classes, they are determined to make up for lost time. It has been a long time since the young woman, an anal sex adept, had not offered her anus to her partner. What is better than a 100% anal reunion to start the day? If only the couple knew that two spectators had attended their frolics. To their great surprise, Cherry Kiss, one of the institute's teachers, came in person to give them invitations to the ultra-private pool party she organizes every year in her sumptuous villa. On the program, cocktails, swimming pool and of course, many sexual encounters. A well-deserved moment of relaxation for the girls of the Russian Institute Upon their arrival, the three young women discover that the teachers, who are usually so uptight during classes, let loose completely once they leave the imposing building. Alyssa Reece, Totti and Vince Karter, three of the newest members of the teaching staff seem to have taken the time to get to know each other better. After quickly taking matters into her own hands and mouth, Alyssa offers her anus and desire-soaked sex to her two partners of the day. They were aware of her reputation as a woman who is very focused on sex, but it's a whole other thing to be able to enjoy it in such ideal conditions. While everyone is having fun in or around the pool, couples are forming and bodies are getting closer. While Tiffany Tatum and Raul Costa French kiss in the water, Cherry Kiss, Veronia Leal and Alya Stark find themselves a little apart to get to know each other better. It must be said that without their strict uniforms, the naked bodies of these young women have enough to arouse desire. Taking advantage of the atmosphere, the three young women decide to get to know each other better in an exciting lesbian trio. They would be crazy not to take advantage of the perfect bodies that are offered to them without any limits. The villa of all pleasures For their part, Tiffany and Raul moved away to enjoy the sumptuous garden of the property. Already very excited by the fiery kisses in the pool, the young couple soon moved on to much more serious things. Settled in a quiet corner, they can now give free rein to all their fantasies and desires. While some couples are having sex, they are determined to make love passionately to make the most of the time they are given. After long hours spent sunbathing by the pool, Zazie decides to go and rest for a moment on one of the terraces of the villa, a little removed from the party. She is quickly joined by Cherry, a little disappointed that she hasn't yet been able to enjoy the charms of the young woman. The latter, rather flattered, cannot refuse this opportunity given to her by such an experienced woman. Just when they thought they were having a special girls' time, they are joined by Nikki. What man could resist such a show and the bodies of two such exciting women? This improvised threesome was undoubtedly the best way to end this relaxing day before going back to studying. Chances are, more opportunities to have fun will soon present themselves.

Russian Institute - Pool Party Russian Institute - Pool Party Russian Institute - Pool Party Russian Institute - Pool Party Russian Institute - Pool Party Russian Institute - Pool Party
Tiffany Tatum and Nelly Kent are true pleasure experts Today, Tiffany Tatum has an impromptu...

Tiffany and Nelly escorts deluxe

With: Tiffany Tatum, Nelly Kent, Angel Emily, Lulu Love, Zazie Skymm, Thomas Stone, Vince Karter, Totti, Kristof Cale

Tiffany Tatum and Nelly Kent are true pleasure experts Today, Tiffany Tatum has an impromptu meeting with Totti, one of her regular partners. They have known each other for a long time and the rich businessman calls upon the services of the pretty blonde whenever he has the opportunity. It must be said that the young woman is a pleasure expert who knows perfectly well how to satisfy her every desire. While some people like a bit of a fancy scenario, Totti wants only one thing, to make love as if he were with his own wife. The two occasional lovers know each other so well that it doesn't take much more for them to achieve ecstasy. Never knowing when they will have the opportunity to see each other again, they make the most of every moment of pleasure. For her part, the French Angel Emily does not yet have regular contacts, so she goes through a specialized application to choose her future partners. Tonight, she has set her sights on Kristof Cale, a handsome and well-equipped man. The latter, wishing to share this moment of intimacy with a friend, invited one of his colleagues to join this little evening. They don't have to wait very long before Angel takes their hard cocks in hand... and in her mouth. Although she is a blowjob Expert, the young woman hides other much more intimate qualities. Even if she has two partners at the same time, as long as they can take advantage of all her orifices at the same time. Between anal sex and intense double penetration, the two men will certainly not regret this threesome and there is a good chance that they will recommend the pretty blonde to their other male colleagues. Sex is their best weapon of mass seduction Although Zazie Skymm never refuses to have fun with a man, nothing excites her more than making love with a woman. Alone at home waiting for her husband's return from a business trip, she decides to call upon the skills of Lulu Love to have a good time. According to her profile, Lulu is an expert in sapphic games and knows perfectly all the techniques to make a woman come. Between caresses, tongue games or sextoys, the two young women will allow themselves all possible pleasures... until the next time. Totti having had to extend his stay, he proposed another appointment to Tiffany. To his great surprise, the latter did not come alone. Accompanied by Nelly Kent, a beautiful brunette with imposing breasts, Tiffany is determined to show her partner that he will always obtain satisfaction by calling upon her special skills. In front of the spectacle which is offered to him, the man cannot remain marble for a long time before joining the duet. Tiffany having always refused him her anus, Totti is pleasantly surprised to see that her girlfriend is a true adept of anal sex. It did not take more than that to transform this unforeseen appointment into a memorable memory for the three partners. Luxury Escorts: pleasure at all costs Barely back from her first trio, the pretty brunette joins Vince Karter, a French businessman passing through town. Simply dressed in a coat as red as her lingerie, Nelly doesn't waste time in useless discussions. Might as well get straight to the point. To make sure he is not disappointed, the young woman offers him all her holes for a long moment of pleasure. To finish the evening in beauty, she lets him sodomize her deeply and proves to him that despite the size of hissex, she is capable of taking pleasure, and of giving it, to any man. For this new episode of the Escort Deluxe series, director Franck Vicomte has called upon some of the most exciting actresses of their generation, for the pleasure of their partners, and above all, yours.

Tiffany et Nelly escorts deluxe Tiffany et Nelly escorts deluxe Tiffany et Nelly escorts deluxe Tiffany et Nelly escorts deluxe Tiffany et Nelly escorts deluxe Tiffany et Nelly escorts deluxe
Cléa Gaultier, a very open-minded boss Cléa takes up her position as CEO of a promising...

Girls At Work - Clea the new boss

With: Cléa Gaultier, Tiffany Tatum, Alyssia Kent, Eveline Dellai, Kristof Cale, Vince Karter, Raul Costa, Totti

Cléa Gaultier, a very open-minded boss Cléa takes up her position as CEO of a promising company. As soon as she arrives, Cléa settles behind her new desk and tries to reach Eveline Delai, her personal assistant, to give her a briefing on the current files. She is far from imagining that the young woman, who arrived much earlier, is already having a good time with Vince Karter, one of the sales representatives. It must be said that the man has a rather advantageous physique and, above all, a sex which size would make any woman blush with desire. Today, it's Eveline's turn to take advantage of her colleague's dick. For her part, Eveline has highly developed sexual capacities and she intends to share them with Vince. An expert in fellatio and anal sex, the pretty assistant loves to start her days with a good game of sex in the office. Is there another way to start a long and tedious working day? Apparently not. Later in the morning, Clea finally meets Tiffany Tatum and Kristof Cale, the company's two Sales Managers. Quite playful, the new boss offers them a little game that should motivate them in their work and, above all, bring them a lot of money. Whoever wins the biggest contract in the next few days will not only get a big bonus, but will also be handsomely rewarded by the new CEO. Tiffany Tatum blends business and pleasure With Tiffany's agenda already full, she has no doubt that she will come out on top in this competition, which is as improvised as it is exciting. The same evening, she meets Raul Costa and Totti, two of her best clients, for a very special contract signing. Thinking to motivate them to sign one of the most important contracts of her career, the pretty blonde doesn't hesitate to mix business and pleasure. It must be said that with these two stallions just for her, she has a good chance of getting ahead of her colleague. It is to be believed that her professionalism, her dream body and her offered orifices will not have been enough to convince the two men. After offering herself to them without restraint, Tiffany discovers that she should have had them sign the contract before thinking about pleasure. For his part, Kristof has an appointment with Alyssia Kent, a businesswoman he has dealt with in the past and who doesn't seem insensitive to his charm. After a dinner in one of the city's chic restaurants, the two lovers meet in Alyssia's sumptuous flat to put the finishing touches to their agreement. Contrary to his colleague, it seems that the young man had all the necessary arguments to conclude the deal. One only has to see the ardour with which Alyssia made love to him to understand that they will have other opportunities to meet again. Cléa knows how to motivate her teams The next day, Tiffany and Kristof are summoned to Cléa's office to tell her the results of their respective evenings. Very disappointed that Tiffany came back empty-handed, the pretty French girl decides to make her understand in her own way that such a mistake will not happen twice. Aware of her collaborator's qualities, Cléa decides to give her a second chance and submits her to a rather special test. If Tiffany manages to get her to climax, she will be able to keep her job. Attracted by both men and women, she quickly understands that she must not miss such an opportunity. The two young women then engage in some very exciting lesbian games that end in apotheosis. It seems that Tiffany has just saved her job. In order to reward her two colleagues for their efforts, despite a large victory by Kristof, Cléa decides to invite them both to her home for dinner. This will also give them the opportunity to get to know each other better and to discuss the future of the company. Kristof discovers that his two female colleagues already know each other very well. It is enough to see the looks they give each other and the delicacy of their caresses to understand that the evening will not only be professional. Very excited by this unexpected show, the man joins them quickly, determined to show them that he didn't arrive at this position by chance. Kristof discovers with surprise that his new boss loves anal sex and that his colleague is a fellatio specialist. For Cléa, this improvised threesome is an excellent way to unite her team and push them to surpass themselves at the office. Chances are that the next work meetings will be just as productive.

Girls At Work - Clea the new boss Girls At Work - Clea the new boss Girls At Work - Clea the new boss Girls At Work - Clea the new boss Girls At Work - Clea the new boss Girls At Work - Clea the new boss
Kaisa Nord, an Innocent Young Woman... in Appearance This year, as in previous years, Kaisa...

Family Secrets - the au pair

With: Kaisa Nord, Tina Kay, Zazie Skymm, Nikki Nuttz, Sam Bourne, Vince Karter

Kaisa Nord, an Innocent Young Woman... in Appearance This year, as in previous years, Kaisa Nord found an au pair position to pay for part of her studies. In appearance, the pretty redhead is an au pair like the others. Punctual, attentive to her employers' instructions, never a word higher than the other, efficient in her different tasks. In a word: professional. Sometimes, however, appearances can be deceiving. Her new host family will quickly discover that underneath her innocent young female appearance, Kaisa hides a personality much more "open" than it seems. She will also discover that her new employers, a wealthy local family, are not as perfect as they would like people to think. Tina Kay, the mother, is convinced that Zazie Skymm, her daughter, is a serious student who only thinks about her final exams. She spends long hours in her room studying. One thing is certain, she prefers to revise her anatomy classes with her boyfriend Nikki. It must be said that the young man has strong arguments to help his girlfriend. To thank him for his help, Zazie likes to offer herself to him and let him enjoy her dream body and all her orifices soaked with desire, including her anus which hasn't been virgin for a long time. What the two young people don't know is that the new au pair has discovered their little secret and that she intends to use the photos of their lovemaking for her own benefit. Like any self-respecting family, Tina and Vince enjoy spending time with their children and occasionally have movie night in the living room. The semi-darkness of the living room is the perfect opportunity for Kaisa to start showing her true personality to Sam, the couple's son. After discreetly caressing herself in front of him, Kaisa invites him to join her in her room as soon as the movie is over. How could he resist such an exciting proposition? With her voluptuous curves, what man could resist her? Between fellatio and anal sex, the au pair has hidden skills that the rest of the family will soon discover. Men or women, Kaisa loves both without distinction The next day, as Nikki is not available, Kaisa offers to help Zazie with her "homework". Quite excited by the situation but not very comfortable with women, Zazie prefers to decline. Kaisa then has no choice but to show her the compromising photos she took a few days earlier. She knew that her evidence would one day serve her well. The two young women then embark on lesbian games that prove to the pretty blonde that even in the absence of her boyfriend, there is always a way to have fun. After lunch, Kaisa offers the couple to accompany their children to the university so that she can familiarize with their lifestyle and the surroundings, which she still knows little about. This is the perfect opportunity for Tina and Vince to finally spend some time together. Between their respective jobs and their family life, they rarely have the opportunity to be alone for more intimate moments. What they don't know is that their new employee finally came home just in time to witness the sex. Unsuspecting, the couple takes advantage of the empty living room to spice up their sex life. Vince knows his wife's every curve by heart and knows exactly how to make her reach orgasm. Tina Kay and Vince Karter, a very open couple As Tina comes out of the shower after this lively frolic, Kaisa joins her, dressed in a set of lingerie that leaves no doubt as to her intentions. At first a little surprised, she finally lets herself be taken in by the game and her whole body responds to the sensual caresses of the young woman. She discovers that her new employee is not only very gifted in household chores, but that she also masters to perfection the art of arousing her partners. Chances are that the two women will not stop at this short appetizer. The same evening, they meet in the couple's room to test the new sex toy that Kaisa always carries in her suitcases. After having sodomized her boss, they are joined by Vince who witnessed the whole scene. What was supposed to be a pure moment of fun between girls turns into an improvised threesome, but one that each participant will keep unforgettable memories of. Having sex with one partner is great, but a third partner offers much more interesting possibilities to reach orgasm. Despite her impressive coping skills, Kaisa will have to leave this family at the end of the year, but chances are that this experience will have been very beneficial for everyone

Family Secrets - the au pair Family Secrets - the au pair Family Secrets - the au pair Family Secrets - the au pair Family Secrets - the au pair Family Secrets - the au pair
As Director of an elite institute, TIna Kay is responsible for ensuring that the rules are...

Tina 4 You

With: Tina Kay, Yanick Shaft, Vince Karter

As Director of an elite institute, TIna Kay is responsible for ensuring that the rules are strictly adhered to. So when she finds out that Yanick, one of the teachers, had an affair with one of his students, she finds her own way to set him straight. When Vince joins them, she has no choice but to prove to both of them that she has a lot more experience in the field of sex than a rebellious student.

Tina 4 You Tina 4 You Tina 4 You Tina 4 You Tina 4 You Tina 4 You
The Russian Institute reopens its doors for another year of pleasures The famous Russian...

Russian Institute - the headmistress' daughter

With: Tina Kay, Mary Rock, Amirah Adara, Zazie Skymm, Lana Roy, Nikki Fox, Vince Karter, Kristof Cale, Totti, Thomas

The Russian Institute reopens its doors for another year of pleasures The famous Russian Institute finally reopens its doors. Every school year, the richest families in the country rush to enrol their daughters so that they can receive the best possible education. This year, the pedagogical team has been reshuffled and it is Tina Kay, a woman with a dream body and an iron fist who has been appointed at the head of the Institute. Another new addition, Mary Rock, the daughter of the Director, has been admitted to follow the very special courses given by this ultra select establishment. It's only a short step from thinking that her mother used roundabout means to get her admitted. As soon as they arrive, the two women meet Vince Karter, one of the new teachers. The young man's charisma does not seem to leave them indifferent. After Tina has introduced the new teachers to their students, she calls Vince into her office for a first "pedagogical" meeting. Indeed, as Director, she has to make sure that the men present within the walls of the institute have all the skills required to train the future diplomats or businesswomen of the country. She does not have to wait very long before grasping her partner's tense sex and suck it off before letting him sodomize her deeply on her desk. Female students taking very private lessons Mary, on the other hand, is exploring what will now be her new home. Although she knew that not all of her new classmates were as innocent as they seemed, she certainly didn't expect to discover Amirah Adara and Zazie Skymm in the midst of their practical work in the "natural" sciences. Having been friends for a few years, the two young women decided to get down to business and discover each other. At first a little surprised by this very exciting show, Mary soon joins them for an exciting lesbian threesome. It's a great way to make new acquaintances. During the summer holidays, the pretty Lana Roy met two men with whom she had a lot of fun. To make their story last a little longer, she made an appointment for them at the institute, but she didn't expect them to visit her during class. After asking her teacher to let her out for an urgent reason, Lana joins her two partners in the bathroom. Very excited after their too long separation, the young woman gives each of them a blowjob, which she has the secret of. After this small appetizer, the two men fuck her in turn through all the orifices before ending with a double penetration that the student should remember for a long time. Who's hotter? Mother or daughter? While Tina works overtime to update her administrative files, Vince takes advantage of her absence to visit her daughter Mary. It must be said that from day one, neither of them remained insensitive to the other's sex appeal. As soon as the front door is opened, the young woman takes her teacher into the living room and starts to suck him off before letting him play with her sex soaked with desire. Behind her somewhat haughty appearance, Mary turns out to be as attracted to men and sex as her mother. As they say, like mother, like daughter. The next morning, the Director calls the beautiful Nikki Fox into her office. Kristof Cale, one of the teachers, has discovered private photos and videos taken with her phone in the institute. According to strict regulations, everything that happens inside the building must not be taken out. To make her understand her mistake, Tina decides to punish the young woman in her own way. Why just film other people's sexual frolics when you can very well implement sex education classes given by competent teachers. Nikki certainly didn't expect such a private lesson in the morning, but she will have made the most of the experience of her two teachers. The years have gone by but nothing has really changed at Russian Institute, to everyone's delight.

Russian Institute - the headmistress' daughter Russian Institute - the headmistress' daughter Russian Institute - the headmistress' daughter Russian Institute - the headmistress' daughter Russian Institute - the headmistress' daughter Russian Institute - the headmistress' daughter
Cherry Kiss goes out to discover new pleasures Following a recent love break-up, the pretty...

One night in Budapest

With: Cherry Kiss, Tiffany Tatum, Alyssia Kent, Lina Luxa, Renata Fox, Veronica Leal, Renato, Yanick Shaft, Kristof Cale, Thomas Stone, Vince Karter

Cherry Kiss goes out to discover new pleasures Following a recent love break-up, the pretty Cherry Kiss has decided to leave Paris for new experiences. After taking a plane ticket at random, she finds herself wandering the streets of Budapest, a city that is totally unknown to her. This is the ideal place to meet new people and start from scratch. What can you do in one of the most beautiful capitals of Europe when you have no place to go and you don't know anyone? While taking a break in a park, Cherry meets Tiffany Tatum, a charming blonde who immediately offers to help and accommodate her while she gets acquainted with her new life. Surprisingly, Cherry cannot refuse such an offer. After taking a shower, she meets Kristof Cale, Tiffany's boyfriend. The couple seems to have very free morals and seems to have immediately fallen under the spell of their guest. The current passes so well between the two young women that they soon kiss passionately and caress each other in front of Kristof. Kristof certainly didn't expect things to turn out this way so quickly. Unable to resist such a show, the man quickly joins them for one of the most intense threesomes in which his two partners will make him enjoy all their charms. Budapest, the city of all desires Later in the day, Tiffany is scheduled to go to one of the city's most renowned photo studios for a charm session with Vince Karter, THE photographer with whom all the models in the area want to work. So it's only natural that she invites her new friend to join her. Vince is publicly recognized for his work behind the camera but behind the scenes he has other qualities that many women would like to enjoy. Today, it's Veronica Leal, the studio's makeup artist, who will have the pleasure of tasting his work. With her dream body, she would have all the qualities required to pose in front of the photographer but she prefers to let him take advantage of her hidden assets. Today she has decided to give him a little surprise. She will finally let him sodomize her. After removing a nice sized plug from her anus, she lets herself be deeply penetrated by her partner. That's a good way to start a long working day. After the photo shoot for which Tiffany posed very suggestively in front of Cherry, she suggests that she enjoys the city a little bit before showing her the hidden side of the capital. So, in the evening, the two young women go to a private club to attend a very exciting show. Cherry has the surprise to discover for the first time an erotic SM show. Tonight, the pretty French girl Luna Luxa plays the role of the submissive. Tied to a chair, blindfolded, she is entirely offered to her partner's fantasies. Very excited by the mix of caresses and games of domination, Luna offers all her orifices to the man's hard sex, even the tightest one. An unsettling journey to new sensations In the meantime, Vince, who has joined the two friends at the club, offers Cherry the chance to come and have a nice night out at a friend's house. Troubled by the show she had just witnessd and the feelings she was beginning to have for the photographer, Cherry readily accepts. She thought she had had enough excitement for the evening, but she certainly didn't expect to find herself in the middle of a libertine evening in which Alyssia Kent and Renata Fox, two of Vince's friends, were just waiting for them to get down to business. After having been a spectator, Cherry became a pleasure actress in a five-person orgy. Lesbian games, blowjobs, sodomy and double penetration were the perfect way to end the evening. Having come to experience new things, Cherry never imagined that her almost too quiet life could have changed so much in such a short period of time. Determined to take advantage of the present moment, she decides to extend her stay at Tiffany and Kristof's house. Then one day, she decides to go back home to Paris. A few months later, the young woman makes the decision to return to Budapest to try to start a serious story with Vince. Vince was not expecting her to come back at all but their reunion turns out to be more exciting than expected. Accustomed to the perfect bodies of the models he works with on a daily basis, the photographer now has the opportunity to enjoy the charms of the beautiful Cherry without any restraint. It must be said that she has become a true expert in all kinds of pleasures.

One night in Budapest One night in Budapest One night in Budapest One night in Budapest One night in Budapest One night in Budapest
Mariska, a professional and very caring secretary Mariska takes her role as Executive Secretary...

Mariska, executive secretary

With: Mariska, Alyssia Kent, Lana Roy, Liv Revamped, Jessica Portman, Kristof Cale, Charlie Dean, Thomas Stone, Yanick Shaft

Mariska, a professional and very caring secretary Mariska takes her role as Executive Secretary very seriously. It is for her qualities and professionalism that Charlie Dean, her boss, hired her. He was indeed looking for a real woman capable of making decisions in his absence and, above all, capable of managing newcomers to the company. Of course, Charlie also recruited Mariska for other qualities. It must be said that in this company, all employees have very free morals. So, whenever she has the opportunity, Mariska locks herself in her boss's office for very private meetings. The presence of new recruits in the next room doesn't seem to bother her, quite the contrary. Knowing that these young women can hear her cries of pleasure while she is being sodomized seems to excite her even more. Alyssia Kent and Lana Roy, two beautiful brunettes came for their final interview before their definitive hiring. Having to undress and find themselves half-naked in front of their future boss seems to be just a formality for these two young women. After this quick presentation, Mariska directs the two young women to their new desks. As a welcome gift, she installs a beautifully sized sextoy on each woman's armchair. At first a little surprised and after removing their panties, the two new recruits settle into their respective offices. Recruits of choice, open to all opportunities While Mariska takes the pretty Lana aside, Charlie and Kristof, his partner, decide to welcome Alyssia in their own way, which doesn't seem to displease the young lady who quickly takes their hard dicks in her hands ... and in her mouth, before offering herself entirely to the two stallions until the final ecstasy. On her side, Mariska accompanies Lana in a very private club to start her training. Entirely naked, the young woman happily discovers that her new manager is not only a fan of S&M games but also of lesbian pleasures. After Mariska has sodomized her with a beautifully sized sex toy, the newcomer returns the favor to show her that she made the right decision in recruiting her. Sex has a special place in this very special company This session seems to have made a strong impression, as a few days later, it was Lana herself who was invited to accompany Charlie to a meeting with two very important clients. Once the paperwork is done, Charlie asks his new secretary to finalize the details of the transaction. In other words, the young woman is going to put her heart to work to fully satisfy the two men. Between expert fellatio and an intense double penetration, Lana really has all the qualities required to carry out the missions that will be entrusted to her. A few days later, Charlie proposes to Lana and Alyssia to assist him during the job interview of the charming Liv Revamped and Jessica Portman, two new prospects. Just like their elders, the two new girls seem to fit in perfectly with what Charlie expects of them: to be open to new experiences while remaining extremely professional. This is a company where afterworks with colleagues must be very exciting.

Mariska, executive secretary Mariska, executive secretary Mariska, executive secretary Mariska, executive secretary Mariska, executive secretary Mariska, executive secretary
Discover the fantasies of these five Dorcel stars Tonight, the pretty Claire Castel has a date...

Stars vol.1

With: Cherry Kiss, Claire Castel, Anissa Kate, Sybil, Kaisa Nord, Zazie Skymm, Anya Krey, Math, Kristof Cale, Charlie Dean, Rico Simmons, Lorenzo Viota, Alberto Blanco

Discover the fantasies of these five Dorcel stars Tonight, the pretty Claire Castel has a date with two strangers in one of the most exclusive clubs in Paris. As soon as she arrives, simply dressed in a transparent outfit that hides nothing of her perfect curves, the young woman hastens to take the hard sex of her partners in her mouth. This sex expert gives them perfect fellatio, which she has the secret of. After this intense oral sex, the two men take advantage of all the charms that Claire has to offer them. This is an evening that Claire should remember for a long time. Cherry Kiss, Zazie Skymm and Anya Krey have been friends for a long time but never find the time to get together. To make up for lost time, these three beautiful young women have decided to spend a few days together in a splendid villa. Although they've never taken the plunge before, the sexual tension between the three friends is palpable. While Cherry admires the pretty Zazie coming out of the pool simply dressed in a white swimsuit revealing her sensual curves, Anya slips in behind her and begins to caress her with passion. It doesn't take much more than that for these young women to finally break through the invisible barrier that separates them. As if she had planned everything from the start, Anya pulls out an anal plug that she slowly inserts into Cherry's anus. Between languorous kisses and tender lesbian games, there's a good chance that from now on, they'll jump at every opportunity to spend time together. Sweet and intense sex at the same time Sybil and Charlie Dean have been seeing each other for some time now, but the young woman has decided to stall her boyfriend before offering herself to him. Yet one day she makes him an offer he'd be foolish to refuse. He has been waiting for so long to take full advantage of the young woman's perfect curves. As soon as Charlie arrives at her place, Sybil kisses him on the lips as she caresses him. If he still had any, Charlie now has no doubt about the young lady's intentions. After a languorous striptease, Sybil reveals the sexy lingerie she wore for the occasion. Not wanting to waste any more time, the couple caresses each other before moving on to more serious things. Why waste time going to the bedroom when a pool table does the trick? The young woman can't refuse her boyfriend anything in this sweet and intense sex game. Anissa Kate is a pretty brunette whose curves would make any man crack. Anissa's husband is well aware that he can't fully satisfy his wife's sexual desires on his own, so he gives her complete freedom to have fun with other men during his many business trips. For example, tonight Anissa met two strangers at a club. It didn't take long to convince them to follow her to her rich apartment for one of the most intense threesomes. Very excited by her generous shapes barely hidden by her luscious lingerie, the two men intend to take full advantage of the young woman's charms. She was waiting for it and to be sure to leave them with an imperishable memory, she offers them all her orifices soaked with desire, even going so far as to let them sodomize her deeply. Their pleasures have no limits Kaisa Nord and Alberto Blanco met by chance while jogging on the beach. But the current immediately passed between them and they quickly decided to move in together. Their attraction is such that the doesn’t care where they are to enjoy each other's bodies. Whether in an underground car park or simply in the living room of their new apartment, everything is an excuse to make love. To properly celebrate their move and to organize an original and intimate house-warming party, the pretty redhead has decided that a striptease would be enough to get her partner excited. Although he knows every curve of her perfect body, Alberto is not a man to turn down such a proposal.

Stars vol.1 Stars vol.1 Stars vol.1 Stars vol.1 Stars vol.1 Stars vol.1
Tiffany and Mina have been friends for many years, but their lives have kept them apart. So,...

Tiffany 4 You

With: Tiffany Tatum, Mina , Vince Karter

Tiffany and Mina have been friends for many years, but their lives have kept them apart. So, when Mina asked the pretty blonde to come and stay with her for a few days, Tiffany jumped at the chance. Once there, she meets Vince, a charming Frenchman who has been sharing Mina's life for a few months. Tiffany quickly discovers that the couple lives a very free relationship that allows them to share their sex lives according to their desires and encounters. Today, they decided to take advantage of Tiffany's presence to propose a very intense three-way plan.

Tiffany 4 You Tiffany 4 You Tiffany 4 You Tiffany 4 You Tiffany 4 You Tiffany 4 You
Cléa Gaultier and Anissa Kate, two sex experts Kristof Cale and Yanick Shaft, two influential...

Cléa and Anissa escorts deluxe

With: Cléa Gaultier, Anissa Kate, Veronica Leal, Lana Roy, Missy Luv, Alyssia Kent, Vince Karter, Kristof Cale, Thomas Stone, Yanick Shaft

Cléa Gaultier and Anissa Kate, two sex experts Kristof Cale and Yanick Shaft, two influential businessmen, spend more time signing contracts than using the money they make with their various companies. Today they have decided to change their habits by mixing business and pleasure. While they are finalizing one of the most important contracts of the year in one of their luxurious villas, they are visited by two charming young women. Cléa Gaultier and Anissa Kate, both dressed very sexy without being vulgar, have just come to entertain them. These two pleasure professionals will show the two men that they should have called upon their services much earlier. After a quick aperitif, the girls decide to take matters into their own hands... and into their mouths. After giving expert oral sex to these two demanding men, Clea and Anissa get down to business and offer them all their orifices for a well-deserved break between two meetings. Chances are that after such an experience, the two men will always find time to take their minds off things in the arms of these luxury escorts. Yanick appreciated the very professional services of the beautiful Anissa so much that he decided to call on her again a few days later, but for a very different mission. Today is indeed Yanick's wedding anniversary, and to mark the occasion, he decided to give his beautiful wife Veronica Leal a very special and extremely hot gift. Without telling her anything about what was waiting for her, he simply asked her to get beautiful, to dress sexy with pretty fine lingerie and to call him when she would be ready. When she is ready, Yanick arrives with a headband that he slowly tied around the eyes of his sweet and tender. He then slips away to go and fetch Anissa who was waiting patiently at the entrance. When she arrives in the couple's room and discovers Veronica, sitting so short dressed on the bed, Anissa immediately understands what Yanick expects from her. She slowly approaches Veronica and begins to kiss her, undress her, caress her, sensually sucking her breasts. And when Anissa turns Veronica over to take off her panties, she realizes that Yanick had really planned everything down to the last detail since Veronica has a nice plug stuck in her little anus. The excitement being at its peak, the lovers' evening quickly turns into a torrid threesome. Luxury escorts are true pleasure professionals Thomas Stone, a rich, idle businessman is bored alone in his big apartment. To fill his loneliness, he's gotten into the habit of hiring expensive escorts. Today, he has chosen the pretty Clea. Thomas has literally fallen in love with the physique and suppleness of this ex-dancer turned escort. Once at his place, Clea unveils the beautiful black lingerie she wears for the occasion. After having excited her partner of the day with a languorous striptease, she takes out a sex toy that she places erect on the floor. Lying on her belly she starts to suck the object and then sticks on it in a wide gap. No longer able to hold on to it in front of this overexciting spectacle, the man takes out his sex and starts to masturbate. Happy with the effect it has had on her client, Cléa only has to join him for a deep fellatio before letting him take her passionately and sodomize her deeply. The man will end up coming in Clea's thirsty mouth... Contrary to popular belief, men are not the only ones to avail themselves of the services of these sex specialists. Today, the pretty Alyssia Kent has called upon the blonde Missy Luv, a young woman who enjoys lesbian pleasures. With an agenda as full as hers, Alyssia rarely has time to relax. So she took advantage of a moment of freedom to have a good time in the expert hands of the beautiful blonde. What could be better than a sensual massage to forget the tensions of everyday life? After ultra-sensual caresses, Missy decided to raise the temperature several degrees with an impressive strap-on dildo. It takes more than that to scare Alyssia, who offers her anus for an exciting girl-on-girl anal session. After a session of such intensity, there's a good chance that the two women's paths will cross again. They are open to the most perverse scenarios Vince is one of the oldest and most loyal clients of the luxury escort agency. He knows all the girls by heart. He has been using their services for so many years now that now, to get him excited, he has to imagine a new perverse scenario every time. And the one he has created today is particularly so! While connecting on the agency's website, Vince realizes that there is a new girl that has just been listed, Lana Roy. This is exactly what Vince needs for his staging of the day! When Lana finally rings the doorbell, Vince puts a blindfold around his eyes. For the fantasy to work, he must not see what she looks like! He simply directs her to his room and points to the outfit and accessories he has prepared for her on his bed that she has to put on. Lana does it. When Vince finally removes the blindfold, Lana is ready: she's sitting on her bed, dressed in lingerie and a pink wig. The role Vince has assigned her in his fantasy is simply that of... a sex doll! Like a latex doll, her mission is to let herself be completely free, not to move, not to express any emotion while Vince will take care of each of her three orifices, including the tightest one. No doubt Lana will remember her first day as a luxury escort for a long time.

Cléa and Anissa escorts deluxe Cléa and Anissa escorts deluxe Cléa and Anissa escorts deluxe Cléa and Anissa escorts deluxe Cléa and Anissa escorts deluxe Cléa and Anissa escorts deluxe
- EXCLUSIVE SCENE - A beautiful busty but somewhat prude fourty something, Mariska, has a...

Mariska 4 You

With: Mariska, Lana Roy, Charlie Dean

- EXCLUSIVE SCENE - A beautiful busty but somewhat prude fourty something, Mariska, has a complicated relationship with Lana, her stepdaughter. When she surprises her sending porn selfies to her boyfriend, Mariska becomes threatening. Against all odds, Lana confesses her shameful desires...

Mariska 4 You Mariska 4 You Mariska 4 You Mariska 4 You Mariska 4 You Mariska 4 You
An au pair looking for a perfect host family Poppy Pleasure is a charming young woman who, like...

The au pair's initiation

With: Poppy Pleasure, Anissa Kate, Mary Rock, Kristof Cale, Charlie Dean

An au pair looking for a perfect host family Poppy Pleasure is a charming young woman who, like many other girls her age, needs money to pay for her education. Preferring to rely only on herself to support her lifestyle, she chose to become an au pair for a few months. Fortunately for her, her search was very successful and she was lucky enough to find a charming host family... on the surface. Anissa Kate and Kristof Cale have a superb house that Anissa hastily shows Poppy around as soon as she arrives. The pretty blonde didn't expect such a warm welcome. When Anissa hugs her to welcome her, she is a little surprised... but this is only the beginning! After a welcome dinner, Poppy goes back to her room while Anissa and Kristof both go to theirs. When the gorgeous brunette begins to undress before her husband's eyes, he doesn't miss a thing about the show. What man could resist her super curves and ultra sexy black lingerie? To add a little more spice, Anissa doesn't hesitate to moan louder than usual to be sure that their guest, whose room is on the other side of the wall, can hear them. The latter, ears glued to the wall, will thus have a front row seat and will enjoy the excitement of her new employers as if she were with them. The next day, while Anissa is half-naked in the sun in her garden, she asks pretty Poppy to pass oil on her beautiful chest. At first a little embarrassed, the young woman finally accepts until Kristof calls his wife to tell her that he would be late because of an unexpected meeting at the office. The pretty brunette is far from suspecting that the meeting in question is more sexual than professional with his secretary Mary Rock. After having enticed her boss with a very sensual strip tease, the young woman soon offers him all her orifices, even going so far as to offer him his anus for a very intense anal session. This is the kind of private meeting Kristof would like to have more often. A very exciting evening for Poppy Once home, Kristof offers Anissa a romantic outing. It must be said that before the au pair arrived, the couple did not have much opportunity to spend a quiet evening. After giving Poppy all the instructions, Anissa joins her husband, leaving the young woman alone at home. She thought you'd spend a quiet evening reading until Charlie Dean, one of the couple's neighbours, came to the doorbell. That same morning, he noticed Poppy in the garden and he plans to get to know her better. Just dressed in mini shorts and a t-shirt barely covering her shapes, Poppy is first surprised by this impromptu visit. At first intimidated, she quickly lets herself be seduced by the young man's enchanting smile. Finally not as innocent as she looks, the young woman lets him undress her before he begins to caress and lick her passionately. It is quite naturally that she then lets him penetrate her as if she had been waiting for this from the beginning. The two young lovers are so busy that they don't hear Anissa and Kristof when they come home from the restaurant. Embarrassed, the young woman runs to her room hoping that the couple would not send her back for professional misconduct. Poppy has all the qualities of a model employee To her great surprise, Anissa joins her a little later as she just got out of the shower. Before she even has time to get dressed, her boss starts kissing and stroking her before offering her a very sexy lingerie set. Not knowing how to react, Poppy willingly accepts caresses, and this unexpected gift. Thus dressed in this white lingerie, Poppy lets Anissa blindfold her before she gives her a gift... a little more special one. It is thus with gentleness that the pretty brunette inserts an anal plug into the tight anus of her charming employee. Against all odds, she seems to appreciate the gesture. Now that she is ready, Kristof, who was just waiting for that, joins the two women. Then follows a most sensual trio during which Poppy proves to the couple that they made an excellent choice when they recruited her. It is likely that her little "slip-up" with the neighbour was only a test orchestrated by the couple to be sure that she had all the skills required to become their full-time employee.

The au pair's initiation The au pair's initiation The au pair's initiation The au pair's initiation The au pair's initiation The au pair's initiation
Come and spend 24 hours with Dorcel Girl Cléa Gaultier Many people wonder how actresses spend...

A day with Cléa

With: Cléa Gaultier, Alexis Crystal, Amirah Adara, Lilu Moon, Darcia Lee, Charlie Dean, Kristof Cale, Totti

Come and spend 24 hours with Dorcel Girl Cléa Gaultier Many people wonder how actresses spend their time outside the film sets. Today, thanks to director Franck Vicomte, you will have the unique opportunity to follow Dorcel Girl Cléa Gaultier for a whole day, from morning till the end of the night, following her in her favorite activities: sports sessions, lingerie fittings and photo shoots. Whether with her boyfriend, friends or strangers, Clea's unlimited libido will make her experience an extraordinary day. As privileged guests, you will experience her daily life as close as possible to the action and spend a day that you will remember for a long time. Lying on the white sheets of a king-size bed installed in the room of a sublime apartment, Clea sleeps peacefully. It is a dream vision for her companion who, just awake, cannot resist the desire to caress this perfect body. Surprised, Clea thanks him for bringing coffee to bed by giving him a passionate fellatio and offering him her orifices already wet with desire. What could be better than a good anal session to whet your appetite before a good breakfast? This morning’s orgasm put the young woman in a good mood. So it's with a smile that she goes to her favorite gym for her daily session. Maintaining her sculpted body takes time and dedication. Once there, Clea meets her favorite coach and long-time friends, the charming Lilu Moon and Amirah Adara. Her coach has a hard time hiding his erection from the warm-ups of the three young women. Fortunately for him, the pretty Amirah takes the initiative and begins to suck him languidly before being joined by Lilu. Seeing that her teacher is busy, Clea goes back to her work. Meanwhile, Amirah and Lilu decide to show this lucky guy that they didn't follow his training for nothing. Indeed, what man could resist these perfect bodies and the advances of these two naughty girls? This threesome is certainly worth all the fitness sessions in the world. Clea Gaultier loves to please others For her part, Clea joins her best friend in a café to tell her about her latest adventures and the stranger she met the day before and who had the chance to wake up next to her that very morning. After finishing their drink, the two young women go to a lingerie boutique reserved for a select clientele. Very excited by Clea's fittings and naked body, her girlfriend starts fondling her before letting her lick her sex soaked in excitement. Of course, Clea isn’t bothered when her friend starts masturbating her in the fitting room while the saleswoman waits on the other side of the curtain. While her new boyfriend is waiting for her at home, Clea goes to one of the capital's most famous photo studios. After passing through the make-up artist's expert hands, she joins the photographer for a nude session. After a few shots, Clea can't take it anymore and she literally throws herself on the photographer's sex and starts sucking him before offering him all her orifices. She had always dreamed of being fucked by a photographer's big "zoom lense” and let’s jut say she enjoys that… a lot A threesome to perfectly end the day After this busy day, full of emotions and orgasms, Clea meets her new boyfriend in her favorite bar. The latter, a little jealous, has trouble seeing Clea with other men. To test him, Clea offers her a little game of which she has the secret. If he wins, she will suck him in a discreet place, if not, he will sleep alone. Clea being very playful, she decides to offer him her reward despite his defeat at the game. What could be more exciting than playing naughty games in a public place at risk of being discovered? After this little "appetizer", Clea decides to go pick up Alexis Crystal, one of the bar's customers. The latter, very excited at the idea of finishing the evening with a threesome plan, agrees to follow the couple into their apartment. To have a little fun, the two young women start fondling and kissing in front of Clea's boyfriend before offering him what he had been waiting for since their return home. After having made passionate love to these two beautiful women, he willingly accepts Clea's offer to keep Alexis with them for the night... just in case.

A day with Cléa A day with Cléa A day with Cléa A day with Cléa A day with Cléa A day with Cléa
Tina Kay, a very attentive secretary Tina Kay is a beautiful young woman who has only one...

The secretary's nights

With: Tina Kay, Cherry Kiss, Kate Rich, Poppy Pleasure, Renato, Yanick Shaft, Totti

Tina Kay, a very attentive secretary Tina Kay is a beautiful young woman who has only one passion in life: sex. She loves to party so much and meet new partners that she often forgets to go to work the next day. Therefore, she is not really surprised when her boss calls her one morning to tell her that she is fired. It must be said that the night before she had a lot of fun in one of the city’s most exclusive club. After having openly hit on a handsome stranger who preferred to decline the offer, the young woman returned home with a stallion who was just waiting for one thing, take full advantage of all her charms and above all, all her holes. Suffice to say that their night was long and hot. After a few days reading ads to find a job, Tina is called by the boss of one of the most famous advertising agencies in the city. What a surprise when she finds herself face to face with the man who had refused her advances a few days ago. What she does not know is that he is having an extra-marital affair with Kate Rich, one of his charming employees. It must be said that with a body as perfect as hers and a libido as developed, few men would be able to resist her charms. These secretaries love to work overtime Tina soon discovers that women working in this company all have very personal techniques to relax in the workplace between two meetings. Thus, the blonde Cherry Kiss does not hide her attraction to the new trainee Poppy Pleasure. It must be said that the young redhead has done everything to seduce her and make her understand her intentions. Despite her apparent inexperience, the young woman already seems very aware of lesbian games and pleasures. To the delight of Cherry who did not expect so much. Tina has understood that if she wants to blend into this very permissive company, she will have to get closer to the people who matter. What’s better than a small private party with her boss and his mistress? This threesome is the perfect solution to demonstrate to her boss that she has a lot of qualities ... and not only professional ones. She made such a good impression that Vince, her boss, entrusts her with the biggest budget of the agency. Renato and Yanick Shaft are indeed two of the oldest customers and their campaigns are among the most important ones. To reward them for their loyalty, Tina is determined to give herself, body and soul to these two men fond of the pleasures of the flesh. Tina Kay is a true follower of the pleasures of the flesh For this new film dedicated to secretaries, the director Franck Vicomte has called on one of the most perverse European actresses of her generation. It must be said that the beautiful Tina Kay is a follower of sex in all its forms and that few things scare her. Here is a movie you will not want to miss.

The secretary's nights The secretary's nights The secretary's nights The secretary's nights The secretary's nights The secretary's nights
Going back to the Russian Institute has never been so hot It's 11pm ... Everything is calm at...

Russian Institute - the superintendant

With: Tiffany Tatum, Anya Krey, Casey Nortman, Kate Rich, Poppy Pleasure, Renato, Vince Karter, Thomas Stone, Totti

Going back to the Russian Institute has never been so hot It's 11pm ... Everything is calm at the Russian Institute. Anya Krey, the supervisor, walks around the halls and inspects each of the bedrooms. The students are all asleep. All? Not sure ... In one of the rooms, one of the students is missing. When Anya pulls the sheets, she finds bags that the naughty young woman put there to make believe that she was in bed. Anya starts looking for the young lady and quickly finds her. The adorable Kate Rich is in a classroom with two well-hung males. She is already greedily sucking their two dicks. The two friends are excited by her small breasts and small ass. Kate soon gives them what they were eagerly waiting for. One of them is entitled to her pussy while the other takes the small hole. Obviously, Anya does not want to miss anything of this very exciting moment and even takes a picture. Anya now has a picture of the performance of the pretty little Kate Rich with two men. And she intends to take full advantage of it! What would happen if the headmaster and Kate's parents learned about her sexual exploits? The pretty little brunette now understands that she now has to obey each of her supervisor’s desires. She first asks her to lift his little black skirt. She inserts a plug in her little hole. And that's just the beginning ... After class, Kate joins Anya in her office. She undresses under her perverse gaze. Expert teachers for all pleasures She still has the plug in her ass ... Anya pulls a strap-on dildo from her drawer. Then she removes her panties lace and begins to caress, sitting on the edge of a chair. Kate understands the message. She comes to lick her. Carefully, she enjoys her little hole to the delight of the supervisor who loves to see her so submissive and on all fours. Then Anya comes to lie on the desk and puts her on the strap-on. The message is clear: now little Kate has to fuck her supervisor until orgasm. She will brilliantly fulfill her mission by first kissing her pussy and her offered ass. Once she has climaxed, the perverse Anya has a little fun with the plug in the ass of her submissive. Then, implacable, she will ask her to leave. Today, Tiffany Tatum and Casey Nortman are entitled to a private lesson with music teacher, Mr. Totti. It must be said that they need it ... Casey begins to play the flute. It's a carnage. And when Tiffany does it, it's not better. The teacher is desperate ... But Tiffany has an idea to comfort him: she begins to provocatively lick her musical instrument then she kisses her girlfriend Casey. Obviously, the music teacher soon opens his fly and take out his quite well proportioned intimate instrument. The two girls take it in the mouth before indulging in a threesome with the teacher. The supervisor knows how to be obeyed Professor Totti had a good time with Tiffany and Casey. He thought he would finally be able to work a little in the late afternoon. But it was not counting on the terrible general supervisor ... Indeed, Anya caught the teacher with his two students and guess what? She took pictures of course! So when the beautiful music teacher pushes her advances, she uses them to blackmail him. Obviously, the music lover is not too bothered by these perverse methods. Anya is damn sexy and she knows how to do things! After a long, long kiss, she offers him a delicious blowjob. The handsome guy does then puts his tongue on her little hole. He will soon fill it with his very hard “intrument”. Anya multiplies the orgasms, lying on the desk and on the floor. The super perverse supervisor got what she wanted! She then offers her mouth to the teacher’s dick to let him climax. Time and students go by but they always enjoy their time spent at the Russian Institute!

Russian Institute - the superintendant Russian Institute - the superintendant Russian Institute - the superintendant Russian Institute - the superintendant Russian Institute - the superintendant Russian Institute - the superintendant
Club Xtrem : the place for all kinds of perversions Anna Polina and Kaisa Nord, two magnificent...

Club Xtrem : Anna and Kaisa double penetration

With: Anna Polina, Kaisa Nord, Angel Emily, Angelika Grays, Thomas Stone, Yanick Shaft, Mike Angelo, Kristof Cale

Club Xtrem : the place for all kinds of perversions Anna Polina and Kaisa Nord, two magnificent young women who love sex and all its pleasures have an appointment at Club Xtrem. This very select place of debauchery rarely sends out invitations for their exclusive parties. However, tonight, the two pretty Russian girls just received their “VIP pass”. They will finally discover the place they’ve heard of so much without being able to go in. Once inside, they only have to take their coats off to reveal their curves and sexiest lingerie. Although they don’t know what’s going to happen, once they reach the bottom of the stairs, they meet their partners for the evening. They don’t waste any time getting down on their knees to blow the two studs. After having some fun separately, it’s now time to get some serious business done. Both women now have the opportunity to play with both men’s dicks at the same time. Since they’re both anal sex addicts, they both open their asses for the two lucky guys. In order to end the party completely fulfilled, Anna will go even further by requesting a double penetration. Of course, the two men will gladly oblige. A few days later, Angelika Grays, a very pretty blonde, receives her own invitation to join the Club Xtrem guests list. Just like her two friends before her, she loves sex and new experiences, whatever they are and whatever the number of people involved. Once inside the club, Angelika is welcomed by to strangers who quickly make it clear that she won’t regret her coming to the hottest club in town. It doesn’t take long before the two men start penetrating all her wet holes. After a very intense double penetration, the three of them are joined by Anna Polia who made a very strong impression a few days ago. Let’s just say that all her sexual abilities are more than enough to satisfy any man. Angelika has a lot of assets to prove her partners and the club owners that they made the right decision to invite her. She loves sex and it shows all though this very intense scene. Intense double penetrations for sex craving young women Since she received her second invitation to a “double penetration party”, Kaisa Nord is over the moon. This time, she is greeted by three men who start fondling her magnificent body as soon as she arrives. Very turned on by the situation, the young Russian doesn’t waste any time and starts to suck on their dicks right away. After some very short foreplay, she gives them her mouth, her vagina and her anus to play with in a very intense fucking session. From blow jobs to anal sex and double penetrations, Kaisa can’t refuse anything to her play mates. She’s so excited that even these three seasoned studs have a lot of trouble refraining their own pleasure. Once totally satisfied, Kaisa receives her share of hot cum on her pretty face still red with pleasure. When you first see her, Angel Emily looks like a very quiet and sweet young woman. Who could imagine that this frail body hides a true sex expert? The owners of the Club Xtrem investigated before taking the decision to invite her to one of their very private sex parties. One evening, after a long day at the office, Angel Emily is pleasantly surprised when she finds the infamous black envelope all her girlfriends expect without ever receiving it. After putting on the sexiest lingerie she bought in case she would be invited, Angel walks to the secret location. For her very first experience, the small blond is welcomed by three men who just want one thing : take full advantage of her whole body. Just like her friends before her, Angel Emily quickly tastes the pleasures of anal sex and double penetration. Don’t be fooled by her small frame, the young woman is more than able to fit all these big cocks in every hole. The men don’t even have to ask, SHE is the one requesting it. Once again, the owners of the Club Xtrem know they made the right choice by inviting her to one of their parties.

Club Xtrem : Anna and Kaisa double penetration Club Xtrem : Anna and Kaisa double penetration Club Xtrem : Anna and Kaisa double penetration Club Xtrem : Anna and Kaisa double penetration Club Xtrem : Anna and Kaisa double penetration Club Xtrem : Anna and Kaisa double penetration
Escorts and pleasure experts Alexis Crystal, Rebecca Volpetti, Tiffany Tatum, Lilu Moon and...

Alexis, escort deluxe

With: Alexis Crystal, Rebecca Volpetti, Tiffany Tatum, Lilu Moon, Nesty, Renato, Totti, Yanick Shaft, Kristof Cale, Charlie Dean

Escorts and pleasure experts Alexis Crystal, Rebecca Volpetti, Tiffany Tatum, Lilu Moon and Nesty are Escorts Deluxe. For these five young and sexy women, nothing is more important than satisfying all the desires and fantasies of the rich businessmen who regularly use their special services. These men know that they will do anything to fulfill their most perverse demands. After sunset, these magnificent young women turn into pleasure professionals. Only dressed in their sexiest lingerie or any outfit their clients may request, they start to reveal the full extent of their talents and their expertise in sex. Tonight, Alexis has a meeting with Rick, a very demanding businessman who loves anal sex. Once at his place, Alexis puts on the chic underwear he asked her to wear. Knowing her client’s inclinations and the size of his dick, Alexis also brought some sextoys she will need to prepare her anus before taking her huge partner’s dick inside of her tight hole. After a short foreplay and a quick blowjob, Yanick wastes no time fucking the young woman in the ass. Alexis doesn’t seem very impressed by his manners, on the contrary. They fulfill all you fantasies Do not be fooled by her thin silhouette, charming Rebecca Volpetti knows all there is to know about sex and pleasure. Once she arrives at her two clients’ rich apartment, the young woman quickly undresses in front of them before taking their rock hard cocks in her mouth. This quick foreplay confirms that the men did the right thing when they called her. Rebecca totally surrenders to their thrusts and offers them all her holes. This hardcore threesome reaches its climax with a fiery double penetration and a double facial cumshot Rebecca seems to enjoy a lot. Outside of the night activities, brunette Lilu Moon is a sports addict. She must indeed maintain her dream body to best meet the expectations of her clients. Today, she meets Kristof, a man with a true foot and and shoe fetish. Before going to her meeting, she carefully chooses THE pair that will turn him on more than anything else : a pair of bright red boots with high heels. Entirely naked, only dressed with her boots, Lilu gives her perfect feet to Kristof who quickly starts licking them. She then surrenders to him and lets him fuck her until he ejaculates on her feet. Nothing beats shared pleasures Thanks to their professional activity, Alexis and Lilu became good friends. Sometimes, they even go together to their special appointments. Blindfolded on a chair, their client for the evening is patiently waiting for them. The two beauties will take full advantage of the situation to sensually turn him on until he can’t take it anymore. He certainly wasn’t expecting these beautiful and exciting women to be so expert in their trade. Openly bisexual, Alexis and Lilu enjoy playing with the man’s dick while taking care of each other. After taking the blindfold off, The lucky man will enjoy all the girls’ holes until the final orgasm. Pretty Nesty has been requested to join a couple’s sex games. Since they like to share, the husband asked her to have fun with his wife while he watches. Very turned on by their lesbian show, Kristof sends Nesty away and starts to play with his hot wife. Since her girl/girl action didn’t completely satisfy her, Tiffany Tatum just want one thing from her husband : that he fucks her like never before.

Alexis, escort deluxe Alexis, escort deluxe Alexis, escort deluxe Alexis, escort deluxe Alexis, escort deluxe Alexis, escort deluxe
Liza del Sierra, a fully dedicated secretary Liza del Sierra is ostensibly one of her boss’ most...

Liza, busty secretary

With: Liza Del Sierra, Amirah Adara, Tiffany Tatum, Luna Corazon, Nesty, Lilu Moon, Kristof Cale, Totti, Charlie Dean, Raul Costa, Thomas

Liza del Sierra, a fully dedicated secretary Liza del Sierra is ostensibly one of her boss’ most dedicated secretaries but that’s only a facade. What she really wants is to take over the company. When Kristof, her flighty boss, is caught by his wife during a very “private” meeting with his new assistant Lilu Moon, Liza knows she’ll finally be able to take her chance. In order to stick the pieces back with his wife, Kristof decides to take a few days off and give Liza the keys of the company. From now on, Liza has an open field to fulfill all her most perverse fantasies with her colleagues. They will soon discover that the pretty blonde has a very special vision of human resources and how to manage a company. Behind her strict looks, Liza hides a very open and attentive personality. She knows how to take good care of her fellow employees. Her way of rewarding and motivating the sales forces goes far beyond the regular bonuses. Liza loves to reward people in kind and this pretty salesman will be the first to take advantage of her perfect curves and her far above average libido. With such a bonus, he will certainly be one of the best salespersons of the year. These secretaries are much hotter than average Pretty Tiffany Tatum has to manage one of her customers’ anger problems. Fortunately for her, years of experience and a real negotiating talent often helped her to get out of complicated situations. Today, she’ll have to excel in order to soothe her fiery partner. There’s no conflict that a good blowjob and a good fucking session can’t solve. Luna Corazon, Amirah Adara and Nesty, three of the oldest secretaries in the company seem to have a problem with Liza’s sudden ascent. Let’s just say they’re really jealous because they were not chosen instead of the curvy brunette. When the three of them find a suitcase full of sextoys in one of the offices, they quickly agree to try them on the spot to cool things down. Although they also love men, they decide to play some very intense lesbian games in a threesome they’ll remember for a long time, and so will you. At the end of this very eventful and intense day, once everyone is fone home, Liza decides to work extra hours in order to have fun with the security guys. The two of them have tried to get in her pants for quite some time but have always been turned down. Tonight, Liza has finally agreed to let them play with her hot body. It’s all fun and games but all the employees seem to have forgotten that their boss will come back soon. What will he think of their change of attitude? One of the biggest male fantasies With this new opus of the “Secretaries by Dorcel” series, Director Franck Vicomte proves once more that these beautiful young women are still one of the biggest and oldest male fantasies. It’s been quite a while since we last saw Liza del Sierra as a secretary but we have to admit that she perfectly plays her strong woman’s role. Here’s a movie that will motivate you to work extra hours.

Liza, busty secretary Liza, busty secretary Liza, busty secretary Liza, busty secretary Liza, busty secretary Liza, busty secretary
Welcome to Club Xtrem, the most hardcore club there is For the third instalment of the Club...

Club Xtrem : Adriana and Cherry Stars Perversions

With: Adriana Chechik, Cherry Kiss, Amirah Adara, Emilio Ardana, Kristof Cale, Ridge, Killian Kenzzo

Welcome to Club Xtrem, the most hardcore club there is For the third instalment of the Club Xtrem series, director Franck Vicomte comes back with a bang by bringing you one of the best cast you can imagine. American superstar Adriana Chechik, Serbian beauty Cherry Kiss and Hungarian bombshell Amirah Adara are some of the most uninhibited performers of their generation. They’re rather calm and composed off camera but once the cameras are rolling, they turn into sex craving women. They may only be three in this movie but you’ll remember the two hours you’ll spend in their company for a very long time. Adriana Chechik, Cherry Kiss or Amirah Adara, who will you choose? Once the Club Xtrem doors are open, the very first scene with Adriana and Cherry will make you dive right into the heart of the action. After forty very intense minutes, the two young women will leave their (lucky) partners breathless. After a short teasing sequence where the brunette and the blonde fondle each other, just wearing their sexiest lingerie and high heels, the two young women start sucking their partners the way only them can do. If you’ve never seen them in action, do not miss this opportunity under any circumstances. Following this very intense “appetizer”, the four partner will push all their boundaries while the two women offer all their holes to their partners’ rock hard cocks. No one will be left besides. Whether they have fun together or trading partners, Adriana Chechik and Cherry Kiss prove that they’re at the top of the performers’ food chain. Here’s a scene you will not want to miss. If you thought the rest of the movie was going to lose intensity and perversion after such a scene, you couldn’t be further from the truth. In this second scene, the beautiful Cherry will show you that she’s also very comfortable with three partners for herself. Here, there’s no need for preliminaries. The pretty blonde just wants to be fucked by these three men who are more than willing to oblige. With one or two dicks in every hole or even with a double penetration, the young woman proves to be totally insatiable. You can put your money on the fact that she kept on fucking the three guys once the scene was over and the cameras turned off. Four scenes with a rare sexual intensity Brunette Adriana Chechik flew over to this side of the Atlantic ocean to show her European colleagues that she didn’t win her Best Female Performer of the Year award by chance. Right from the start, her three partners realize they will have to bring their A game if they want to fully satisfy her. If you’ve never seen Adriana in action, you will not want to miss a single frame of this scene. In spite of the size of her partners’ dicks, Adriana will swallow them entirely in a memorable blow job sequence. Once the three men are more than turned on, they will fully enjoy fucking every hole Adriana has to give. One thing is sure, the Club Xtrem wasn’t named like this by mistake. If you thought you’d have some rest after these three scenes, think again. Amirah Adara is part of a group of European performers who aren’t scared of anything. Even if the competition is harsh, the young woman will do everything to show you that you did the right thing by staying until the end. Today, this beautiful Hungarian girl is going to give herself to two men who will take full advantage of this encounter. Just like Adriana and Cherry, she will start “slowly” by giving them the most perfect blow jobs ever. Once the introduction is over, the two men start enjoying all of Amira’s love holes. Don’t be fooled by her small frame, Amirah Adara is able to take in the biggest dicks in the business, even more if they want to fuck her in the ass or in double penetration.

Club Xtrem : Adriana et Cherry Stars Perversions Club Xtrem : Adriana et Cherry Stars Perversions Club Xtrem : Adriana et Cherry Stars Perversions Club Xtrem : Adriana et Cherry Stars Perversions Club Xtrem : Adriana et Cherry Stars Perversions Club Xtrem : Adriana et Cherry Stars Perversions
Welcome to a very special Prison Staying in a prison usually isn’t a very nice experience to...

Prison - high pressure

With: Liza Del Sierra, Rebecca Volpetti, Amirah Adara, Lovita Fate, Kristof Cale, Charlie Dean, Yanick Shaft, Lutro

Welcome to a very special Prison Staying in a prison usually isn’t a very nice experience to live. However, the protagonists of this brand new Dorcel production willingly went through the doors of this very special prison. With Liza Del Sierra a chief nurse and Rebecca Volpetti as a prison guard, there are a lot of people who would happily come and get locked up behind those bars. In this fourth instalment of the Dorcel prison series, director Franck Vicomte wanted to show you that a stay in prison can also be quite enjoyable. He also proves that you can shoot a hardcore movie in a closed space that isn’t usually fit for sexual encounters and still make it very exciting. When they walked through the doors, the inmates, male and female, knew that they were about to live an adventure they’d never forget but maybe they didn’t think it would be so exciting. A sexy nurse and not so strict female wardens Every day, Liza del Sierra, the chief nurse, visits every cell to make sure all the inmates are ok. During her first visit of the day, she checks on two very healthy prisoners who have not been affected by their life behind bars. After a standard auscultation, the two studs decide to show her that they still have what it takes to fully satisfy her. As a true professional, Liza lets them have fun with all her holes for everybody’s pleasure. Rebecca Volpetti is a young new guard who still has to prove to her colleagues that she can work in such a harsh environment and gain their respect. During her morning round, she catches Yanick, an experienced colleague, watching Lovita Fate, a new inmate, masturbating in her cell. Although she may seem nice and sweet in her strict uniform, Rebecca is as horny as her male colleagues. Very turned on after giving a “helping hand” to Lovita, she decides to earn a few more points with Yanick by giving him her wet holes in the corridor. Lovita, who just witnessed this hot encounter, takes upon herself to make her stay in this prison much more pleasant. In order to do so, she knows she has to use all her assets with the guards. Yanick being on duty today, he is the lucky one who will have the privilege to take advantage of the young woman’s perfect body. In these cold cells, you have to find ways to warm up from time to time. In this prison, everything is allowed Tonight, Liza is once more on duty. During her night round, she finds out that some of the inmates have found a way to get out of their cells. In order to calm them down before the guards arrive, she suggests them a very special game. After sucking dry the first three ones, she lets the last one, one of the oldest prisoners in the facility, fuck her ass through the bars. Eventually, the four men will go back in their cells before the guards could handle the situation in a more expeditious way. Although mobile phones are strictly forbidden behind the high prison walls, one of the inmates still managed to get one. He mainly uses it to watch the hot pictures his girlfriend sends him from time to time. When Rebecca and her colleague Amirah Adara find out that he has a phone, they decide to use it their way by filming their sexual encounter with the lucky man. With these two slutty guards, he may even forget his girlfriend faster than expected.

Prison - high pressure Prison - high pressure Prison - high pressure Prison - high pressure Prison - high pressure Prison - high pressure
A deep dive into the intimate lives of two hot-blooded luxury escorts... One is brunette, the...

Henessy and Cherry - Escorts Deluxe

With: Henessy, Cherry Kiss, Amirah Adara, Veronica Clark, Renato, Kristof Cale, Charlie Dean

A deep dive into the intimate lives of two hot-blooded luxury escorts... One is brunette, the other blonde: Henessy and Cherry, two young friends with dream bodies, don’t have a day job like most... They rent their charms to rich customers and spend their days in pleasure, surrounded by the sumptuous décor of villas and upscale apartments. Received by a businessman fond of threesomes and anal, they waste no time in making a good impression... Invited to the house of a leather fetishist, Henessy offers doggy style in a full-body outfit... Cherry, meanwhile, becomes the darling of two very perverted clients who both take her in double penetration and cover her with jizz... And we can’t forget Amirah, a promising young escort, offered by a powerful woman to her husband. The extremely horny young man then gives it to her up the ass on the balcony of a villa... One thing is certain, she can take it from here!

Henessy and Cherry - Escorts Deluxe Henessy and Cherry - Escorts Deluxe Henessy and Cherry - Escorts Deluxe Henessy and Cherry - Escorts Deluxe Henessy and Cherry - Escorts Deluxe Henessy and Cherry - Escorts Deluxe
Lucy Heart, a new secretary like no other Cherry Kiss is a very pretty woman who has settled...

Lucy, the new secretary

With: Lucy Heart, Cherry Kiss, Tiffany Tatum, Alyssia Kent, Kristof Cale, Renato, Charlie Dean, Raul Costa, Lutro

Lucy Heart, a new secretary like no other Cherry Kiss is a very pretty woman who has settled very well in the company she works for. As her boss’ personal assistant, she knows all of her colleagues dirty secrets. Luckily for her, no one knows that she has a steamy affair with her boss Kristof Cale. When she accepted to back her best friend’s application for an open position in the company, she didn’t know Lucy Heart was such a man eater. In fact, like everybody else, she was fooled by her friend’s innocent looks and manners. At least, Lucy will have one thing in common with the other girls in the office. After showing Lucy her desk and tasks, Cherry disappears for a hot “behind closed doors meeting” with her boss Kristof Cale. The young woman has some very serious assets to quickly solve important matters. As an anal sex lover, she never says no when the occasion arises and helps her reach her goals. Hot coffee breaks and meetings by Marc Dorcel It didn’t take long for Lucy to settle in her new team. In just a few days, she managed to bond with her colleague Tiffany Tatum. Getting closer and closer, the two girls decide to have some fun with the young accountant during his morning coffee break, turning it into a very hot unexpected threesome. He certainly wasn’t expecting that. Pretty brunette Alyssia Kent has her eyes on Renato, one of her older male colleagues. Renato quickly succumbs to her charms and meets her in the company’s garden for a private “in kind” negotiation. Lucy Heart and Cherry Kiss at their boss’ orders When Kristof asks Lucy and Cherry to go and close a deal with his two best clients for him, he knows perfectly well that he can use their looks and lust to his advantage. After a nice diner in a sumptuous countryside villa, the two young women suggest a very seductive dessert to their two hosts. In order to fully satisfy them, Cherry even lets them take her in double penetration. The following morning, the two men won’t even discuss the new terms of the contract before signing it. Kristof, who also fell under Lucy’s spell wanted to thank her personally for her help on this important file. Franck Vicomte why secretaries? It’s a fantasy Although the secretaries’ theme has been used more than once in the adult entertainment industry, Director Franck Vicomte manages to give us a modern story and vision of a topic we thought was worn out. Add up a very exciting female cast and you’ll beg to work extra hours with them.

Lucy, the new secretary Lucy, the new secretary Lucy, the new secretary Lucy, the new secretary Lucy, the new secretary Lucy, the new secretary

Russian Institute - The hussy

With: Luna Rival, Lilu Moon, Amirah Adara, Lexi Layo, Darcia Lee, Tiffany Rousso, Nikki, Renato, Lutro, Raul Costa, Kristof Cale, Charlie Dean

THE RUSSIAN INSTITUTE RE-OPENS ITS DOORS FOR YOUR PLEASURE For this new school year, the famous Russian Institute welcomes new young and pretty students who just want one thing, to receive the best education possible. At least, that’s what their rich parents hoped when they registered their precious daughters in the internationally renowned Institute. During the presentation meeting, the Headmistress and the teachers assured these diplomats and other business owners that their offspring would receive the very best education. Between learning foreign languages and good manners, they should learn everything they need to shine during high society events. In their strict uniforms, white blouse, black skirt, grey vest and white sneakers, these young women may seem very serious and innocent but as soon as their parents and teachers have their backs turned, these charming students reveal their true character. In fact, they don’t care about the traditional classes they’re supposed to take in the coming months. All they’re interested in is to discover the pleasures of sex whether alone, with their girlfriends or, even better, with the boys living nearby. Learning new things by themselves has never been so enjoyable. THIS CLASS IS EVEN MORE PERVERSE THAN THE PREVIOUS ONES Luna Rival certainly is the most perverse of all the new girls. After going to detention because she watched porn on her phone, she takes on the supervisor who certainly wasn’t expecting that. The young woman also takes advantage of an innocent pillow fight with Amirah Adara, her roommate, to teach her a thing or two about lesbian pleasures. Unfortunately for them, the Headmistress found them before they could engage in some more serious business. As a punishment, she taught them a thing or two so that they could be better in that particular field. Elsewhere in the institute, Lexi Layo and Darcia Lee take full advantage of a very private class to learn a lot more about male anatomy. Lilu Moon takes a lot of pleasure seducing as many men as she can. What if she tried double penetration when the opportunity arises? This young slut will even go as far as seducing her best friend’s younger brother. A MORE MODERN VISION OF THE FAMOUS RUSSIAN INSTITUTE Franck Vicomte, the Director, gives us a more modern version of the famous Russian Institute. No more plaid skirts and matching ties. For everyone’s pleasure, the only thing that doesn’t change but evolves for the better is the young women’s perversion. Once they enter the building, all hell breaks loose.

Russian Institute - The hussy Russian Institute - The hussy Russian Institute - The hussy Russian Institute - The hussy Russian Institute - The hussy Russian Institute - The hussy