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Ethically chartered film
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They know exactly what they want.

Whether they're businesswomen or just employees, they decide where, when and how.

Brill B. and David Perry have been working together for some time now, and although their relationship is purely professional, Brill B. would like to take it a step further than just saying hello at the coffee machine in the morning. Today, as David leaves his office for a meeting, she decides it's time to get down to business. The meeting isn't that important after all, and the archive room will limit the number of colleagues who might surprise them. It's a safe bet that the two new lovers will have other opportunities to visit the company's various offices.

It's not unusual for Veronica Leal to stay late in the office to finalize important files. She doesn't mind working after her colleagues have left, because she's pretty sure no one will disturb her. When she leaves the office, she discovers that Josh has also decided to stay late. As the two colleagues prepare to go their separate ways, Josh seems to have a problem with his car key. Luckily for him, Veronica hasn't left the car park yet and offers to give him a lift home. All he has to do is call his car dealer the next day. As soon as Josh is seated, Veronica makes some unexpected advances. A little surprised at first, Josh finally succumbs to her seduction game. Luckily for them, the car park is deserted at this hour. Working overtime can have many advantages.

They know how to mix business with pleasure.

Karina King is a businesswoman who is highly respected by her peers. She knows what she wants and rarely fails when she has an idea in mind. Today that idea is Matthew Meier. The two colleagues have worked together for years and know each other very well. Matthew knows full well that when Karina has urges, he'll be able to satisfy them all, even (and especially) if it's in the office. What could be more exciting than making love and running the risk of being caught in the act?

Matthew is a handsome man who is lucky enough to work in a predominantly female company. They're all so wrapped up in their work that they don't really take the time to get out and meet other people. After all, why waste time trying to get to know strangers when they know their male colleagues almost as well as they know themselves? Today, Sasha Rose and Matthew have an informal meeting about a future client. It seems that Sasha is much more interested in her colleague's attributes than in the boring case he is trying to present to her anyway. They can certainly reschedule the meeting for a later date...

Very enterprising colleagues

As Josh rushes back to his office for his next meeting, he bumps into Candee Licious as she comes out of the lift with a glass of water in her hand. Surprised, Candee spills her drink on her colleague and does her best to dry Josh’s-soaked trousers. What if the best thing to do was to take them off and lay them out until the next meeting? The two colleagues had been hanging around each other for a few months, and it was high time Candee took matters into her own hands to make progress on this sultry case to say the least.

Zlata Shine has a soft spot for Tommy Gold, the analyst who has recently joined the company. She'd like to get to know him better, but he doesn't seem to understand the discreet signals she's been sending him over the last few days. Today she decides to stop beating around the bush and let him know straight away that she wants him, now, right now. With their colleagues out to lunch, Tommy now has no excuse not to succumb to Zlata's charms.