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Ethically chartered film
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Lawyers willing to do anything for their clients

Normally, the atmosphere at this law firm for wealthy clients is both professional and relaxed. Today, however, is a special day because Renato, one of the firm's biggest clients, has come to make sure that the current business is going according to plan. Karina King and Sata Jones, the two senior partners, are exceptionally present together to answer any questions he may have.

Today is a special day for Selva Lapiedra, the firm's latest recruit. She has just passed her final bar exams with flying colors and can now wear the famous gown that is the pride of all lawyers. To celebrate, her colleagues have thrown her a little surprise party at the office. Selva, who is very close to Brad Knight and Tommy Gold, the firm's two assistants, decides to stay with them for a while to celebrate in the best possible way.

Karina King and Sata Jones are specialists in complicated cases

The next day, left alone in the office, Sata Jones receives a visit from Molly Jones and her soon-to-be ex-husband, Matthew Meier, with whom divorce proceedings appear to be well underway. After reading the various documents, the man angrily throws them away and leaves the office, leaving Molly distraught. Not knowing where to turn, she takes advantage of the lawyer's presence to comfort herself in her arms. Luckily for her, Sata knows how to remain professional in all circumstances and does everything in her power to put a smile back on her face.

For her part, Karina King is not insensitive to the charm and charisma of her biggest client. Renato is a very busy man, but the lawyer also knows how to play private detective to track down the man she covets. Taking advantage of her client's weekly visit to the massage parlor, Karina arranges with the manager to take the place of Renato's regular masseuse. Lying half-asleep on the massage table, it takes him a few minutes to realize that his lawyer has many hidden talents. This massage session will be far more exciting than usual.

All's well that ends well

After Matthew's hasty departure earlier in the week, Sata decides to go to his home to get him to sign the other half of the papers. After the events at the office, she's not sure what kind of welcome she's going to get. When he opens the door, the man seems a little more relaxed than on their previous meeting, and the lawyer intends to do everything in her power to finally close this case. Like her partner, Karina King's many talents often enable her to smoothly extricate herself from tense situations.

For several months, Karina King has been working on a complicated case. Kristof Cale has been improperly incarcerated, and Niki Harris, his wife, has spent untold sums of money so that her husband can finally be released. After proving his innocence, Karina picked him up straight from prison and brought him home. Overjoyed to see the man she loves again, Niki invites the lawyer to join them in celebrating his release. The timing is perfect since Karina never refuses a little bonus in kind.