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Ethically chartered film
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The office of all pleasures

Sata Jones usually arrives at the office early to deal with current affairs before her colleagues come in. However, this morning, as she thinks she is alone, she discovers that Renato has arrived before her. They have been lovers for some time, but they have never dared to do anything at the office for fear of being caught. Today, the temptation is too strong, and they quickly forget their concerns to move on to a matter of the highest importance.

Tommy Gold has just been appointed Sales Director of his company, and tonight, his girlfriend Lucette Nice is determined to give him a special gift to congratulate him. However, she is not completely comfortable with the fact that he may be in contact with other beautiful women at work. After he reassures her that he works almost exclusively with men, Lucette will still do everything she can to prove to him, as if it were necessary, that he has no reason to look elsewhere.

A company where everyone would like to work

The next day, when Tommy arrives at the office to sign his contract, he realizes that the women at headquarters are much more attractive than he had imagined. As he studies the documents to be signed, Angelica Heart and Sata Jones seem much more interested in his personality than in his professional skills. A few days later, Sata and Angelica summon him to their office. They blame him for not having tried to flirt with them yet. Tommy will quickly prove to them that they were right to hire him.

Like every morning, Lilith wakes up before her partner Alex Romero to go to work. The couple has different work schedules, and they don't often have the opportunity to spend time together outside of weekends and vacations. Before she leaves, Lilith checks her emails to get a head start on what promises to be a busy day. As she is about to finish, she feels the presence of Alex, who, for once, has gotten up earlier than usual. Today, Lilith will be late for work.

A very understanding boss

Eventually, Lilith arrives at the office and joins Kristof Cale and Brill B. for their weekly meeting. Fortunately for them, she did not catch them kissing. If she had arrived a few moments earlier, they could have had problems. Although the management allows romantic relationships between employees, it is better to avoid getting too close during office hours. Once their meeting is over, the two lovers give in to temptation and meet in the stairwell to pick up where they left off before they were interrupted. They certainly did not expect their boss to follow them and film their lovemaking.

The next day, Lilith summons them to her office. A little surprised by the tone she uses, the two lovers think they have made a mistake on a file, but when Lilith shows them the images taken the day before, they understand that they risk having serious problems. Against all expectations, Lilith quickly makes them understand that she would have liked to join them and that it is not too late to rectify the situation. Having an understanding boss can ultimately save many situations.