Girls At Work - Clea the new bossGirls At Work - Clea the new bossGirls At Work - Clea the new bossGirls At Work - Clea the new bossGirls At Work - Clea the new boss
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Ethically chartered film
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Cléa Gaultier, a very open-minded boss

Cléa takes up her position as CEO of a promising company. As soon as she arrives, Cléa settles behind her new desk and tries to reach Eveline Delai, her personal assistant, to give her a briefing on the current files. She is far from imagining that the young woman, who arrived much earlier, is already having a good time with Vince Karter, one of the sales representatives. It must be said that the man has a rather advantageous physique and, above all, a sex which size would make any woman blush with desire. Today, it's Eveline's turn to take advantage of her colleague's dick. For her part, Eveline has highly developed sexual capacities and she intends to share them with Vince. An expert in fellatio and anal sex, the pretty assistant loves to start her days with a good game of sex in the office. Is there another way to start a long and tedious working day? Apparently not.

Later in the morning, Clea finally meets Tiffany Tatum and Kristof Cale, the company's two Sales Managers. Quite playful, the new boss offers them a little game that should motivate them in their work and, above all, bring them a lot of money. Whoever wins the biggest contract in the next few days will not only get a big bonus, but will also be handsomely rewarded by the new CEO.

Tiffany Tatum blends business and pleasure

With Tiffany's agenda already full, she has no doubt that she will come out on top in this competition, which is as improvised as it is exciting. The same evening, she meets Raul Costa and Totti, two of her best clients, for a very special contract signing. Thinking to motivate them to sign one of the most important contracts of her career, the pretty blonde doesn't hesitate to mix business and pleasure. It must be said that with these two stallions just for her, she has a good chance of getting ahead of her colleague. It is to be believed that her professionalism, her dream body and her offered orifices will not have been enough to convince the two men. After offering herself to them without restraint, Tiffany discovers that she should have had them sign the contract before thinking about pleasure.

For his part, Kristof has an appointment with Alyssia Kent, a businesswoman he has dealt with in the past and who doesn't seem insensitive to his charm. After a dinner in one of the city's chic restaurants, the two lovers meet in Alyssia's sumptuous flat to put the finishing touches to their agreement. Contrary to his colleague, it seems that the young man had all the necessary arguments to conclude the deal. One only has to see the ardour with which Alyssia made love to him to understand that they will have other opportunities to meet again.

Cléa knows how to motivate her teams

The next day, Tiffany and Kristof are summoned to Cléa's office to tell her the results of their respective evenings. Very disappointed that Tiffany came back empty-handed, the pretty French girl decides to make her understand in her own way that such a mistake will not happen twice. Aware of her collaborator's qualities, Cléa decides to give her a second chance and submits her to a rather special test. If Tiffany manages to get her to climax, she will be able to keep her job. Attracted by both men and women, she quickly understands that she must not miss such an opportunity. The two young women then engage in some very exciting lesbian games that end in apotheosis. It seems that Tiffany has just saved her job.

In order to reward her two colleagues for their efforts, despite a large victory by Kristof, Cléa decides to invite them both to her home for dinner. This will also give them the opportunity to get to know each other better and to discuss the future of the company. Kristof discovers that his two female colleagues already know each other very well. It is enough to see the looks they give each other and the delicacy of their caresses to understand that the evening will not only be professional. Very excited by this unexpected show, the man joins them quickly, determined to show them that he didn't arrive at this position by chance. Kristof discovers with surprise that his new boss loves anal sex and that his colleague is a fellatio specialist. For Cléa, this improvised threesome is an excellent way to unite her team and push them to surpass themselves at the office. Chances are that the next work meetings will be just as productive.