Mariska, executive secretaryMariska, executive secretaryMariska, executive secretaryMariska, executive secretaryMariska, executive secretary
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Ethically chartered film
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Mariska, a professional and very caring secretary

Mariska takes her role as Executive Secretary very seriously. It is for her qualities and professionalism that Charlie Dean, her boss, hired her. He was indeed looking for a real woman capable of making decisions in his absence and, above all, capable of managing newcomers to the company. Of course, Charlie also recruited Mariska for other qualities. It must be said that in this company, all employees have very free morals. So, whenever she has the opportunity, Mariska locks herself in her boss's office for very private meetings. The presence of new recruits in the next room doesn't seem to bother her, quite the contrary. Knowing that these young women can hear her cries of pleasure while she is being sodomized seems to excite her even more.

Alyssia Kent and Lana Roy, two beautiful brunettes came for their final interview before their definitive hiring. Having to undress and find themselves half-naked in front of their future boss seems to be just a formality for these two young women. After this quick presentation, Mariska directs the two young women to their new desks. As a welcome gift, she installs a beautifully sized sextoy on each woman's armchair. At first a little surprised and after removing their panties, the two new recruits settle into their respective offices.

Recruits of choice, open to all opportunities

While Mariska takes the pretty Lana aside, Charlie and Kristof, his partner, decide to welcome Alyssia in their own way, which doesn't seem to displease the young lady who quickly takes their hard dicks in her hands ... and in her mouth, before offering herself entirely to the two stallions until the final ecstasy.

On her side, Mariska accompanies Lana in a very private club to start her training. Entirely naked, the young woman happily discovers that her new manager is not only a fan of S&M games but also of lesbian pleasures. After Mariska has sodomized her with a beautifully sized sex toy, the newcomer returns the favor to show her that she made the right decision in recruiting her.

Sex has a special place in this very special company

This session seems to have made a strong impression, as a few days later, it was Lana herself who was invited to accompany Charlie to a meeting with two very important clients. Once the paperwork is done, Charlie asks his new secretary to finalize the details of the transaction. In other words, the young woman is going to put her heart to work to fully satisfy the two men. Between expert fellatio and an intense double penetration, Lana really has all the qualities required to carry out the missions that will be entrusted to her.

A few days later, Charlie proposes to Lana and Alyssia to assist him during the job interview of the charming Liv Revamped and Jessica Portman, two new prospects. Just like their elders, the two new girls seem to fit in perfectly with what Charlie expects of them: to be open to new experiences while remaining extremely professional. This is a company where afterworks with colleagues must be very exciting.