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Ethically chartered film
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She thought she was living a perfect love

Shalina Devine and Mike (Renato) have been together for three years and are still in love like the first day. They even planned to find an apartment to finally move in together. As part of her job, Shalina is required to travel regularly for business, often for several days. Every time she comes home, she only wants to relax and enjoy the rare moments she spends with Mike, who is also very busy with his work. Today, however, her well-ordered life is about to change completely. One of the meetings she was supposed to attend was cancelled at the last minute, allowing her to return home a day earlier. Shalina plans to take advantage of this unexpected opportunity to surprise Mike at his home.

On his side, Mike had planned to take advantage of Shalina's absence to get to know Jadilica better. So, when Shalina arrives at his place unexpectedly and finds the two lovers still entwined, she quickly gives him back his keys and leaves as quickly as she came. A few hours later, after flooding her with messages, Mike comes to her door to try, unsuccessfully, to mend the broken love that he himself shattered.

To try to get over this separation, Shalina jumps on the first plane to join her best friend Mariska in a luxury villa in Spain. The latter also experienced a separation that she had a hard time getting over and perfectly understands what her friend is going through. The two women are determined to enjoy their stay and the encounters they might have.

New experiences for Shalina and Mariska

A few days after her arrival, Shalina receives a surprise visit from her neighbors who came to apologize for the noise they made the night before. They apparently came home late from a party and couldn't wait to get inside before getting down to business. After all, why limit yourself to the bedroom to have a good time? Amused by the situation and getting along well with the young couple, Shalina readily accepts their invitation to come and relax for a few hours by their pool. Very quickly, the tanning session leads to a sensual encounter between Veronica Leal and Shalina. Sitting on the other side of the pool, Alex Romero lets the two women get to know each other a little before joining them for a threesome that should leave very good memories for everyone.

When she returns home, Shalina finds Mariska on the terrace who tells her that not only did she hear everything from her friend's romp, but she also met a handsome Spaniard who invited her to dinner. Single for some time now, it has been a long time since Mariska has had the opportunity to make love, let alone with a man she met the very same day. Very excited by the situation, she plans to make the most of the next few hours. Fortunately for her, Juan Lucho is a very enduring man who will give her all the pleasure she needs.

Shalina takes control of her own desires

The very next day, Mariska suggests that Shalina meet Juan, who can't believe he gets to spend the night with both friends. Although they have been colleagues for years, the two women have never had the opportunity to take the plunge. Here is the perfect opportunity and there is a good chance they will try the experience again soon. At first a spectator to this exciting show, Juan doesn't take long to join them to enjoy their experience in pleasure. Shalina wanted to change her mind during her stay, she succeeded while getting closer to Mariska.

Before returning to her daily work routine, Shalina plans to make the most of the few hours of vacation she has left. So, she invited Kristof Cale, Tommy Cabrio and Jason Carrera, three strangers she met during the week, to join her. A little dubious, the three men quickly understand the reason for their presence when Shalina joins them by the pool in a minimalist and very sexy outfit that leaves no doubt about her intentions. After all, Mike cheated on her for more than two months while she herself remained faithful, it's time she took her life and her own desires into her own hands.