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Ethically chartered film
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An almost perfect reunion

Mariska is a renowned therapist specializing in couples' issues. She decided a long time ago to leave the city and settle in a splendid, isolated villa in the south of France, where she can not only focus on herself but also receive her patients in an ideal setting, far from the hassles of their daily lives. Although this move has somewhat distanced her from her closest friends, it's also the perfect place to welcome them for a weekend and spend some quality time together. However, this weekend promises to be different from the others and will have unexpected consequences on the seemingly solid couples' lives.

James Duval and Shalina Devine are fitness coaches. For several months now, they have been teaching classes online, allowing them to work from wherever and whenever they want. This has enabled the couple to arrive early at Mariska's and make the most of their weekend. The couple and their host have known each other for many years, and their relationship goes far beyond just friendship. This "one-on-one" Friday night is the perfect opportunity for them to celebrate their reunion as they should. Even though they are very much in love with each other, James and Shalina enjoy sharing their intimacy with other partners, especially when they are as welcoming as Mariska.

Calm and voluptuousness

The next day, after a long drive, Carollina Cherry, Ricky Mancini, Tiffany Leiddi, and Kristof Cale finally reached the villa and intend to rest a bit in this idyllic setting, far from the stressful life they have in Paris. For Tiffany and Ricky, whose relationship has been a bit tense lately, the discovery of their room is the perfect excuse to take a naughty nap and finally be alone to fulfill their desire. James's surprise visit, who just came to pick up his phone, doesn't seem to bother them too much, and they will have all afternoon to spend time with their friends by the pool.

The following night, as Kristof went down to the kitchen to get a drink from the fridge, he was surprised to be joined by Mariska, dressed in a simple T-shirt, and revealing her dream body in white panties. Without beating around the bush, Mariska begins to seduce Kristof and makes him a proposition that's difficult to refuse. The two lovers know each other well since they were together before Carollina became Kristof's wife. Initially hesitant, he eventually gives in to his host's advances, who apparently perfectly planned her move. And what if all of this was just a test orchestrated in the shadows by Carollina, who doesn't hesitate to get a bit too close to her husband's colleagues whenever she can?

Who deceives whom?

The villa's pool is a perfect place to relax and enjoy the moment. While Tiffany, Carollina, and Ricky debrief the night's events, Carollina reminds them that a few years ago, they had invited her to join them in trying a new experience. Since the weekend seems to be under the sign of shared pleasures, this is the perfect opportunity for the couple to enjoy their friend's dream body. The risk of being caught during their lovemaking even seems to excite them more. Faced with the fact, Kristof also discovers that his partner, in addition to cheating on him in front of his eyes, has sought comfort from a psychologist without his knowledge. This weekend is finally full of revelations for everyone. And if Mariska's wise advice could help them put their couple back in order?

As the end of the weekend approaches, Shalina, Carollina, Kristof, and James have decided to spend their last hours together. So far, the two couples had never taken the time to get to know each other more intimately. Now that they have, there is a strong chance that their respective relationships will be back on track.