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Ethically chartered film
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An Unexpected Meeting

This morning, like every morning, Agatha Vega goes to work with her traditional coffee in hand. Since she doesn’t live far from the office, she prefers to walk there rather than take public transportation. The road she takes is usually quiet, but today she is about to have an encounter that may well turn her life upside down. While walking quietly, Agatha is hit by Geishakyd, who is too eager to take her cab to pay attention to the others.

After a long apology, Geishakyd rushes in her cab to join an important meeting. Still a little disoriented and left alone on the sidewalk, Agatha notices that in the collision, the pretty stranger dropped her wallet. Looking inside, she finds a phone number and calls to warn the owner. The cab being too far already, Geishakyd proposes to meet a little later in the evening to recover the object. To thank her benefactress, she decides to invite her to the very private party she is organizing the following weekend. Of course, Agatha and Kristof, her boyfriend, accept. Why miss an opportunity to have fun?

An unforgettable evening

A few days later, as planned, the couple goes to their new friend's beautiful home. To their great surprise, there are already a lot of people there and all of them seem to be very open to all proposals. The couples mingle and undress without worrying about the looks of the other guests. At first a little embarrassed, Agatha and Kristof decide to stay a little to see how far this evening will lead them. While visiting the various rooms of this immense villa, they end up finding their hostess in the company of two men.

Very excited by this unexpected situation, the couple settles down to attend the scene. Geishakyd seems to appreciate this interest and intends to offer them the most exciting show possible. Even if they remained simple spectators all evening, the two lovers did not lose a crumb of it. As soon as they return home, their excitement takes over. As soon as they close the door of their apartment, the couple, whose sex life was starting to stagnate, finally find a way to give it back the spice they had at the beginning of their relationship. What if their evening opened new possibilities?

Discovering Multiple Pleasures

A few days later, to thank their new friend for the invitation, Agatha and Kristof ask her to join them for dinner. They confess that the little party she invited them to has opened their eyes to their own relationship and to the fantasies they both had without daring to admit it. Until now, Kristof did everything to answer his partner's desires.

And if this evening she agreed to carry out one of his greatest fantasies to him: to make love with two women at the same time. The aperitif hardly finished, Agatha takes Geishakyd to her room. The two women begin to kiss and to caress with passion while Kristof watches. Soon, he joins them to finally participate in this threesome he has been expecting for so long.

Now that the couple knows exactly what the other wants, their relationship has taken a path they didn't know existed until a few months ago. Their new "best friend" regularly organizes parties for consenting adults and this time, Agatha and Kristof have decided not to be mere spectators and to actively participate. Since they met, they have only made love to one other woman. Tonight, Agatha will finally be able to enjoy herself with a man other than her partner in an orgy that neither of them will forget. What if the two lovers had just experienced a true revelation that would allow them to fulfill all their deepest fantasies?