Sasha and Angelika escorts deluxeSasha and Angelika escorts deluxeSasha and Angelika escorts deluxeSasha and Angelika escorts deluxeSasha and Angelika escorts deluxe
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115 min.
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Ethically chartered film
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Their specialty: to make all their clients' fantasies come true

Sasha Rose and Angelika Grays are true desire experts. Their main concern is to help their clients, men or women, to satisfy all their fantasies and discover new pleasures. Tonight, Angelika Grays has a very special evening to attend. Thomas Stone and Mugur have reserved a surprise for their friend Totti. To celebrate his promotion, the two men invited this young blond woman with a body to die for. After a very exciting strip-tease, Angelika gets down to business with a fellatio worthy of the top specialists of the discipline. Unable to resist such a spectacle, Thomas joins the couple to take advantage of the orifices of their guest. Ready to do anything to satisfy the two men, the young woman even offers them her anus without batting an eye. After such a demonstration of her professionalism and her qualities, there are strong chances that the three men will quickly call upon her services again.

Nelly Kent and David Perry have been married for many years and their life as a couple has never been better. Despite the passage of time, they have always managed to spice up their sex life to avoid falling into a routine. Today, they decided to spend an evening together. At least that's what David thought when his beautiful wife knelt down in front of him to prove to him that she hadn't lost any of her blow job skills. While David thought he was having a good time with his wife, he was surprised to discover that she had invited the beautiful Sasha Rose to join them. He then realizes that his wife has decided to give him a special gift. The pretty brunette is a wise businesswoman who intends to share Sacha's beautiful body with her husband. Accustomed to this kind of situation, Sasha knows how to respond to the solicitations of both of them in this improvised trio. Between cunnilingus, double fellatio and anal sex, here is an evening which ends under the sign of shared pleasure.

Your desires are theirs

Megane Lopez is a rich businesswoman whose husband is often absent for his own professional activities. Today, she has decided to hire the services of Mona Blue to break her boredom in her husband's absence. Accustomed to be obeyed, Megane intends to take advantage of this moment of pleasure between girls. Mona, her submissive of the day discovers with surprise that her dominatrix is not at her first try when she reveals a dildo that she hastens to take in mouth before letting Megan penetrate her. Although they also like the company of men, the two young women also like lesbian games. Although she is a beginner in her activity, Mona has understood that her client of the day should not delay to call her back... during the next absence of her husband for example.

Kristof Cale is a very busy man, always traveling, he knows by heart all the greatest hotels in the world and all the concierges of the palaces he visits know his taste in entertainment. When he opens the door to his room for the day, he discovers that the room has been specially arranged for him. Angelika Grays, blindfolded and dressed in her most exciting lingerie, waits patiently on his bed. Knowing that her partner of the day is very fond of anal pleasure, she prepared herself especially for the occasion. After short foreplay, she lets him remove the anal plug from her open anus before letting him sodomize her with passion. This is not the first time their paths have crossed and it certainly won't be the last.

No fantasy can surprise them

After this night of pleasure, Kristof has to go to the airport to catch his next flight. On the way, he set up a meeting with Sasha Rose to keep him company and end his stay in style. Once she enters his lavish limousine, Kristof Cale asks her to caress herself in front of him. The trip is long enough for him to enjoy all the talents of the pretty brunette. The vehicle is spacious enough to give free rein to all their sexual fantasies and for Kristof to enjoy all the orifices of the young woman. This last one made such an impression to him that he should see her again during his next passage in town. In a totally "professional" way of course...