Cléa and Anissa escorts deluxeCléa and Anissa escorts deluxeCléa and Anissa escorts deluxeCléa and Anissa escorts deluxeCléa and Anissa escorts deluxe
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Ethically chartered film
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Cléa Gaultier and Anissa Kate, two sex experts

Kristof Cale and Yanick Shaft, two influential businessmen, spend more time signing contracts than using the money they make with their various companies. Today they have decided to change their habits by mixing business and pleasure. While they are finalizing one of the most important contracts of the year in one of their luxurious villas, they are visited by two charming young women. Cléa Gaultier and Anissa Kate, both dressed very sexy without being vulgar, have just come to entertain them. These two pleasure professionals will show the two men that they should have called upon their services much earlier. After a quick aperitif, the girls decide to take matters into their own hands... and into their mouths. After giving expert oral sex to these two demanding men, Clea and Anissa get down to business and offer them all their orifices for a well-deserved break between two meetings. Chances are that after such an experience, the two men will always find time to take their minds off things in the arms of these luxury escorts.

Yanick appreciated the very professional services of the beautiful Anissa so much that he decided to call on her again a few days later, but for a very different mission. Today is indeed Yanick's wedding anniversary, and to mark the occasion, he decided to give his beautiful wife Veronica Leal a very special and extremely hot gift. Without telling her anything about what was waiting for her, he simply asked her to get beautiful, to dress sexy with pretty fine lingerie and to call him when she would be ready. When she is ready, Yanick arrives with a headband that he slowly tied around the eyes of his sweet and tender. He then slips away to go and fetch Anissa who was waiting patiently at the entrance. When she arrives in the couple's room and discovers Veronica, sitting so short dressed on the bed, Anissa immediately understands what Yanick expects from her. She slowly approaches Veronica and begins to kiss her, undress her, caress her, sensually sucking her breasts. And when Anissa turns Veronica over to take off her panties, she realizes that Yanick had really planned everything down to the last detail since Veronica has a nice plug stuck in her little anus. The excitement being at its peak, the lovers' evening quickly turns into a torrid threesome.

Luxury escorts are true pleasure professionals

Thomas Stone, a rich, idle businessman is bored alone in his big apartment. To fill his loneliness, he's gotten into the habit of hiring expensive escorts. Today, he has chosen the pretty Clea. Thomas has literally fallen in love with the physique and suppleness of this ex-dancer turned escort. Once at his place, Clea unveils the beautiful black lingerie she wears for the occasion. After having excited her partner of the day with a languorous striptease, she takes out a sex toy that she places erect on the floor. Lying on her belly she starts to suck the object and then sticks on it in a wide gap. No longer able to hold on to it in front of this overexciting spectacle, the man takes out his sex and starts to masturbate. Happy with the effect it has had on her client, Cléa only has to join him for a deep fellatio before letting him take her passionately and sodomize her deeply. The man will end up coming in Clea's thirsty mouth...

Contrary to popular belief, men are not the only ones to avail themselves of the services of these sex specialists. Today, the pretty Alyssia Kent has called upon the blonde Missy Luv, a young woman who enjoys lesbian pleasures. With an agenda as full as hers, Alyssia rarely has time to relax. So she took advantage of a moment of freedom to have a good time in the expert hands of the beautiful blonde. What could be better than a sensual massage to forget the tensions of everyday life? After ultra-sensual caresses, Missy decided to raise the temperature several degrees with an impressive strap-on dildo. It takes more than that to scare Alyssia, who offers her anus for an exciting girl-on-girl anal session. After a session of such intensity, there's a good chance that the two women's paths will cross again.

They are open to the most perverse scenarios

Vince is one of the oldest and most loyal clients of the luxury escort agency. He knows all the girls by heart. He has been using their services for so many years now that now, to get him excited, he has to imagine a new perverse scenario every time. And the one he has created today is particularly so! While connecting on the agency's website, Vince realizes that there is a new girl that has just been listed, Lana Roy. This is exactly what Vince needs for his staging of the day! When Lana finally rings the doorbell, Vince puts a blindfold around his eyes. For the fantasy to work, he must not see what she looks like! He simply directs her to his room and points to the outfit and accessories he has prepared for her on his bed that she has to put on. Lana does it. When Vince finally removes the blindfold, Lana is ready: she's sitting on her bed, dressed in lingerie and a pink wig. The role Vince has assigned her in his fantasy is simply that of... a sex doll! Like a latex doll, her mission is to let herself be completely free, not to move, not to express any emotion while Vince will take care of each of her three orifices, including the tightest one. No doubt Lana will remember her first day as a luxury escort for a long time.