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Ethically chartered film
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These propositions are impossible to refuse

Every day, when the weather's nice, many employees from the offices surrounding this park come to relax on the grass during their lunch break. Today, Kristof Cale and Alex Romero have a lively discussion about what they think they know about women's sexual desires and urges. To their surprise, they are approached by Sasha Rose, a pretty brunette who has overheard their conversation. They're speechless when they realize that Sasha is offering them exactly what they've been talking about: intense, direct sex with no strings attached or obligations.

Selva Lapiedra is a thrill-seeker, especially when it comes to motorsports. Her best friend knows this, and for her birthday she treated her to a racetrack session with Raul Costa, one of the best drivers in the region. Far from being intimidated, Selva appreciates the gift. After a few laps around the circuit that were far too short for her liking, the pretty brunette decides to thank the driver in her own way, and in turn provide him with some... very intense sensations.

Clémence Audiard and Kristof Cale both have very busy schedules. So, when they finally have a bit of free time, they like to relax in the sun by the pool of their magnificent villa. While Kristof tends to the garden, Clémence receives a surprising message from her best friend Nathalie (Tiffany Tatum). The two friends have known each other for almost five years, and against all odds, Nathalie has just proposed a threesome with Kristof... At first a little surprised that his girlfriend would accept such a proposal, he realizes that he'd be really stupid to refuse.

Unexpected encounters

Shalina Devine is used to carpooling with strangers to get to her office. This morning, she has an appointment with Renato, her driver for the day. As his route doesn't change, he offers to pick her up every morning before he leaves for a business trip abroad. As the contact goes well and the man is charming, she readily accepts. For her last journey, Shalina has no desire to go to work and offers Renato a lift home instead. She plans to thank him in her own way for all the trips she's made over the last few weeks.

Recently single, Brill B no longer wants to tie herself down to the wrong people. What she wants now is just sex, for her own pleasure. Until now, the pretty blonde has never had the opportunity to do anything with another woman. If she's going to have fun, she might as well try something new. While looking for a potential partner on a dating app, she matches up with Liz Ocean, who seems to be far more experienced in the field and offers to teach her a thing or two. Brill B certainly won't regret this encounter, which far exceeds all her expectations.