Impulses vol.2Impulses vol.2Impulses vol.2Impulses vol.2Impulses vol.2
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Ethically chartered film
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Why resist your impulses when all you have to do is satisfy them?

Today, Jia Lissa has an appointment with Luke Hardy, a man she only knows through a dating application. After talking for several days, they finally decided to meet each other. Not too shy, the pretty redhead has agreed to join the man at his home. For Jia, life and sex are games whose rules are made to be turned to her advantage. As soon as she arrives, the young woman literally throws herself at this stranger who certainly didn't expect to have his sex in Jia's mouth so quickly. What man could resist this body and the sexual energy emanating from it? Luke quickly discovers that the young woman loves only one thing: to give in completely to her impulses, especially if they are of such sexual intensity. No one knows if the couple will see each other again, but one thing is certain, they will have benefited from each other.

As happy in her personal life as in her professional life, Cléa Gaultier has sexual needs that one partner cannot satisfy. This afternoon, between two appointments, she joins Mégane Lopez, one of her best friends. The two young women have a more than friendly relationship that sometimes leads them to play lesbian games to satisfy each other's desires. With their tongues, fingers or sextoys, Cléa and Mégane manage to give each other pleasure, without this calling into question their respective lives as a couple.

They want nothing but uncompromising sex

Anissa Kate leads a busy life but she likes nothing more than to share her evenings with her friends, especially if they are well equipped. Tonight she has invited Rico Simmons, Ricky Mancini and Lorenzo Viotta for a more than perfect dinner. Long-time friends, the three men know that when Anissa invites them, the temperature usually rises very quickly. This evening is no exception to the rule, since as soon as the aperitif begins, the young woman reveals a very light outfit that barely hides her generous curves. It doesn't take much for the three men to start caressing her. Already very excited, the beautiful brunette wastes no time and starts to suck on these three partners of the day with passion. She will even go so far as to offer them all her orifices at the same time, even accepting a deep double penetration that will make her climax it like never before.

Tiffany Leiddi and Nelly Kent haven't seen each other for a very long time. They were lovers during their studies but each has since followed a different life path. Tiffany is now married but both young women are eager to remember their fun times. What if they invited Tiffany's husband Ricky to join them in celebrating their reunion? After watching his wife and her friend get excited in front of him, the man soon joins them for an improvised but so exciting threesome. What could be better for a man than to be able to enjoy the pleasurable sex of his wife AND her best friend at the same time? Icing on the cake, Nelly is also a fan of anal sex. It's a great way to make up for all that wasted time.

Mégane Lopez is a young woman for whom sexual impulses must be satisfied as soon as they appear. The pleasure is apparently all the greater for her. Today, she joins Kristof Cale, just for a booty call. She has only talked to him for fifteen minutes, but she already knows that she wants him. As soon as she gets there, she knows she is going to have a great time. Very quickly, the two lovers head to the bedroom for a game of intense and passionate sex. Like what, making love with a stranger can increase the pleasure tenfold.