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Ethically chartered film
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A well-deserved vacation

Tania (Clara Mia) and Mary (Cherry Kiss) have been friends for years, and every summer, to celebrate their friendship, they go on a girls' trip to the sun for a few days to unwind. Both have busy schedules, and this ritual break has quickly become necessary. Although they are both in relationships and very much in love, this annual escapade is always without their respective partners. This year, the two friends decided to treat themselves by renting a luxurious villa with a sea view. While visiting the town and walking on the beach, they are approached by a man who invites them to a private party. This is an excellent way to start their vacation and make new friends.

On site, Tania, the more party-loving of the two, quickly gets to know James and Chloé, a charming couple who do not seem to be immune to the charm of the pretty tattooed brunette. It won't be long before they sneak away to get to know each other better. For Tania, this improvised threesome is just a first step to having a truly great vacation.

Two Lovers for Cherry Kiss

Mary, on the other hand, seems to be more reserved. This does not prevent her from getting closer to Juan Lucho, the handsome Spaniard who invited them to the party. The couple fell asleep together by the pool and plans to enjoy being alone to get to know each other better. The pretty blonde may be madly in love with her boyfriend, but she is determined to make the most of the encounters she can have during these vacations, and well...who could know?

Upon returning to the villa, Mary realizes that this little extra-marital adventure could jeopardize her relationship with Alex (Tommy Cabrio), her boyfriend of four years. Even though their relationship seems to be going well, she finds him too serious, too predictable. And if this little escapade allowed her to put a little spice back in her life? While Mary and Tania are sunbathing on the beach, a man comes up to them...Unexpectedly, Alex has decided to surprise his girlfriend and propose to her. She, who thought she would spend a quiet vacation, how will she manage her relationship with her official boyfriend and her new lover?

Very exciting encounters

As the couple decides to spend an evening alone to celebrate the event, Tommy takes advantage of Mary being in the shower to look at her phone. He accidentally discovers the video of Juan and Mary's exploits by the pool. Unexpectedly, this discovery excites him more than anything else, and their reunion takes a completely different turn, much to their delight.

Meanwhile, Tania has gone out for a drink with her new friends to leave the lovers alone. While talking to Juan, she notices a woman staring at her for a few minutes. It doesn't take much for her to go talk to this beautiful stranger and get to know her. As she was ready to console Juan, Tania finally finds herself in the arms of her brand-new girlfriend. Tania is not picky. She likes both men and women, and this night that was supposed to be boring ends up being the most exciting one.

As the trip comes to an end, Tommy finally confesses to Mary that he discovered her video with Juan. While she expected a breakup speech, Mary discovers with joy that her future husband was very excited by what he saw and had been fantasizing for a long time about seeing her make love with another man. Knowing they would never see Juan again, the couple decides to invite him to the villa for one last sexual adventure.
While Mary and Tania thought they were going to have a peaceful vacation, they both ended up finding love...