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Ethically chartered film
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Shalina Devine loves both men and women

On a day-to-day basis, Shalina Devine and Matthew Meier have a classic love life. They both have fulfilling jobs, and above all, they're very much in love with each other. However, once the door to their sumptuous apartment closes, they step out of the frame in which their friends know them. Intimate Shalina loves to play submissive games, and although he was a little reluctant at first, Matthew soon fell for it. The couple have a very fulfilling sex life, and Shalina never gets as much pleasure as when her partner takes the reins. Tonight, he's even got a surprise in store for Shalina in the person of Candee Licious. Shalina has long wanted to share her man with another woman. It is now done, to everyone’s delight.

After this unforgettable experience with another woman, Shalina decided to take matters into her own hands and turn the tables. A few months ago, Thomas Stone, one of her office colleagues, openly admitted to her that even though she was in a relationship, he really liked her. After discussing the matter, the couple decided to invite Thomas to join them, so that they could both fulfill their fantasies. Although very promiscuous, Shalina and Matthew are still in the experimental phase when it comes to inviting another partner to their sexual games. When the day comes, Thomas, who thought he'd have a good time alone with the sculptural blonde, is surprised to discover that he'll have to share her after all.

New experiences for Angelika Grays and Lia Sin

Angelika Grays and David Perry may be fairly open-minded about everything to do with their sexuality, but there are still some subjects that stump them. For some time now, David has fantasized about seeing his wife taking pleasure with another man while he watches them. Although the idea turns him on, it took a while for the pretty blonde to accept it. After careful consideration, Angelika finally admits to him that this idea excites her just as much as it does when she watches him make love to other women. For her, this new experience can only strengthen their love. Tonight, they've invited David's colleague Renato to join them for a passionate threesome.

At a private party, Angelika met Lia Sin, an intriguing brunette who had been single for some time. The two women spent the evening gazing at each other, without daring to go any further. A few days later, Angelika invited Lia to her home to get to know her better and find out just how far she was prepared to go. Just as the two new friends started to turn up the heat in the living room, Angelika's boyfriend David unexpectedly walks in. This doesn't seem to bother them in the least, as they soon invite him to join them.

Karina King and Veronica Leal love to share

Karina King was looking for an original gift for her husband Renato's birthday. With an income that allows them to afford just about anything when they want it, Karina wanted something truly out of the ordinary. After spending some time on a dating app, the pretty blonde set her sights on Sasha Rose, a brunette with a dream body that would melt any man's heart. The next day, just as Renato is blowing out his candles, his wife finally gives him his present. A little surprised at first, Renato realizes that his usually reserved wife will also be part of the game.

Tiffany Tatum and Veronica Leal are determined to celebrate 10 years of friendship. Over the years, they've shared absolutely everything, except their boyfriends. What if this reunion was the perfect opportunity for Tiffany to finally have some fun with the man who's been making her friend so happy and fulfilled all this time? After Veronica's offer, how could the pretty blonde refuse? The couple are used to sharing their intimacy with strangers, why wouldn't they do the same with their best friend?