One night in BudapestOne night in BudapestOne night in BudapestOne night in BudapestOne night in Budapest
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Ethically chartered film
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Cherry Kiss goes out to discover new pleasures

Following a recent love break-up, the pretty Cherry Kiss has decided to leave Paris for new experiences. After taking a plane ticket at random, she finds herself wandering the streets of Budapest, a city that is totally unknown to her. This is the ideal place to meet new people and start from scratch. What can you do in one of the most beautiful capitals of Europe when you have no place to go and you don't know anyone?

While taking a break in a park, Cherry meets Tiffany Tatum, a charming blonde who immediately offers to help and accommodate her while she gets acquainted with her new life. Surprisingly, Cherry cannot refuse such an offer. After taking a shower, she meets Kristof Cale, Tiffany's boyfriend. The couple seems to have very free morals and seems to have immediately fallen under the spell of their guest. The current passes so well between the two young women that they soon kiss passionately and caress each other in front of Kristof. Kristof certainly didn't expect things to turn out this way so quickly. Unable to resist such a show, the man quickly joins them for one of the most intense threesomes in which his two partners will make him enjoy all their charms.

Budapest, the city of all desires

Later in the day, Tiffany is scheduled to go to one of the city's most renowned photo studios for a charm session with Vince Karter, THE photographer with whom all the models in the area want to work. So it's only natural that she invites her new friend to join her. Vince is publicly recognized for his work behind the camera but behind the scenes he has other qualities that many women would like to enjoy.

Today, it's Veronica Leal, the studio's makeup artist, who will have the pleasure of tasting his work. With her dream body, she would have all the qualities required to pose in front of the photographer but she prefers to let him take advantage of her hidden assets. Today she has decided to give him a little surprise. She will finally let him sodomize her. After removing a nice sized plug from her anus, she lets herself be deeply penetrated by her partner. That's a good way to start a long working day.

After the photo shoot for which Tiffany posed very suggestively in front of Cherry, she suggests that she enjoys the city a little bit before showing her the hidden side of the capital. So, in the evening, the two young women go to a private club to attend a very exciting show. Cherry has the surprise to discover for the first time an erotic SM show. Tonight, the pretty French girl Luna Luxa plays the role of the submissive. Tied to a chair, blindfolded, she is entirely offered to her partner's fantasies. Very excited by the mix of caresses and games of domination, Luna offers all her orifices to the man's hard sex, even the tightest one.

An unsettling journey to new sensations

In the meantime, Vince, who has joined the two friends at the club, offers Cherry the chance to come and have a nice night out at a friend's house. Troubled by the show she had just witnessd and the feelings she was beginning to have for the photographer, Cherry readily accepts. She thought she had had enough excitement for the evening, but she certainly didn't expect to find herself in the middle of a libertine evening in which Alyssia Kent and Renata Fox, two of Vince's friends, were just waiting for them to get down to business. After having been a spectator, Cherry became a pleasure actress in a five-person orgy. Lesbian games, blowjobs, sodomy and double penetration were the perfect way to end the evening.

Having come to experience new things, Cherry never imagined that her almost too quiet life could have changed so much in such a short period of time. Determined to take advantage of the present moment, she decides to extend her stay at Tiffany and Kristof's house. Then one day, she decides to go back home to Paris. A few months later, the young woman makes the decision to return to Budapest to try to start a serious story with Vince. Vince was not expecting her to come back at all but their reunion turns out to be more exciting than expected. Accustomed to the perfect bodies of the models he works with on a daily basis, the photographer now has the opportunity to enjoy the charms of the beautiful Cherry without any restraint. It must be said that she has become a true expert in all kinds of pleasures.