The pen palThe pen palThe pen palThe pen palThe pen pal
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Ethically chartered film
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Seduction is a very serious game

Today is a big day for Mia (Alexa Flexy), after weeks of long-distance relationship, she will finally get to meet her pen pal. Her friend Alyssa has finally been able to free herself to spend a few weeks with her. Although they have never met before, the two young women have found so much in common that they have become fast friends. Mia plans to introduce her to all her friends and have a good time with her.

For Mia, seduction is a game that she takes very seriously. Men or women, nothing excites her more than trying to make them fall under her spell. Thomas, one of the supervisors of the university in which the young woman is a student did not resist for a long time. So, as soon as they can, the two lovers meet to have a good time while taking the risk of being caught. This doesn't seem to worry them, on the contrary, it only increases their desire and excitement. Despite her innocent looks, Mia is already a real expert in pleasures of all kinds and her partner of the day knows that these few moments of intimacy will be largely used. He perhaps did not expect that for once, Mia offers him her tightest hole whereas she had always refused it to him. This is a gift he won't forget.

The pen pal is an expert in pleasure

This morning, Asia Vargas decided to skip class. Even though her parents are paying a fortune for her to attend one of the most famous universities in the world, the young woman prefers to take some time for herself, especially when she's planned a morning date with two of her very, very good friends. Once her mother left for the office, the pretty brunette, dressed in a lingerie set that hides absolutely nothing of her perfect curves, lets her two lovers of the day enter. At first a little surprised by what they see, Totti and Kristof realize very quickly that they did not come so early for nothing. Asia is not only an expert of fellatio, but she also turns out to be a specialist of the group sex. For her, nothing is better than a good anal session to start the day well.

Despite appearances, Alyssa Bounty, the pen pal, is not as innocent as it looks. The way she looks at her new friend's naked body suggests that she is just as attracted to women as she is to men. Nikki Nuttz, Mia's brother, is going to discover it firsthand pretty quickly. He had already had the opportunity to see photos of Alyssa, but nothing could predict that he was going to fall so quickly in her nets. That evening, while the rest of the family was out, the two young people met again to get to know each other much better.

An unforgettable encounter

For several days, Mia and Bonnie, one of her classmates, had been hanging around each other but with their schedule, they had never had the opportunity to discover each other more intimately. Taking advantage of a break, the two young women finally found themselves in the toilets for a very long moment spent to discover the body and the intimacy of the other. There is strong to bet that the two young women will want to renew the experience as soon as possible.

For Alyssa, this stay at her pen pal's was beneficial on many points: she was able to discover a city she didn't know and to meet unexpected people. While she has to get back on the plane in a few hours, she still has one thing to do. During all the time she spent with Mia, she never had the opportunity to thank her properly for her welcome. Of course, she has fantasized a lot about the pretty blonde but without daring to act on it. This morning, while Mia finishes preparing herself, Alyssa takes her courage in both hands and comes to reveal her feelings for her new friend. At first a little surprised, Mia quickly realizes that it would have been a shame to let Alyssa leave without having taken advantage of each other. Whereas the two young women kiss passionately, they are joined by Josh, the boyfriend of Mia, who had just spent the night at her place. What could be better than an impromptu threesome before they part ways? Not much really.