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Ethically chartered film
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Sensual games for Clémence Audiard

Clémence Audiard and David Perry live in a sumptuous villa and their life as a couple is very good. For both, everything is going well, both professionally and personally. Even though their respective schedules do not allow them to spend as much time together as they would like, they always manage to get together at some point to spend some quality time together. The couple has always been very open, and it is not unusual for one or the other to go out on a date. The only condition is that the other one knows about it. Tonight, Clémence and David have decided to mix business with pleasure by inviting Charlie to join them for a little game... For the couple, making love together is good, but it's even better when they can share their intimacy with a third partner.

Although the couple managed to keep up appearances for a long time, Clémence and David finally decided to separate. It did not take long for the pretty redhead to find a partner who shared her taste in sex. A few days ago, Kristof Cale and Clémence met a waitress who had all the right qualities to join them in their lovemaking. For her part, Natalie Grace, the waitress in question, had apparently taken a certain interest in the French girl. It did not take long for Clémence to contact her again and make her an offer that would be difficult to refuse. Clémence may be submissive with men, but she likes to dominate when she is with a woman. The reunion should be unforgettable for both.

Two's company, three's a crowd

David Perry and Charlie Dean have known each other since college. As they reminisce over dinner, Shalina Devine casually asks them if they've ever made love to the same woman. Surprised, the two men don't know what to say until Shalina lightens the mood by telling them that it would be the first time for each of them. As David's greatest fantasy is to see his wife making love to another man, it doesn't take long for the three guests to interrupt dinner and move on to this unexpected and exciting dessert.

Eveline Dellai and Geisha Kyd are madly in love. One night, Geisha takes a shower in front of her girlfriend, she finally admits that she would like nothing better than to see her make love to another woman. After going through several dating applications, the two women end up throwing their devotion to the charming Natalie Grace. Seduced by this unexpected proposal, she joins the couple a few days later for a very special girls' night out. It's a safe bet that this meeting is just the beginning of a new sensual and passionate love affair.

Share and trust

Clara Mia and Tommy Cabrio spend a few days in the sun in a beautiful villa. Although they are not alone, the place is an ideal place to meet and relax, far from the worries of their everyday life. As they relax by the pool, Clara notices Mary Popiense, one of the other tenants, across the pool. She decides to approach her and offer her a rather original experience. Although they are very comfortable with their intimacy, the couple have never dared to share their lovemaking with another woman. What if this encounter was the one they were waiting for to take the plunge?