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Ethically chartered film
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Lilly Bell and Liz Jordan discover pleasure "à la Française »

American beauties Lilly Bell and Liz Jordan are vacationing in France and are determined to sample all the pleasures this first trip across the Atlantic has to offer. Although they're a couple and very much in love with each other, they're open to all kinds of experiences. Today, they decided to invite Tony Carrera to show them what "French love" really is. After donning lingerie outfits that conceal little of their perfect curves and high heels, all they must do is wait for Tony to join them for an evening of shared desire and pleasure.

When her husband leaves for work, Shalina Devine is often left home alone. Today, to satisfy her boredom, she has invited three strangers to join her in satisfying her every desire. Although her husband fulfills her in every way beyond her expectations, she still has fantasies to realize. The only condition is that she tells him everything, down to the last detail.

Lilly Bell and Alex Romero have very free morals and can go off and have as much fun as they like, if the other knows about it and doesn't feel left out. Yesterday, Alex got to spend some quality time with Liz, today it's Lilly's turn to have fun with another man. After Ricky Mancini has made love to her like never before, and still very horny, Lilly proposes that Alex do it again with her to end the evening on a high note. Who could refuse such a proposal?

Sharing pleasures to avoid routine

Carollina Cherry and Tommy Cabrio have found the perfect way to keep the flame alive and avoid falling into a rut. Although they're very much in love, they allow themselves to make love to others, as long as they can keep their eyes on each other. Today, it's Carollina's turn to dictate the rules. A little surprised by the staging, Jimmy Bud, the day's special guest, can resist neither Carollina's charm nor her unbridled sexual appetite. Despite all his good will, Tommy can't resist joining the two lovers for long.

Shalina Devine and Lauren Walker have been friends for a long time. Up until now, their relationship has been one of deep friendship, but lately they've been getting closer in a more... intimate way. Lauren has always been very attracted to Alex Romero, her friend's companion, but has never wanted to betray Shalina's trust by acting on it. Now, much to her surprise, it's Shalina herself who's offering to make her fantasy come true. She and Alex have always had a very free and fulfilling sexuality. Now it's time for Lauren to get down to business.