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Whether they are businesswomen or ordinary employees, they decide where, when and how.

The office of all pleasures Sata Jones usually arrives at the office early to deal with current...

Girls at work - stories vol.2

With: Brill B., Sata Jones, Lilith, Lucette Nice, Angelica Heart, Renato, Tommy Gold, Alex Romero, Kristof Cale

The office of all pleasures Sata Jones usually arrives at the office early to deal with current affairs before her colleagues come in. However, this morning, as she thinks she is alone, she discovers that Renato has arrived before her. They have been lovers for some time, but they have never dared to do anything at the office for fear of being caught. Today, the temptation is too strong, and they quickly forget their concerns to move on to a matter of the highest importance. Tommy Gold has just been appointed Sales Director of his company, and tonight, his girlfriend Lucette Nice is determined to give him a special gift to congratulate him. However, she is not completely comfortable with the fact that he may be in contact with other beautiful women at work. After he reassures her that he works almost exclusively with men, Lucette will still do everything she can to prove to him, as if it were necessary, that he has no reason to look elsewhere. A company where everyone would like to work The next day, when Tommy arrives at the office to sign his contract, he realizes that the women at headquarters are much more attractive than he had imagined. As he studies the documents to be signed, Angelica Heart and Sata Jones seem much more interested in his personality than in his professional skills. A few days later, Sata and Angelica summon him to their office. They blame him for not having tried to flirt with them yet. Tommy will quickly prove to them that they were right to hire him. Like every morning, Lilith wakes up before her partner Alex Romero to go to work. The couple has different work schedules, and they don't often have the opportunity to spend time together outside of weekends and vacations. Before she leaves, Lilith checks her emails to get a head start on what promises to be a busy day. As she is about to finish, she feels the presence of Alex, who, for once, has gotten up earlier than usual. Today, Lilith will be late for work. A very understanding boss Eventually, Lilith arrives at the office and joins Kristof Cale and Brill B. for their weekly meeting. Fortunately for them, she did not catch them kissing. If she had arrived a few moments earlier, they could have had problems. Although the management allows romantic relationships between employees, it is better to avoid getting too close during office hours. Once their meeting is over, the two lovers give in to temptation and meet in the stairwell to pick up where they left off before they were interrupted. They certainly did not expect their boss to follow them and film their lovemaking. The next day, Lilith summons them to her office. A little surprised by the tone she uses, the two lovers think they have made a mistake on a file, but when Lilith shows them the images taken the day before, they understand that they risk having serious problems. Against all expectations, Lilith quickly makes them understand that she would have liked to join them and that it is not too late to rectify the situation. Having an understanding boss can ultimately save many situations.

They know exactly what they want. Whether they're businesswomen or just employees, they decide...

Girls At Work - stories vol.1

With: Candee Licious, Brill B., Veronica Leal, Karina King, Sasha Rose, Zlata Shine, David Perry, Josh, Matthew Meier, Tommy Gold

They know exactly what they want. Whether they're businesswomen or just employees, they decide where, when and how. Brill B. and David Perry have been working together for some time now, and although their relationship is purely professional, Brill B. would like to take it a step further than just saying hello at the coffee machine in the morning. Today, as David leaves his office for a meeting, she decides it's time to get down to business. The meeting isn't that important after all, and the archive room will limit the number of colleagues who might surprise them. It's a safe bet that the two new lovers will have other opportunities to visit the company's various offices. It's not unusual for Veronica Leal to stay late in the office to finalize important files. She doesn't mind working after her colleagues have left, because she's pretty sure no one will disturb her. When she leaves the office, she discovers that Josh has also decided to stay late. As the two colleagues prepare to go their separate ways, Josh seems to have a problem with his car key. Luckily for him, Veronica hasn't left the car park yet and offers to give him a lift home. All he has to do is call his car dealer the next day. As soon as Josh is seated, Veronica makes some unexpected advances. A little surprised at first, Josh finally succumbs to her seduction game. Luckily for them, the car park is deserted at this hour. Working overtime can have many advantages. They know how to mix business with pleasure. Karina King is a businesswoman who is highly respected by her peers. She knows what she wants and rarely fails when she has an idea in mind. Today that idea is Matthew Meier. The two colleagues have worked together for years and know each other very well. Matthew knows full well that when Karina has urges, he'll be able to satisfy them all, even (and especially) if it's in the office. What could be more exciting than making love and running the risk of being caught in the act? Matthew is a handsome man who is lucky enough to work in a predominantly female company. They're all so wrapped up in their work that they don't really take the time to get out and meet other people. After all, why waste time trying to get to know strangers when they know their male colleagues almost as well as they know themselves? Today, Sasha Rose and Matthew have an informal meeting about a future client. It seems that Sasha is much more interested in her colleague's attributes than in the boring case he is trying to present to her anyway. They can certainly reschedule the meeting for a later date... Very enterprising colleagues As Josh rushes back to his office for his next meeting, he bumps into Candee Licious as she comes out of the lift with a glass of water in her hand. Surprised, Candee spills her drink on her colleague and does her best to dry Josh’s-soaked trousers. What if the best thing to do was to take them off and lay them out until the next meeting? The two colleagues had been hanging around each other for a few months, and it was high time Candee took matters into her own hands to make progress on this sultry case to say the least. Zlata Shine has a soft spot for Tommy Gold, the analyst who has recently joined the company. She'd like to get to know him better, but he doesn't seem to understand the discreet signals she's been sending him over the last few days. Today she decides to stop beating around the bush and let him know straight away that she wants him, now, right now. With their colleagues out to lunch, Tommy now has no excuse not to succumb to Zlata's charms.

Angelica Heart knows how to take care of her employees In any company, the hardest thing for the...

Girls at work - team building

With: Alice Drake, Angelica Heart, Anita Rover, Jadilica, Matthew Meier, Tommy Gold, Brad Knight, Kristof Cale

Angelica Heart knows how to take care of her employees In any company, the hardest thing for the boss is to make sure that employees feel good and are happy to come to work every morning. Some companies have understood this and don't hesitate to organize activities outside the office to strengthen ties and motivate their teams. Today, as she does almost every day, Angelica Heart is the last to leave the office. As head of a large agency, she has a duty to lead by example. When she returns home, she finds Brad Knight, her partner, taking a well-deserved rest after a long day at the office. He certainly didn't think Angelica would wake him up in such an exciting way. An excellent way to unwind after a long day. The next day, while all her colleagues are preparing their files for the day, Angelica summons them all to her office. This is usually a bad sign, but today she has a little surprise for them. To reward them for their hard work and dedication to the company, she treats them to breakfast before offering them a special treasure hunt in the nearby park. The best way to get to know each other For Anita Rover and Tommy Gold, who've been circling each other for some time but never dared to take the plunge, this is the perfect opportunity to finally get together, away from the office and in idyllic surroundings. It goes without saying that the two lovers are going to make the most of these few hours away from their colleagues, abandoning any chance of winning the treasure hunt. But is it really that important? Later in the day, everyone gets together for an artistic activity in which they all have to paint their most beautiful work. This little painting session brings Alice Drake and Jadilica closer together. Normally, the two women don't have any common files to deal with, but this outing allowed them to bond in a totally natural way. After a busy afternoon, they decide to get together in a quieter place to get to know each other better... Exciting extra-professional activities The following day, Angelica plans to get everyone together for some more sporting challenges than the day before. Unfortunately for her, Anita Rover injures herself during the tug-of-war, but she can count on the predictable help of Kristof Cale and Matthew Meier to recover in no time. She had no idea her colleagues could be so caring. While lounging a little apart from their colleagues, Alice Drake and Jadilica, who are now closer than ever, are joined by Tommy Gold, one of the company's hotties. What if they asked him to take part in one last event, just as sporting as the others, but much more exciting? After all, two can have fun, but three is even better. A little goes a long way in improving interpersonal relations at work.

Lawyers willing to do anything for their clients Normally, the atmosphere at this law firm for...

Girls at work - the firm

With: Karina King, Sata Jones, Niki Harris, Selva Lapiedra, Molly Devon, Kristof Cale, Renato, Tommy Gold, Brad Knight, Matthew Meier

Lawyers willing to do anything for their clients Normally, the atmosphere at this law firm for wealthy clients is both professional and relaxed. Today, however, is a special day because Renato, one of the firm's biggest clients, has come to make sure that the current business is going according to plan. Karina King and Sata Jones, the two senior partners, are exceptionally present together to answer any questions he may have. Today is a special day for Selva Lapiedra, the firm's latest recruit. She has just passed her final bar exams with flying colors and can now wear the famous gown that is the pride of all lawyers. To celebrate, her colleagues have thrown her a little surprise party at the office. Selva, who is very close to Brad Knight and Tommy Gold, the firm's two assistants, decides to stay with them for a while to celebrate in the best possible way. Karina King and Sata Jones are specialists in complicated cases The next day, left alone in the office, Sata Jones receives a visit from Molly Jones and her soon-to-be ex-husband, Matthew Meier, with whom divorce proceedings appear to be well underway. After reading the various documents, the man angrily throws them away and leaves the office, leaving Molly distraught. Not knowing where to turn, she takes advantage of the lawyer's presence to comfort herself in her arms. Luckily for her, Sata knows how to remain professional in all circumstances and does everything in her power to put a smile back on her face. For her part, Karina King is not insensitive to the charm and charisma of her biggest client. Renato is a very busy man, but the lawyer also knows how to play private detective to track down the man she covets. Taking advantage of her client's weekly visit to the massage parlor, Karina arranges with the manager to take the place of Renato's regular masseuse. Lying half-asleep on the massage table, it takes him a few minutes to realize that his lawyer has many hidden talents. This massage session will be far more exciting than usual. All's well that ends well After Matthew's hasty departure earlier in the week, Sata decides to go to his home to get him to sign the other half of the papers. After the events at the office, she's not sure what kind of welcome she's going to get. When he opens the door, the man seems a little more relaxed than on their previous meeting, and the lawyer intends to do everything in her power to finally close this case. Like her partner, Karina King's many talents often enable her to smoothly extricate herself from tense situations. For several months, Karina King has been working on a complicated case. Kristof Cale has been improperly incarcerated, and Niki Harris, his wife, has spent untold sums of money so that her husband can finally be released. After proving his innocence, Karina picked him up straight from prison and brought him home. Overjoyed to see the man she loves again, Niki invites the lawyer to join them in celebrating his release. The timing is perfect since Karina never refuses a little bonus in kind.

A company on the brink of bankruptcy Alexis Crystal and Charlie Dean have been working together...

Girls at work - the consultant

With: Shalina Devine, Alexis Crystal, Geisha Kyd, Lili Charmelle, Kristof Cale, Charlie Dean, David Perry

A company on the brink of bankruptcy Alexis Crystal and Charlie Dean have been working together for some time and their relationship has quickly surpassed the professional framework. It is not uncommon for them to take "privileged" moments in the offices whenever they have the opportunity. Thus, this morning, despite an important meeting organized by David, the CEO of the company, they took a short recreational break between the elevator and one of the many little-frequented corridors in the building where they work. David has noticed that despite the strict instructions he gives to every new arrival, his employees tend to get too close. He is aware that in the long term this may harm the general atmosphere and especially the quality of their work. Faced with the catastrophic drop in figures for some of his salespeople, he decides to call in an external consultant to try to turn things around before his company sinks for good. Nothing beats practice Although extremely professional in the tasks assigned to her, Shalina Devine does not hesitate to combine business with pleasure. In this case, she is much more interested in the few minutes spent with her charming colleague Lili Charmelle than with David's call. The two women seem to be the perfect example of a healthy love relationship in a professional setting. Several days later, David summons all his colleagues to introduce them to Shalina and explain his program. After interviewing them individually to try to better understand the problem and provide solutions, the consultant puts her plan into action but apparently, it was not the one David was expecting. While he probably thought that Shalina would establish stricter rules, she prefers to improve interpersonal relationships. Kristof Cale and GeishaKyd are the first couple to benefit from the wise advice of this experienced woman. An extremely professional consultant … For her to be certain that her instructions are respected and more easily applied by the rest of the colleagues, the consultant gives exercises to each of them. Thus, this evening, under the approving gaze of the trainer, it is Kristof and GeishaKyd's turn to transmit their new knowledge to Alexis. Everything goes so much better when one steps out of the professional framework. Changing the way collaborators work is a great thing but if the management doesn't make efforts on its side, it will have been for nothing. That's why, a few days after her arrival, during a review, Shalina decides to test David and show him that despite obvious closeness, his colleagues are all ready to roll up their sleeves to turn around his company.

Girls at work - the consultant Girls at work - the consultant Girls at work - the consultant Girls at work - the consultant Girls at work - the consultant Girls at work - the consultant
A Great Place to Work Shalina Devine, Angelica Heart and Geishakyd love their job. They never...

Girls at work : After Hours

With: Geisha Kyd, Shalina Devine, Angelica Heart, Amirah Adara, Candee Licious, Charlie Dean, Totti, Thomas Stone, David Perry

A Great Place to Work Shalina Devine, Angelica Heart and Geishakyd love their job. They never say no to working overtime when they must, but what they love most is getting together after work to blow off steam. Although they see each other all day long, they are lucky enough to get along very well and spend time together. While Angelica and Geishakyd went out for a drink, Shalina stayed at the office to finish up an important file with David Perry. They are the most senior members of the company and over time, although they are both in separate relationships, they have developed a certain attraction for each other. With a physique and a sexual appetite like hers, no man could resist the pretty blonde. The office being the only place where they can meet regularly, all the offices have been, at one time or another, witnesses of their lovemaking that can be described as ... fiery. Once the day is over... The next evening, after a long day at the office, the girls meet at their favorite gym to effectively eliminate all the stress of the day. For Angelica, it's just the beginning of the evening. After a good shower and after having put on a tight dress hiding nothing of her curves, she goes to Totti's, one of the leaders with whom she maintains a rather serious relationship for some time. As for Shalina and David, they met on their place of work and time has done its work. Regularly, the two lovers meet for evenings placed under the sign of sex and passion without their colleagues being aware of it. Once a month, the girls meet at the Spa at the company's expense. This is one of the many perks they have that they would not exchange for anything in the world. Geishakyd, one of the newcomers, had never had the opportunity to go there before and for her first visit, she found herself in the expert hands of Amirah Adara. Amirah Adara is a true expert in massage and relaxation. Although they don't know each other, the two young women are quickly attracted to each other and what should be a classic massage session turns into a long moment of tenderness and shared pleasure. They like to work overtime For some time, Charlie Dean, one of the salesmen, has been dating the pretty blonde Candee Licious. Like any young couple, they try to make love as often as they can and especially, in all possible places. Today, the young man made a date with his girlfriend at the office after work hours. He certainly didn't expect his girlfriend to come dressed only in a long coat under which she is wearing only a very sexy lingerie set. To be sure to spend an unforgettable moment, the couple intends to take advantage of all the empty offices. To Charlie's delight, his girlfriend, in addition to being beautiful, is also a real expert in sodomy. Luckily for them, the offices were empty because Candee's screams of pleasure would certainly have attracted people... Thomas, the waiter of the bar in which the girls come regularly does not leave Shalina Devine and Geishakyd indifferent. This evening, they decided to have some fun with him. After his shift, he finds the two young women at home, almost naked, kissing on their bed. Who could resist to such a spectacle. Soon, the lesbian duo turns into a threesome during which everyone will find happiness. Here is the proof that working relationships can bring much more than one could hope for.

Girls at work : After Hours Girls at work : After Hours Girls at work : After Hours Girls at work : After Hours Girls at work : After Hours Girls at work : After Hours
Shalina Devine and Tiffany Tatum are true professionals in their field Shalina Devine and...

Girls at work - The associates

With: Shalina Devine, Tiffany Tatum, Kaisa Nord, Alba Lala, Kristof Cale, Raul Costa, Sam Bourne

Shalina Devine and Tiffany Tatum are true professionals in their field Shalina Devine and Tiffany Tatum run one of the largest architectural firms in the country, and today they're hosting Kaisa Nord and Kristof Cale, a wealthy client couple, to launch a major project. Shalina loves a job well done and she knows how to motivate new employees. So, while she waits for the couple to arrive, she called the two latest arrivals into her office for a little tune-up. They had heard about their new boss's reputation, but they never imagined they would be able to take advantage of it. Barely had the office door locked so as not to be disturbed, the pretty blonde quickly takes the sex of her two partners in her mouth before revealing her perfect curves. Very excited by this unexpected situation, the two men do not intend to stay there doing nothing and enjoy all the orifices of the pretty blonde, this one even allowing them to take her in double penetration before cumming on her face. Once this important "meeting" is over, Shalina joins her clients and her associate to put the finishing touches to the construction plan. Shalina's company is known for managing its projects from start to finish without intermediaries. Once the plans are finalized, the entire team goes to the construction site to get a better idea of what the couple's future villa will look like. That evening, as they look at the 3D model of their future love nest again, Kristof and Kaisa are already imagining themselves making the most of all the advantages this home will offer them. For the time being, they plan to enjoy each other's company. Recently married, the couple spends most of their time making love in every conceivable place. Until they take possession of their future home and "inaugurate" all the rooms, their bedroom will be more than enough. Every day, Kristof realizes how lucky he is to have such a beautiful woman with such a strong libido. For Alba Lala and Kaisa Nord, everything can be negotiated Although she is relatively new in the company, Alba Lala understands that sex is an integral part of her working days. Also, she takes advantage of her rare moments of relaxation to have her boyfriend come over in secret. Today, the young couple can enjoy the large office bathroom in peace. The two lovers love to film themselves making love so they can enjoy it later and this meeting is no exception to the rule, even if they know they can be discovered at any time. This little risk-taking is part of the game and the excitement is at its peak. To spice up this moment of pleasure a little more, Alba Lala offers for the first time her anus to her partner who certainly did not expect such a surprise. A few weeks after the finalization of the plans and the visit of the construction site, Tiffany Tatum calls her customers to warn them that unfortunately, the work will be more delayed than foreseen and that the estimated budget will have to be revised upwards. In an attempt to get things moving, Kaisa Nord decides to go directly to the architect's office to ask for an explanation. Although they have not known each other for very long, the two young women quickly fall under each other's spell. So when Kaisa drops her coat to reveal her perfect curves simply covered in an ultra sexy lingerie set, Tiffany knows that the topic of conversation will be much different than she had anticipated. Kaisa is madly in love with her husband but she is also very attracted to women. This should make her job easier during this special negotiation. All's well that ends... even better than expected As expected, the two young women finally managed to find a common ground and a few weeks later, the couple receives the architects to celebrate their move in their sumptuous villa. A little surprised to see his wife so close to Tiffany, Kristof realizes that she had to work behind the scenes to make their lifelong dream come true. On her side, Shalina doesn't seem more surprised than that and she quickly removes all the doubts that her client could still have. What better way to celebrate the end of the work and the beginning of their new life, than to take advantage once again of the hidden talents of these special architects? By analyzing the quality of the services provided, Kaisa and Kristof will certainly call upon them again for future expansion projects. In the meantime, they are enjoying each other's company to the fullest.

Girls at work - The associates Girls at work - The associates Girls at work - The associates Girls at work - The associates Girls at work - The associates Girls at work - The associates
Alexis Crystal, a very demanding boss In the world of fashion, models are in constant...

Girls at work - the agency

With: Alexis Crystal, Cherry Kiss, Sasha Rose, Summer Pixi, Raul Costa, Totti, Thomas Stone, Vince Karter

Alexis Crystal, a very demanding boss In the world of fashion, models are in constant competition to be able to parade for the greatest designers, pose for the best photographers and have their photo in the most famous magazines on the planet. Alexis Crystal is the head of one of the most influential communications agencies in the country and the magazine she publishes each month is also the most widely read in the industry. So her days are busy. On top of all this, Alexis also has to deal with all the whims of these fashion stars. Even internally the competition is tough. Who of her personal assistant, make-up artist or star model will know how to win her favours? Every day, Alexis has a busy schedule and little time to relax or take care of personal business. Also, as soon as she has five minutes between two appointments, she takes advantage of the presence of Raul Costa, her private chauffeur and handyman. The young man loves this very special relationship he has with his boss. His salary is good and the benefits in kind are very appreciable. It must be said that Alexis has a body to die for and sexual skills that would make anyone fall for her. Today is no exception. Before locking herself up at the office for her countless meetings, Alexis decides to have a little fun on the agency's terrace, even going so far as to abandon foreplay and let him sodomize her without any restraint. The employees take pleasure where it is To run her agency, Alexis can count on all her employees. Even if the general atmosphere remains very professional, it is not uncommon to see couples getting closer. Sasha Rose, the make-up artist, has been working with Totti and Thomas Stone, the studio photographers, for some time now. Until now the two men had managed not to crack but how to resist in front of this pretty brunette with very advantageous curves? While waiting to prepare the next photo shoot, the trio finally decides to get down to business. Sasha is not a shy girl and she intends to show them that she knows how to handle something other than her make-up brushes. Expert of fellatio, she likes it just as much when her partners take her by all the orifices, even the narrowest. Today, Cherry Kiss and Vince Karter, the two "home " models are participating in an outdoor photo shoot. The collection they have to showcase is so important that exceptionally Alexis comes to check for herself that everything is going well. Even though she hasn't tried anything with Vince yet, the young woman appreciates him very much and takes a dim view of his relationship with Cherry Kiss, the pretty blonde she recently hired to represent her agency. Once the photo shoot is over and Alexis has left, the couple meets in the rented house to get to know each other better. Their boss's doubts are quickly confirmed when Cherry takes her partner's already hard sex in her mouth. Since the house is rented for the day, they have plenty of time to enjoy it until the final orgasm. The boss likes to vary the pleasures On her way back to the agency, Alexis Crystal can't help but watch Summer Pixi, her brand new assistant. Behind her uptight look, Alexis is convinced that the newcomer hides a whole new personality. Left alone in the car with her boss, Summer has no choice but to prove to her that she made the right choice by employing her in such an important position. In addition to managing Alexis' busy schedule, the pretty brunette now has to take care of her extravagant libido. After tender caresses and languorous kisses, the two young women let loose completely with the sextoy that Alexis takes everywhere with her. Alexis likes anal sex, even when it is her assistant who takes care of her anus. After this very busy day, Alexis takes advantage of the fact that the agency is empty to show Cherry the cover of the next magazine. With her on the cover, this issue will certainly be the best selling of the year. What better way to celebrate this than with a glass of champagne and a special moment between girls. While the two young women were planning to enjoy this girls' night out, they were surprised by Vince who came to pick up a few things. A little surprised by the show, Vince doesn't hesitate very long before joining them for an impromptu threesome. Who could resist the charms of the two blondes and, above all, what would refuse to enjoy the dream bodies of the star model and his boss ... at the same time?

Girls at work - the agency Girls at work - the agency Girls at work - the agency Girls at work - the agency Girls at work - the agency Girls at work - the agency
Cléa Gaultier, a very open-minded boss Cléa takes up her position as CEO of a promising...

Girls At Work - Clea the new boss

With: Cléa Gaultier, Tiffany Tatum, Alyssia Kent, Eveline Dellai, Kristof Cale, Vince Karter, Raul Costa, Totti

Cléa Gaultier, a very open-minded boss Cléa takes up her position as CEO of a promising company. As soon as she arrives, Cléa settles behind her new desk and tries to reach Eveline Delai, her personal assistant, to give her a briefing on the current files. She is far from imagining that the young woman, who arrived much earlier, is already having a good time with Vince Karter, one of the sales representatives. It must be said that the man has a rather advantageous physique and, above all, a sex which size would make any woman blush with desire. Today, it's Eveline's turn to take advantage of her colleague's dick. For her part, Eveline has highly developed sexual capacities and she intends to share them with Vince. An expert in fellatio and anal sex, the pretty assistant loves to start her days with a good game of sex in the office. Is there another way to start a long and tedious working day? Apparently not. Later in the morning, Clea finally meets Tiffany Tatum and Kristof Cale, the company's two Sales Managers. Quite playful, the new boss offers them a little game that should motivate them in their work and, above all, bring them a lot of money. Whoever wins the biggest contract in the next few days will not only get a big bonus, but will also be handsomely rewarded by the new CEO. Tiffany Tatum blends business and pleasure With Tiffany's agenda already full, she has no doubt that she will come out on top in this competition, which is as improvised as it is exciting. The same evening, she meets Raul Costa and Totti, two of her best clients, for a very special contract signing. Thinking to motivate them to sign one of the most important contracts of her career, the pretty blonde doesn't hesitate to mix business and pleasure. It must be said that with these two stallions just for her, she has a good chance of getting ahead of her colleague. It is to be believed that her professionalism, her dream body and her offered orifices will not have been enough to convince the two men. After offering herself to them without restraint, Tiffany discovers that she should have had them sign the contract before thinking about pleasure. For his part, Kristof has an appointment with Alyssia Kent, a businesswoman he has dealt with in the past and who doesn't seem insensitive to his charm. After a dinner in one of the city's chic restaurants, the two lovers meet in Alyssia's sumptuous flat to put the finishing touches to their agreement. Contrary to his colleague, it seems that the young man had all the necessary arguments to conclude the deal. One only has to see the ardour with which Alyssia made love to him to understand that they will have other opportunities to meet again. Cléa knows how to motivate her teams The next day, Tiffany and Kristof are summoned to Cléa's office to tell her the results of their respective evenings. Very disappointed that Tiffany came back empty-handed, the pretty French girl decides to make her understand in her own way that such a mistake will not happen twice. Aware of her collaborator's qualities, Cléa decides to give her a second chance and submits her to a rather special test. If Tiffany manages to get her to climax, she will be able to keep her job. Attracted by both men and women, she quickly understands that she must not miss such an opportunity. The two young women then engage in some very exciting lesbian games that end in apotheosis. It seems that Tiffany has just saved her job. In order to reward her two colleagues for their efforts, despite a large victory by Kristof, Cléa decides to invite them both to her home for dinner. This will also give them the opportunity to get to know each other better and to discuss the future of the company. Kristof discovers that his two female colleagues already know each other very well. It is enough to see the looks they give each other and the delicacy of their caresses to understand that the evening will not only be professional. Very excited by this unexpected show, the man joins them quickly, determined to show them that he didn't arrive at this position by chance. Kristof discovers with surprise that his new boss loves anal sex and that his colleague is a fellatio specialist. For Cléa, this improvised threesome is an excellent way to unite her team and push them to surpass themselves at the office. Chances are that the next work meetings will be just as productive.

Girls At Work - Clea the new boss Girls At Work - Clea the new boss Girls At Work - Clea the new boss Girls At Work - Clea the new boss Girls At Work - Clea the new boss Girls At Work - Clea the new boss