Mariska, desires of submisionMariska, desires of submisionMariska, desires of submisionMariska, desires of submisionMariska, desires of submision
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Ethically chartered film
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Mariska, a Real Woman Discovering Her Own Sexuality

Jean Lefort is one of the most influential "Masters" of the capital. In the past, the charming Claire Castel, Lana Rhoades and Cléa Gaultier were able to discover pleasures and sensations they had never known existed before they met him.
Today, it is the beautiful Alexis Crystal who is about to discover that anal sex and double penetration can make her reach orgasms of a rare intensity. Totally open to the words and caresses of her mentor, the young woman is determined to abandon herself completely to the two strangers who have joined them for a trio she should remember for a long time. Unable to resist the desire, Alexis lets go completely. What she didn't know is that Cléa Gaultier, one of Jean's submissives, accompanied by Mariska, doesn't miss anything of the show.

Mariska thought she was an accomplished woman. She will soon realize that she still has many pleasures to discover and fantasies to fulfill. Married for several years, she hadn't realized that routine had set in in her couple. Her recent meeting with Cléa Gaultier and her mentor Jean Lefort will quickly open the doors to a totally fulfilled sexuality for her.

Mariska, subject to her own desires

Disturbed by this rather peculiar evening, Mariska quickly returns to join her husband in their rich Parisian apartment. David seems more open to new experiences than his wife and even suggests to his companion to try new things. Reluctant at first, the latter seems to enjoy this “a little too quiet” relationship. However, tonight's experience has excited her greatly and she intends to give her husband the benefit of the scene she witnessed tonight for his greatest pleasure.

The next day, unable to forget the previous day's show, Mariska accompanies Cléa to her rendezvous with Jean Lefort. The latter decides to take matters into his own hands and see how far this woman is willing to go to get out of her comfort zone and prove to him that she is not just a "curious" person. Despite the apparent pleasure she felt watching Alexis getting fucked by two men, she still has a long way to go to become a true submissive.

Pleasure is only worth it if it is shared

Fortunately for her, Clea is the perfect woman to accompany her on this true sexual adventure. Now perfectly at ease with her own sexuality, Clea takes advantage of the opportunity to follow the two waiters in the kitchen. The two men, at first a little surprised, quickly understand her intentions and intend to take advantage of the moment. It must be said that since meeting Jean, the young woman has become a sex expert capable of offering all her orifices to the men she likes. This is a tip in kind that both men would have regretted if they had refused it.

The next day, Mariska goes to a store that specializes in S&M accessories. A little impressed, she buys a simple necklace with a chain that she hastens to show David on her way home. At first a little surprised, David is quickly excited by the new attitude of his wife who is usually so reserved. After putting the leash around her neck and walking her on all fours in the living room, he is surprised to hear her say that she finally wants him to sodomize her. She who had always refused him in this way, finally became another woman, much more open and eager to feel new sensations.

For his part, Jean Lefort is determined to continue training his new recruit Alexis Crystal. Less prudish than her elder sister, Crystal is determined to live her sexuality to the fullest, with both men and women. Today, it is with the beautiful Alyssa Reece that she decided to spend the evening. Already an adept of anal sex, Alyssa Reece has never tried it with a woman before. Tonight, she will experience ecstasy by letting Jean take her from behind while being caressed by the pretty Alexis. What more could one ask for?

To perfect his wife's education, David has reserved a surprise for her. With Clea, Mariska joins him in a very private club. After having undressed in front of strangers, this woman, who had been so reserved until recently, is finally going to take part in her very first orgy. After her very first sodomy, the beautiful Mariska will now discover the ultimate pleasure of double penetration and love with multiple partners. This unforgettable experience will make her an accomplished woman for whom sex and all its pleasures will now be an integral part of her daily life.

With this fourth (and last?) part of the "submissive" series, director Hervé Bodilis proves to us that even an accomplished woman can still live new experiences and discover the existence of a sexuality of which she was previously unaware.