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Whether in Paris, London, Los Angeles, Barcelona or Budapest, these women are in for a night of surprises and pleasures they won't soon forget.

Joni goes back to her roots Joni (Carollina Cherry) lived in London for several years for work,...

One night in London

With: Carollina Cherry, Bella Tina, Amber Jayne, Candee Licious, Myla Elyse, Max Deeds, John Stwo, Luke Hardy, David Perry, Ricky Mancini

Joni goes back to her roots Joni (Carollina Cherry) lived in London for several years for work, but left because she couldn't stand the city, its people, and its ways... and Justin, her ex who is now in prison. She never thought she'd have to set foot in London again, but she's obliged to for work and face her past. Isobel (Bella Tina), one of her best friends who's with her in London, tries one last time to convince her to have fun before her return trip. While talking on the phone, Joni realizes her friend is having a great time in the next room with John, whom she can't bear to be apart from. Their relationship has become very physical and very passionate. When the taxi that was supposed to take her to the airport breaks down in the middle of nowhere, Joni has no choice but to continue on foot, hoping to quickly find a bus stop. Unfortunately, a bad encounter in a rough neighborhood forces her to change her plans. Without her suitcase or purse, she finds herself in a precarious situation. Luckily, she had the presence of mind to keep her passport and return ticket with her. Lost in the London night By chance, she runs into Loris (Max Deeds), one of her old friends. Surprised to find her in such a bad situation, Loris listens to her misadventures and offers to help her. He takes her to Jessie's (Amber Jayne), a former conquest who wants to "reconnect" with him. While Joni freshens up in the bathroom, Jessie and her friend Myla make the most of their one-night stand partner's presence. The evening takes an unexpected turn when Dan (Ricky Mancini), a local small-time mafioso, and some of his henchmen invade the apartment in search of a mysterious bag. Dan lets Joni escape, but in her haste, she forgets her passport and plane ticket in the bathroom. Terrified and totally helpless, she meets a stranger who offers to buy her a drink to comfort her. At this point, Joni has nothing left to lose, so she follows him to one of the city's trendy clubs. Despite the situation, Joni decides to let go and enjoy the few hours she has left in London. And if Stefan (Luke Hardy), a man she meets on the dance floor, was the best way to forget everything? Excited by this encounter and the pressure that has been lifted off her shoulders, the couple finds a quiet corner to enjoy this moment as if it were their last. An unexpected support Once out of the club, Joni realizes she must quickly find a way to finally go home and forget all her night's mishaps. To her surprise, Dan has followed her and not only returns her papers but also offers to help her. Although she doesn't know him, does she really have a choice? On the way, Dan stops to take care of an important matter, returning the famous bag to his boss, Candee Licious. She knows she can always count on him and knows exactly how to reward him for his loyalty. Joni is left alone in the car, feeling restless. When Dan finally comes out of the house, she discovers with surprise that he has mysteriously found her suitcase and all her belongings. While waiting to finally take her return flight, Joni can finally relax and thank her benefactor properly. This is a night she won't soon forget...

One night in London One night in London One night in London One night in London One night in London One night in London
Emily Willis and Kenna James discover life in Los Angeles Emily Willis and Kenna James, two...

One night in Los Angeles

With: Emily Willis, Kenna James, Ashley Lane, Paige Owens, Charlotte Stokely, Jayden Cole, Ana Foxxx, Dante Colle, Will Pounder, Codey Steele, Nathan Bronson

Emily Willis and Kenna James discover life in Los Angeles Emily Willis and Kenna James, two students from Oklahoma, arrive in Los Angeles in order to meet Dante Cole, a Hollywood actor with whom Emily had a sultry discussion on social networks. As soon as they arrive, the two young women are taken in charge by Patrick, Dante’s personal assistant. At their arrival at the actor’s sumptuous villa, Emily and Kenna are subjugated by the luxury which surrounds them but unfortunately for them, Dante Cole is much too busy to pay them the least attention. In fact, he thought the two young women would never make the trip from Oklahoma. He would much rather spend some quality time by the pool with Paige Owens and Ashley Lane than lose it with two groupies fresh off their countryside. It is thus to Patrick that he entrusts the task of entertaining the two students. The night of all the pleasures As the evening comes, after having spent the day visiting the city in of one of the sports cars of their idol and sunbathed at the nearby beach, the two young women are back to the villa for a party they will never forget. Dressed like princesses, they discover that the guests have very free morals. With Dante still unavailable, Emily and Kenna decide to stay and enjoy the show. In spite of all the people around them, Jayden Cole, Charlotte Stokely and Ana Foxxx do not hide to take care of each other. A little shocked in front of this public and totally uninhibited lesbian threesome, the two young women understand quickly that the life in Los Angeles is very different from the one they live in the everyday life, but it is not to displease them. Once the show is over, Kenna and Emily finally meet the man they had been waiting to meet for months. He directly offers them to take a house tour with him. Obviously, the visit ends quickly in his master bedroom. At first a little reserved, the two young women let themselves be convinced to kiss for the first time before Dante joins them for their very first threesome. Although they’re quite inexperienced, they quickly reveal themselves to be rather gifted in sex. After this moment of a rare sexual intensity, Dante begins to reveal his true personality. Kenna realizes that he may not be the Prince Charming he claims to be, while Emily, totally captivated by the man, walks away from her girlfriend. Following their dispute, Patrick brings back the pretty blondein one of the many lofts of his boss so that she rests there far from the noise. The latter has many other ideas in head and decides to offer herself to her host. Although he has been living in Los Angeles for quite some time, Patrick seems to have kept his feet on the ground. This is certainly what seduced Kenna. Comfortably installed on the terrace, the couple finishes the night in a long session of intense sex before falling asleep, snuggled up against each other under the stars. You should never meet your heroes For her part, Emily spent the night partying in Dante's villa. Before daybreak, she meets Dante in the kitchen for a heart-to-heart talk. She realizes that if she wants to succeed in this town where everyone wants to be famous, she'll have to take the initiative and do everything to get noticed. With her dream body, what better way than to seduce men into giving her everything she wants? She then meets Codey and Will, two friends of Dante's who can't refuse such a proposal. And if thanks to them the small provincial girl eventually became the star she has always wanted to be? After this night of debauchery, Emily finally realizes that the man she thought she was in love with is not the one she expected. She discovers that she is only one of his many conquests and that the only reason he agreed to meet her was to take advantage of her. It is often said that you should not meet your idols. Emily and Kenna have just experienced this painfully. What if they took their future into their own hands and tried to succeed on their own, without the help of questionable characters?

One night in Los Angeles One night in Los Angeles One night in Los Angeles One night in Los Angeles One night in Los Angeles One night in Los Angeles
Romy Indy will do anything to fulfill her mission Romy Indy is a charming and resourceful young...

One night in Barcelona

With: Romy Indy, Cléa Gaultier, Ginebra Bellucci, Lina Luxa, Tommy Cabrio, Juan Lucho, Nick Ross

Romy Indy will do anything to fulfill her mission Romy Indy is a charming and resourceful young woman. She has less than 24 hours to retrieve some very important documents for her and she intends to use this time to complete her mission, whatever it takes. As soon as she arrives at the Barcelona airport, she meets Juan Lucho, the private driver she hired to drive her to her different appointments. For her first appointment, Romy joins Nick Ross in his sumptuous apartment. The young man works for one of the most important banks of the country. His professional activity does not leave him the occasion to go out very often so he regularly calls upon escorts to keep him company. What he doesn't know is that the pretty brunette has hacked into his phone and intercepted his conversations with the young woman with whom he regularly "does business". By pretending to be a pleasure professional, Romy Indy wanted only one thing, to access confidential documents he has in his possession. Caught by surprise in his office, the young woman is obliged to play her role until the end, which is finally not to her displeasure. Nick is handsome and seems to know how to deal with women. Why not combine business and pleausre? On his side, her partner is very happy to be able to benefit from her perfect body. Her first mission completed, Romy joins Juan so that he can drive her her to her next meeting place. Why separate work and pleasure? Her second appointment takes place in a sumptuous villa outside the city. Cléa Gaultier and Tommy Cabrio, the owners, have organized a small party to celebrate their anniversary. To enter the house without arousing suspicion, Romy will have to pretend to be a waitress specially employed for the occasion. While she thinks she can hack the computer of the Master of the house with impunity and delete all the compromising files that are there, the young woman is caught red handed by Clea. Clea offers her a special deal in exchange for her silence. The couple has the habit of inviting other people, men or women, to share their sexual frolic. The opportunity is too good, tonight it is Romy who will play the role of the third partner in this improvised threesome. Why miss out on such an experience? After having carried out her first two missions, Romy intends to allow herself a moment of rest before her third and last appointment. She asks Juan to drive her to the port where she meets Ginebra Bellucci, one of her oldest friends whom she hasn't seen in years. The last time they saw each other was during their girls' vacation in Thailand. This short stay in Barcelona is the perfect occasion to meet for a drink to remember this trip so rich in sensations. Even if Romy prefers men, she never refuses to take pleasure, alone with a woman. It is necessary to say Ginebra has a body that would make any person fall for her so why should Romy not take advantage of the situation? And if this short reunion was only an excuse to erase any trace of her presence in town? Barcelona, city of pleasure While she thought she could leave, Romy realizes that she forgot some documents at Nick's. Whereas she thought she would find him asleep, she discovers that he called upon another escort, Lina Luxa, to help him finish the night. In front of this small unforeseen problem, Romy has no other solution than to join the couple is she wants to go back in Nick’s office and to recover the last elements she needs. Too happy to have to deal with two escorts for the price of one, the man does not sulk his pleasure and completely lowers his guard. Exhausted by this surprise threesome, Nick finally falls asleep, leaving the way free to Romy to recover all the documents she wanted. Exhausted by her night adventures, Romy falls asleep like a mass in Juan's car on the way to the airport. Once awake, and to thank him for driving her all night long, the young woman offers herself entirely to him, without any restraint before flying back home. It was the least she could do...

One night in Barcelona One night in Barcelona One night in Barcelona One night in Barcelona One night in Barcelona One night in Barcelona
Cherry Kiss goes out to discover new pleasures Following a recent love break-up, the pretty...

One night in Budapest

With: Cherry Kiss, Tiffany Tatum, Alyssia Kent, Lina Luxa, Renata Fox, Veronica Leal, Renato, Yanick Shaft, Kristof Cale, Thomas Stone, Vince Karter

Cherry Kiss goes out to discover new pleasures Following a recent love break-up, the pretty Cherry Kiss has decided to leave Paris for new experiences. After taking a plane ticket at random, she finds herself wandering the streets of Budapest, a city that is totally unknown to her. This is the ideal place to meet new people and start from scratch. What can you do in one of the most beautiful capitals of Europe when you have no place to go and you don't know anyone? While taking a break in a park, Cherry meets Tiffany Tatum, a charming blonde who immediately offers to help and accommodate her while she gets acquainted with her new life. Surprisingly, Cherry cannot refuse such an offer. After taking a shower, she meets Kristof Cale, Tiffany's boyfriend. The couple seems to have very free morals and seems to have immediately fallen under the spell of their guest. The current passes so well between the two young women that they soon kiss passionately and caress each other in front of Kristof. Kristof certainly didn't expect things to turn out this way so quickly. Unable to resist such a show, the man quickly joins them for one of the most intense threesomes in which his two partners will make him enjoy all their charms. Budapest, the city of all desires Later in the day, Tiffany is scheduled to go to one of the city's most renowned photo studios for a charm session with Vince Karter, THE photographer with whom all the models in the area want to work. So it's only natural that she invites her new friend to join her. Vince is publicly recognized for his work behind the camera but behind the scenes he has other qualities that many women would like to enjoy. Today, it's Veronica Leal, the studio's makeup artist, who will have the pleasure of tasting his work. With her dream body, she would have all the qualities required to pose in front of the photographer but she prefers to let him take advantage of her hidden assets. Today she has decided to give him a little surprise. She will finally let him sodomize her. After removing a nice sized plug from her anus, she lets herself be deeply penetrated by her partner. That's a good way to start a long working day. After the photo shoot for which Tiffany posed very suggestively in front of Cherry, she suggests that she enjoys the city a little bit before showing her the hidden side of the capital. So, in the evening, the two young women go to a private club to attend a very exciting show. Cherry has the surprise to discover for the first time an erotic SM show. Tonight, the pretty French girl Luna Luxa plays the role of the submissive. Tied to a chair, blindfolded, she is entirely offered to her partner's fantasies. Very excited by the mix of caresses and games of domination, Luna offers all her orifices to the man's hard sex, even the tightest one. An unsettling journey to new sensations In the meantime, Vince, who has joined the two friends at the club, offers Cherry the chance to come and have a nice night out at a friend's house. Troubled by the show she had just witnessd and the feelings she was beginning to have for the photographer, Cherry readily accepts. She thought she had had enough excitement for the evening, but she certainly didn't expect to find herself in the middle of a libertine evening in which Alyssia Kent and Renata Fox, two of Vince's friends, were just waiting for them to get down to business. After having been a spectator, Cherry became a pleasure actress in a five-person orgy. Lesbian games, blowjobs, sodomy and double penetration were the perfect way to end the evening. Having come to experience new things, Cherry never imagined that her almost too quiet life could have changed so much in such a short period of time. Determined to take advantage of the present moment, she decides to extend her stay at Tiffany and Kristof's house. Then one day, she decides to go back home to Paris. A few months later, the young woman makes the decision to return to Budapest to try to start a serious story with Vince. Vince was not expecting her to come back at all but their reunion turns out to be more exciting than expected. Accustomed to the perfect bodies of the models he works with on a daily basis, the photographer now has the opportunity to enjoy the charms of the beautiful Cherry without any restraint. It must be said that she has become a true expert in all kinds of pleasures.

One night in Budapest One night in Budapest One night in Budapest One night in Budapest One night in Budapest One night in Budapest
“A night in Paris”: unlimited pleasures for Adriana Chechik and Cherry Kiss Adriana Chechik and...

One night in Paris

With: Adriana Chechik, Cherry Kiss, Cléa Gaultier, Anna Polina, Anny Aurora, Liya Silver, Kristof Cale, Ricky Mancini, Luke Hardy, Rico Simmons, Joss Lescaf

“A night in Paris”: unlimited pleasures for Adriana Chechik and Cherry Kiss Adriana Chechik and Cherry Kiss have been together for quite some time now. They have decided to celebrate their happiness and to have a romantic stay in Paris, the capital of love and lust. The two young women are the perfect example of the saying "opposites attract". Cherry, the blonde, is extroverted, libertine and bisexual. Always looking for new sensations, she never refuses an adventure either with a man or a woman. For her part, Adriana, the brunette, is more posed, thoughtful and only loves girls. Cherry is determined to enjoy this Parisian stay and to make it an unforgettable experience for her girlfriend. Guided by Kristof, an old friend and lover of Cherry, the two lovers will discover the most secret places of the capital to satisfy all their deepest fantasies. Their journey will take them from an art gallery which hidden corridors give free rein to all desires, to a public parking where voyeurs and exhibitionists try to get out of the daily routine by realizing their most perverted fantasies. Finally, the two young women will end this night of lust on a private houseboat on which they’ll meet couples wanting to fully live their sexuality without worrying about what the others may think. Between exhibitionism, voyeurism, S&M threesomes or an orgy, here is a night in Paris that the pretty American Adriana Chechik is not about to forget. An international 5 star cast for a movie with an extraordinary budget Once again, Marc Dorcel signs the film with the biggest budget of the year in the european adult entertainment business while director Hervé Bodilis has again gathered an international cast of stars. Although she has already shot for Dorcel before, this is the first time that the American Adriana Chechik is shooting in Paris. Accompanied by the beautiful Serbian Cherry Kiss, the duo will cross the road of the Dorcel Girl Cléa Gaultier, the French Anna Polina, the German Anny Aurora and the magnificent Russian Liya Silver. Marc Dorcel has managed the feat of bringing together the most beautiful actresses of the moment in the most beautiful city in the world! These five young experienced women have all the assets to sublimate the movie of the year! With rarely matched intensity and sensuality, do not miss the latest blockbuster by Marc Dorcel! Paris, capital of love and pleasure “the French way” Every year, the action of the biggest Dorcel films takes place in dream places, magnificent villas, luxurious castles or more recently Venice, the city of doges. This year, what more beautiful scenery than the city of light to both tell a story of passionate love and celebrate as it should be Marc Dorcel’s 40th anniversary? Just like the two main actresses, discover the most secret places of Paris and fulfill your wildest fantasies!

One night in Paris One night in Paris One night in Paris One night in Paris One night in Paris One night in Paris