One night in LondonOne night in LondonOne night in LondonOne night in LondonOne night in London
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Ethically chartered film
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Joni goes back to her roots

Joni (Carollina Cherry) lived in London for several years for work, but left because she couldn't stand the city, its people, and its ways... and Justin, her ex who is now in prison. She never thought she'd have to set foot in London again, but she's obliged to for work and face her past.

Isobel (Bella Tina), one of her best friends who's with her in London, tries one last time to convince her to have fun before her return trip. While talking on the phone, Joni realizes her friend is having a great time in the next room with John, whom she can't bear to be apart from. Their relationship has become very physical and very passionate.

When the taxi that was supposed to take her to the airport breaks down in the middle of nowhere, Joni has no choice but to continue on foot, hoping to quickly find a bus stop. Unfortunately, a bad encounter in a rough neighborhood forces her to change her plans. Without her suitcase or purse, she finds herself in a precarious situation. Luckily, she had the presence of mind to keep her passport and return ticket with her.

Lost in the London night

By chance, she runs into Loris (Max Deeds), one of her old friends. Surprised to find her in such a bad situation, Loris listens to her misadventures and offers to help her. He takes her to Jessie's (Amber Jayne), a former conquest who wants to "reconnect" with him. While Joni freshens up in the bathroom, Jessie and her friend Myla make the most of their one-night stand partner's presence.

The evening takes an unexpected turn when Dan (Ricky Mancini), a local small-time mafioso, and some of his henchmen invade the apartment in search of a mysterious bag. Dan lets Joni escape, but in her haste, she forgets her passport and plane ticket in the bathroom.

Terrified and totally helpless, she meets a stranger who offers to buy her a drink to comfort her. At this point, Joni has nothing left to lose, so she follows him to one of the city's trendy clubs. Despite the situation, Joni decides to let go and enjoy the few hours she has left in London. And if Stefan (Luke Hardy), a man she meets on the dance floor, was the best way to forget everything? Excited by this encounter and the pressure that has been lifted off her shoulders, the couple finds a quiet corner to enjoy this moment as if it were their last.

An unexpected support

Once out of the club, Joni realizes she must quickly find a way to finally go home and forget all her night's mishaps. To her surprise, Dan has followed her and not only returns her papers but also offers to help her. Although she doesn't know him, does she really have a choice? On the way, Dan stops to take care of an important matter, returning the famous bag to his boss, Candee Licious.

She knows she can always count on him and knows exactly how to reward him for his loyalty. Joni is left alone in the car, feeling restless. When Dan finally comes out of the house, she discovers with surprise that he has mysteriously found her suitcase and all her belongings.

While waiting to finally take her return flight, Joni can finally relax and thank her benefactor properly. This is a night she won't soon forget...