One night in Los AngelesOne night in Los AngelesOne night in Los AngelesOne night in Los AngelesOne night in Los Angeles
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Ethically chartered film
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Emily Willis and Kenna James discover life in Los Angeles

Emily Willis and Kenna James, two students from Oklahoma, arrive in Los Angeles in order to meet Dante Cole, a Hollywood actor with whom Emily had a sultry discussion on social networks. As soon as they arrive, the two young women are taken in charge by Patrick, Dante’s personal assistant.

At their arrival at the actor’s sumptuous villa, Emily and Kenna are subjugated by the luxury which surrounds them but unfortunately for them, Dante Cole is much too busy to pay them the least attention. In fact, he thought the two young women would never make the trip from Oklahoma. He would much rather spend some quality time by the pool with Paige Owens and Ashley Lane than lose it with two groupies fresh off their countryside. It is thus to Patrick that he entrusts the task of entertaining the two students.

The night of all the pleasures

As the evening comes, after having spent the day visiting the city in of one of the sports cars of their idol and sunbathed at the nearby beach, the two young women are back to the villa for a party they will never forget. Dressed like princesses, they discover that the guests have very free morals. With Dante still unavailable, Emily and Kenna decide to stay and enjoy the show. In spite of all the people around them, Jayden Cole, Charlotte Stokely and Ana Foxxx do not hide to take care of each other. A little shocked in front of this public and totally uninhibited lesbian threesome, the two young women understand quickly that the life in Los Angeles is very different from the one they live in the everyday life, but it is not to displease them.

Once the show is over, Kenna and Emily finally meet the man they had been waiting to meet for months. He directly offers them to take a house tour with him. Obviously, the visit ends quickly in his master bedroom. At first a little reserved, the two young women let themselves be convinced to kiss for the first time before Dante joins them for their very first threesome. Although they’re quite inexperienced, they quickly reveal themselves to be rather gifted in sex. After this moment of a rare sexual intensity, Dante begins to reveal his true personality. Kenna realizes that he may not be the Prince Charming he claims to be, while Emily, totally captivated by the man, walks away from her girlfriend.

Following their dispute, Patrick brings back the pretty blondein one of the many lofts of his boss so that she rests there far from the noise. The latter has many other ideas in head and decides to offer herself to her host. Although he has been living in Los Angeles for quite some time, Patrick seems to have kept his feet on the ground. This is certainly what seduced Kenna. Comfortably installed on the terrace, the couple finishes the night in a long session of intense sex before falling asleep, snuggled up against each other under the stars.

You should never meet your heroes

For her part, Emily spent the night partying in Dante's villa. Before daybreak, she meets Dante in the kitchen for a heart-to-heart talk. She realizes that if she wants to succeed in this town where everyone wants to be famous, she'll have to take the initiative and do everything to get noticed. With her dream body, what better way than to seduce men into giving her everything she wants? She then meets Codey and Will, two friends of Dante's who can't refuse such a proposal. And if thanks to them the small provincial girl eventually became the star she has always wanted to be?

After this night of debauchery, Emily finally realizes that the man she thought she was in love with is not the one she expected. She discovers that she is only one of his many conquests and that the only reason he agreed to meet her was to take advantage of her. It is often said that you should not meet your idols. Emily and Kenna have just experienced this painfully. What if they took their future into their own hands and tried to succeed on their own, without the help of questionable characters?