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On the surface, these women lead the most traditional of lives. But they soon let their true personalities shine through and discover so far unsuspected pleasures.

When Desire Takes Over Chloé Duval is a teacher, and her husband James Duval is a plastic...

Chloe, an indecent story

With: Chloé Duval, Lauren Walker, Lili Charmelle, Sara Diamante, James Duval, Paulo Bangkok, Tommy Cabrio

When Desire Takes Over Chloé Duval is a teacher, and her husband James Duval is a plastic surgeon. They are in perfect love and live in a sumptuous villa. In a few hours, James is due to attend a medical conference and will be one of the keynote speakers. Chloe takes advantage of the time they have left together to prepare his favorite dish. She had thought she'd take advantage of the vacations to spend some time with her husband, but unfortunately, she'll have to reconsider her plans. After dinner, the pretty blonde does her utmost to arouse her husband and make the most of the last night in his company before letting him go. The next day, Chloé calls her best friend Sara to suggest going for a run along the beach. As they climb back into their car, the two friends witness a scene they didn't expect at all. Lili Charmelle and Paulo Bangkok, who think they're alone in the underground parking lot, start caressing and kissing each other furiously. Excited by this spectacle, Sara gets out of the car and joins them without hesitation, leaving Chloé alone in the car. A little taken by surprise, the couple decide to return home to finish off what they've just started in peace and quiet and invite Sara to join them. Lili is the daughter of a wealthy businessman, and she's looking forward to enjoying her new friend's company before joining Paolo to get down to business. The couple thought they'd be having fun in a parking lot but find themselves in an impromptu threesome. New experiences for Chloé Duval Frustrated at being left in the lurch by her girlfriend, Chloé returned home alone. That evening, she receives a call from James, who had finally freed himself. During the conversation, James tells her that he has bumped into Lauren Walker, one of his former colleagues. Although they had only crossed paths once or twice, the pretty brunette had made a strong impression on Chloé. After hanging up, she falls asleep and begins dreaming about Lauren. They had never had the chance to do anything together, but tonight, in Chloé's fantasies, they become lovers for a few hours. The next day, Sara and Chloé get together to talk about everything they've been through the previous day. Chloé still doesn't understand where she gets all her impulses from, but one thing's for sure: she's going to make the most of them. As Sara asks her to leave to receive Tommy Cabrio, her boyfriend, Chloé suggests a game she wasn't expecting. Why not stay and watch them make love? A little surprised by this proposal, Sara finally accepts, which only increases her pleasure tenfold. These two days without her husband have excited Chloé to no end. She now has only one thing on her mind: to make love with James as soon as he gets home. What James doesn't know yet is that his wife is planning to invite another man to join in their lovemaking. Up until now, the couple's sexuality has been rather conventional. It's a safe bet that from now on, they'll be looking for new experiences, each more exciting than the last.

Tiffany Leiddi and Cléa Gaultier, a perfect love? Tiffany Leiddi and Cléa Gaultier may have very...

Tiffany, an indecent story

With: Tiffany Leiddi, Alice Martin, Cléa Gaultier, Nata Ocean, Ricky Mancini, Tommy Cabrio, Paulo Bangkok, Sam Bourne

Tiffany Leiddi and Cléa Gaultier, a perfect love? Tiffany Leiddi and Cléa Gaultier may have very different personalities, but they have a perfect relationship. One is a bookseller, the other a lawyer. They have completely opposite lifestyles, but it is their differences that make their marriage work so well. Cléa spends most of her time at the office, and when she finally comes home, Tiffany cherishes every moment she spends with her. They seem to lead a perfect life, but Tiffany, who is usually reserved, begins to fantasize about an extramarital affair. Instead of doing it behind Cléa's back, she suggests a little game: what if, to spice up their lives, they each slept with another woman alone... just to see what it's like? Against all odds, Cléa agrees. Now, without really knowing what to expect, they will both experience moments of pleasure they never knew existed. The next day, Tiffany decides to get down to business. Alice Martin, her best friend, works with her in the bookshop. Although she claims to prefer men, Tiffany has caught her several times looking closely at some of her pretty female customers. When Tiffany told her about their new game, Alice didn't hesitate long before agreeing to be the first to try out this little "experiment". Taking advantage of the weekly closing of the bookshop, the two friends meet at Alice's to get to know each other better. While they are having fun together, Ricky Mancini, Alice's boyfriend, arrives unexpectedly. Tiffany, already very excited, decides to stay and watch the two lovers before joining them for her very first threesome with a man. She certainly didn't expect this first attempt to be so exciting. How will she tell Cléa that she has gone beyond the limits they have set for themselves? A game not so innocent after all Meanwhile, Cléa is so busy with work that she hasn't had time to find someone to have sex with alone. While Tiffany pretends to be asleep, Cléa scours dating sites in search of the perfect match. She stumbles upon the profile of Nata Ocean, a gorgeous blonde who seems open to all propositions. Despite the late hour, Cléa decides to call her directly to get to know her better, but Nata is already having a great time with the two men she met a few hours earlier. Nata confesses that she feels more comfortable with women and immediately accepts her invitation. Now that the date is set, it's time for her to get back to what she started: having fun with her two partners until dawn. Tiffany, who overheard the whole conversation, couldn't sleep all night. She regrets her infidelity and is ready to confess everything to Cléa. When she returns to the bedroom, she can't bring herself to say anything. Their moments of intimacy are so rare that she prefers to enjoy her partner's charms. This doesn't seem to bother Cléa, who wasn't expecting such a sensual and passionate awakening. Unable to hold out any longer, Tiffany finally breaks down and reveals her dark secret. As expected, her wife feels betrayed and goes into a rage. How will the beautiful blonde pick up the pieces? Revenge is a dish best served... To take revenge, Cléa, still under the influence of anger, goes straight to Nata's house. The two women had never met, but their phone conversation was enough to bring them closer. The opportunity is too good for Cléa to pass up. As she tells Nata about her love troubles, Cléa finds herself irresistibly drawn to her new friend. To her surprise, Nata is not alone. Without hesitation, Cléa approaches the couple and follows them into their bedroom. This is the perfect opportunity to get back at Tiffany. Although she has always preferred women, Cléa realizes that she could have just as much pleasure with a man, so why hold back? Tiffany didn't hesitate... Not knowing who else to turn to, Tiffany goes to her friend's house to tell her about her misadventures. To her surprise, her friend is not there and it's Ricky who opens the door. Without hesitation, Tiffany forgets all her remorse and passionately kisses him before following him into the living room to try to relive her experience, this time alone with him. Aware that they have both made mistakes, Cléa and Tiffany realize that this experience has unexpectedly strengthened their love.

Clara Mia is ready to live all her fantasies Clara, 22 years old, is a young French student who...

Clara, an indecent story

With: Clara Mia, Candie Luciani, Chloé Duval, Tommy Cabrio, Alex Romero, James Duval

Clara Mia is ready to live all her fantasies Clara, 22 years old, is a young French student who has decided to finish her studies in sociology at the University of Barcelona. To finance her studies, like many of her friends, she was forced to take on a series of odd jobs. Barmaid, DJ or "sandwich lady", she did everything or almost. For the past few weeks, she has been working for a cleaning company that manages hotels as well as private homes. Today, Clara has to go to Tommy's sumptuous home. When she arrives, the young woman is amazed by the luxurious villa. It is by far the largest house she has been in since she started working. Its owner is a young wolf of finance who at first sight does not leave her indifferent. After cleaning everything up, Clara thinks it would be a shame to leave without taking a chance with the young man. Thus, she presents herself in front of him half-naked while he is still working on his files. In front of Clara's perfect body, Tommy decides that it's time for him to take a well-deserved break and to get to know the pretty tattooed brunette better. A friendship under threat Every Saturday night, Clara spends the evening with her best friend Chloe. The girls have had the same ritual for the past three years. Chloe comes over, they order pizzas and watch a movie together, and then they sleep in. It's the perfect opportunity to tell her about her naughty date with Tommy. The next morning, while Clara is still asleep, Chloe starts to look through her phone... but for what reason? Behind her angelic appearance, pretty Chloe has decided to put her own interests ahead of her friendship. After getting Tommy's number, she decides to pay him a visit, posing as a financial advisor and offering him the biggest investment of his career. When she arrived, Chloe didn't expect the young man to be in the company of James, one of his partners. When the two men discover Chloe’s stratagem, she finally decides to come clean. To make up for her intrusion and the time she made them waste, she suggests they take a break and relax with her. A little surprised, Tommy and James have a hard time keeping their composure when Chloé starts to undress in front of them. After all, it is not the first time the two associates make love with the same woman so they might as well enjoy the moment. An unexpected encounter Today, Clara starts a new mission in one of the hotels of the city. Contrary to the villas which are generally rather well arranged, the customers of the hotels do not absolutely consider the work of the cleaning ladies and leave their rooms in a dirty state. While she starts to tidy the room, the pretty brunette realizes that there is still someone in the bed. Deeply asleep, Candie did not hear her when she knocked. Clara was sure she saw the sign asking to do the room hanging on the door handle. As she was about to go out again, Candie offered her to stay. Despite the unusual circumstances, the two young women begin to get to know each other better. Clara learns that her new friend accompanies her husband on his business trips but spends her days alone until he finishes his meetings. After her day's work, Clara offers Candie a tour of the area. These few hours spent together have allowed the two young women to get to know each other better and a certain attraction has brought them closer than they expeced. Until now, Clara had never had the opportunity to make love with another woman. Finally, she doesn't regret having entered that room by mistake. A new life begins Since that day, Clara has found it hard to forget the experience and would love to do it all over again. Unfortunately, Candie and her husband have to leave soon, and they won't have the opportunity to meet again. Faced with Clara's disappointment, Candie suggests a little game. When Alex, her husband, finally comes home, the young woman discreetly films their lovemaking while Clara watches them on her phone. Even if she can't participate, this is a very exciting way to have fun, alone in her room while her friend makes love with her husband. We can imagine that knowing that her girlfriend is watching them has greatly increased her own desire. The following Saturday, as usual, Clara and Chloe spend the evening together. However, Chloe's attitude has changed. She admits to her friend that she has been looking through her phone to get closer to Tommy. Since then, she even started dating James, his associate. To make amends, Chloe offers to meet James. Clara accepts, on the one condition that she can also get down to business with the two lovers. The two young women had never really made love together, here is the perfect opportunity...

Clara, an indecent story Clara, an indecent story Clara, an indecent story Clara, an indecent story Clara, an indecent story Clara, an indecent story
A New Life for Bella Tina Bella Tina is trying to recover from a painful separation and make a...

Bella, an indecent story

With: Bella Tina, Mégane Lopez, Cindy Shine, Aya Benetti, Katrina Moreno, John Stwo, Tommy Cabrio, Ryan Benetti

A New Life for Bella Tina Bella Tina is trying to recover from a painful separation and make a fresh start. A new home, a new life, a beach nearby, and a ton of memories to forget. To take her mind off things, Bella tries to occupy her free time as much as possible. Even though she feels like something is missing from her life, she never wants to think about her past again. What if something as "simple" as a virtual reality headset she was given allowed her to escape from her daily life to discover new sensations, new pleasures? In this world, there are no more limits, no more taboos. For her first attempt, Bella finds herself on the terrace of a sumptuous villa with a stranger. Here, no need for long discussions and false pretenses, the couple goes directly to serious things. Very athletic, the young woman has sculpted a dream body that would make any man crack in real life. Imagine what can happen in a virtual world in which she can control the least of her desires, the least of her fantasies. Having sex with a stranger, no strings attached, no questions asked, is an ideal situation to take control of her life. Her most exciting fantasies come to life The next day, just as she finished shopping, she caught a couple kissing passionately in the parking lot. To her surprise, a second woman joins them and starts kissing the couple. Very quickly, the blonde bends down to suck her partner. Very excited by this situation, Bella begins to caress herself in her car before hurrying home. Once again, her virtual reality headset will allow her to stage what she imagines. Thus, the brunette Aya Benetti, the blonde Mégane Lopez and the lucky Ryan Benetti magically find themselves in her living room. The two young women offer all their orifices to the young man for a very exciting threesome. Barely recovered, Bella Tina decides to continue this experiment which seems to take control of her life much more than she would like. Without really knowing how or why, she finds herself in the same room as Katrina Moreno, a very pretty brunette with impressive breasts. Until now, Bella had only had sexual relations with men. What if this new freedom allowed her to try new things? Between sensual caresses and languorous kisses, here is a scene, even virtual, that she will not forget soon. And if all this was just a dream? Bella's new neighbor, Cindy Shine, has regular problems with her plumbing but Tommy Cabrio, the best plumber in town, is rarely available. Also, for once she could arrange an appointment with him, she intends to take full advantage of the situation. The young man is very seductive and there is a strong bet that he largely takes advantage of his charms to seduce his female customers. Bella decides to give a small help to the destiny by imagining how this meeting could take place. Apparently, the young man is as skilled with his hands as with anything else. It's been a month since Bella Tina moved into her new home and she seems to have become totally addicted to her new toy. She wanted a change of environment, and now she has it. Before taking a break, why not treat herself one last time by inviting John and Tommy to join her in her own fantasies? Two men just for her... nothing better to forget a failed love story. What if this whole story wasn't really Bella Tina's?

Bella, an indecent story Bella, an indecent story Bella, an indecent story Bella, an indecent story Bella, an indecent story Bella, an indecent story
Liya Silver, amnesiac but not as innocent as it seems Alberto, is a handsome Spanish man who...

Liya, an indecent story

With: Liya Silver, Anastasia Brokelyn, Ariana Van X, Katrina Moreno, Alberto Blanco, Tommy Cabrio, Nick Ross

Liya Silver, amnesiac but not as innocent as it seems Alberto, is a handsome Spanish man who pleases women and maintains his body. To keep in shape, he jogs every morning on the seashore. This morning, while he is running like every day, he notices a young woman who passed out on the beach. As no one seems to care about her, he decides to go to her aid and take her home. A few moments later, the young woman wakes up but seems to have completely lost her memory. After having taken a shower and put on the clothes that the young man prepared for her, Liya Silver joins him in the kitchen to thank him. Although he is in a relationship, Alberto cannot resist the dream body of his surprise guest and gives in to temptation. Who could say no to such an invitation to pleasure and debauchery? Anastasia Brokelyn and Nick have been together for almost a year and everything seems to be going well. Busy with their own work, they don't get to spend much time together, but that doesn't seem to bother them. Today Nick is at Katrina Moreno and Tommy's house trying to sell them some good investment solutions. As a financial advisor, his job is to give his clients the best advice so that everyone wins. Unfortunately for him, the day doesn't start out well because despite all his arguments, the couple doesn't seem to be interested. As the meeting comes to an end, the young woman seems to have been much more interested in the salesman than in what he had to sell. To prove it, she comes back to the salon in an outfit that leaves no doubt about her intentions towards him. Tommy and Katrina have a very free relationship and for once they have some time and a partner, they are not going to let their chance to have a good time pass. A little surprised, Nick thinks that if he's going to lose a contract, he might as well take advantage of the fringe benefits that are offered to him on a platter. Anastasia Brokelyn, a shrink with very particular methods Still not having recovered her memory, Liya spends her days at Alberto's. Sometimes she has flashbacks but they are only details. She has no clear memory of her old life. This makes her unhappy, so she decides to seek help from a psychologist in the hope that she will be able to put her life back together. Anastasia is the best professional in the area and through her secret relaxation techniques, Liya begins to relax and regain control of her memory. To thank Anastasia, the pretty Russian offers to show her the full extent of her talents. There is no doubt that she loves men as well as women. Everyone has their little secrets Despite appearances, Anastasia and Nick's relationship isn't as perfect as it seems. But neither of them is ready to reveal their secret to the other. That same night, while his wife is sleeping, Nick finds Ariana Van X, a pretty brunette willing to do anything to spend the night with her lover, even if it means breaking into his house in the middle of the night. Surprised to see that her husband is no longer in bed, Anastasia discovers his terrible secret but lets him enjoy the moment, herself being very excited by the situation. As the days go by, even though her condition has improved, Liya still hasn't recovered her memory. To her surprise, Anastasia comes to visit her and seems to know Alberto very well. The way she looks at him makes it clear that they are more than friends. The two young women reminisce about the fun times they had in Anastasia's office and decide to show Alberto all the progress they've made together. What better way to start the day than with an impromptu threesome with these two beautiful ladies? And what if these adventures help Liya regain her memory?

Liya, an indecent story Liya, an indecent story Liya, an indecent story Liya, an indecent story Liya, an indecent story Liya, an indecent story
Sybil, a girl less innocent than it seems Sybil is a beautiful 25 year old Ukrainian girl with a...

Sybil an indecent story

With: Sybil, Baby Nicols, Tina Kay, Caomei Bala, Charlie Dean, Juan Lucho

Sybil, a girl less innocent than it seems Sybil is a beautiful 25 year old Ukrainian girl with a body to die for. One would think that with such a physique she would have all men at her feet. However, it is not so. She leads a rather quiet and well-ordered life. Today, she’s decided to change and live a life a little more exciting. In couple for some time with Charlie Dean, she lives in a beautiful house. More and more, the young woman has only one desire, to make love to her boyfriend as often as possible. Whereas they benefit both from their day of rest at the edge of the swimming pool, Sybil starts to caress herself before proposing to the man of her life to join her in the bedroom. Then follows a long moment of sex and passionate love as only two true lovers know how to live them. From her garden, Sybil has a direct view on the house of Tina Kay, her new neighbor. Although the two young women don't know each other very well yet, Sybil quickly noticed that many men were visiting her regularly. Today, they are two studs, Juan Lucho and Tommy Cabrio who come to see her. A little curious, Sybil can't help but spy on them. While the trio passes to more serious things, the young woman begins to caress herself while watching them making love. It should be said that contrary to Sybil, Tina is a true adept of all the pleasures of sex and it is not her two partners who will say the opposite. Tina Kay, a promiscuous neighbor A few days later, Sybil is shocked to discover that someone is spying on her at work. A little worried, the young woman returns home to discover that the stranger has succeeded in penetrating her house. Once the surprise is over, the two young women begin to discover each other and get to know each other better. Although she prefers the company of men, Sybil is not averse to spending some very intimate time with another woman. Playing totally unexpected lesbian games in the middle of the night is quite exciting and original. With all her new experiences and the presence of Tina Kay to guide her, Sybil seems to let go more and more. And it is not the visit of a new stranger at Tina's house that will calm her ardor. Knowing that she’s being observed, the young woman decides to offer a most exciting spectacle to her voyeur neighbor. Whereas her recent threesome was rather "calm", Tina gives herself up body and soul to her lover of the day, even going so far as to let him sodomize her without care. This is a show that Sybil would not have wanted to miss for anything in the world. A woman in love and very sharing Sybil and Baby Nicols both work in the same beauty salon and it's not uncommon for Baby Nicols to offer "complementary" services to the men who use her talents as a masseuse. Today, the two friends decided to give Charlie a little surprise. Until now, Sybil had only spied on her girlfriend in the institute's locker room but today, she wants to jump the gun by organizing a surprise threesome for her boyfriend. At first a little surprised, the young man finally gives in to the caresses and kisses of the two women. What man could resist the urge to make love to two beautiful girls at the same time?

Sybil an indecent story Sybil an indecent story Sybil an indecent story Sybil an indecent story Sybil an indecent story Sybil an indecent story
Angelika Grays Seeking New Pleasures Angelika Grays, a beautiful blonde Ukrainian woman leads a...

Angelika, an indecent story

With: Angelika Grays, Cléa Gaultier, Anastasia Brokelyn, Julia Roca, Marica Chanelle, Alberto Blanco, Rico Simmons, Juan Lucho

Angelika Grays Seeking New Pleasures Angelika Grays, a beautiful blonde Ukrainian woman leads a very quiet life. Every day she spends hours on the transport to work but it doesn't seem to bother her too much. As an accountant in a small business, she likes to keep everything tidy, both in the office and in her private life. Like all young women of her age, she has had several love affairs but has not yet met the ideal man. Luckily for her this will soon change. One morning, on her way to the office as she does every day, she meets Alberto Blanco, a handsome 25-year-old Spaniard. Although they both have very different characters and lifestyles, it seems that they hit it off pretty well. Since their chance meeting they now make the trip together every morning and give more and more of themselves to each other until one evening they finally decide to spend the evening together. After going for a drink, Angelika agrees to join Alberto at his place. After a last drink, the young woman lets herself be tempted and gets down to business with her new lover, letting him make love to her like never before. Totally offered, the pretty blonde reaches an orgasm like she has never experienced before. It's a torrid night that neither of them will soon forget. The sexual initiation of a not-so-innocent young woman A few days later, Alberto invites the pretty blonde to an S&M club in the city and offers her to attend a very exciting show. The two lovers can’t take their eyes off Juan Lucho and Marica Channel, a couple of dominators determined to initiate Anastasia Brokelyn, their submissive of the day, to games of submission and domination of which they have the secret. This improvised threesome will leave no one unmoved, especially not the pretty submissive. Why confine yourself to the bedroom when you can discover new pleasures in much more exciting places? Very excited by the show she attended, Angelika can't stop thinking about what she and Alberto could do to spice up their sex life. She, who until now had only known rather classic sex, is thinking of offering her still virgin anus to this man she has just met and of whom she still knows very little. How indeed to explain that he keeps private videos on his computer? Even if they are not yet officially a couple and he has the right to see other women, Angelika is still entitled to ask herself some questions. On the other hand, she is not happy about the arrival of Cléa Gaultier, a new accountant, who is beginning to make eyes at Rico, her boss. For Angelika and Cléa, nothing beats the pleasure of sodomy What Angelika doesn't know is that the pretty French girl has already seduced Rico and that she is much more experienced than she is when it comes to sex. The pretty brunette is indeed an adept of anal sex and intends to make her colleague benefit from it. The latter does not wait a long time before taking advantage of the charms of the French woman and especially, of her anus open to any proposal. On her side, Angelika regularly meets Julia Roca, her best friend for years. Although they know each other by heart, the beautiful blonde had never considered her friend as anything but a simple friend. But that Sunday, she was about to have a special experience. After recounting her adventures with Alberto and her intention to let him sodomize her to Julia, the latter decids to take matters into her own hands and introduce her friend to the pleasures of girl-on-girl anal sex. After caressing her and then penetrating her with her fingers, the beautiful Spanish girl takes the pleasure up a notch with a nice sized sextoy. For a first anal experience, Angelika didn't think she would feel so much desire and pleasure in the hands of another woman. To show Alberto that she is now ready to satisfy his desires, the young woman sends him a very explicit video. What is not his surprise when Angelika opens the door to him half-naked. The man is even more surprised when he discovers that Juan Lucho, already present in the room, has also been invited for this impromptu threesome. From now on totally liberated sexually, Angelika lets the two men caress her before taking her by all the orifices. Both of them then take turns enjoying her sex soaked with excitement and her anus now offered to their tense sexes.

Angelika, an indecent story Angelika, an indecent story Angelika, an indecent story Angelika, an indecent story Angelika, an indecent story Angelika, an indecent story
Clea Gaultier is a wise young woman... in appearance After the charming Rebecca Volpetti in...

Cléa, an indecent story

With: Cléa Gaultier, Talia Mint, Katy Rose , Lovita Fate, Kristof Cale, Charlie Dean, Juan Lucho, Max Deeds

Clea Gaultier is a wise young woman... in appearance After the charming Rebecca Volpetti in Rebecca an indecent story a few months ago, director Alis Locanta now offers you to meet Dorcel Girl Cléa Gaultier in sexual adventures, each more exciting than the other. Cléa Gaultier and her boyfriend Nick live a fusional love story in a small city by the sea. For the young woman, Nick is the love of her life. He is handsome, caring and above all, he is a perfect lover. To occupy her days, Cléa works as a saleswoman in a small ready-to-wear boutique in town. It's not the dream job, but it's a quiet job that she likes. On weekends, to liven up her lifestyle, Clea turns into a sexy bartender in one of the strip clubs in town. Beneath her appearances as a calm and faithful young woman, Cléa hides a personality with a morality much more dissolute than it seems. For Clea's birthday, the couple have organised a romantic picnic on the beach. Nick takes advantage of the occasion to offer her a super sexy bikini that she hastens to try on directly on the beach. This little impromptu striptease quickly raises the temperature and the couple hurries home to get down to business. When evening comes, Cléal, like every Saturday, takes her post behind the bar. The shop where Cléa works is very successful. In order to meet the growing demand and to welcome an ever-growing clientele, the owner has hired a new saleswoman to support Cléa and relieve her of some of her work. The two young women immediately hit it off. So when Clea discovers a pair of handcuffs in her bag, she doesn’t hesitate to ask her new colleague why she gave her such a special gift. Cléa Gaultier discovers new pleasures with strangers She discovers that Talia and her boyfriend are into S&M games. Having never taken part in such games, Cléa decides to find out a little bit more and quickly accepts when Talia offers to initiate her, just between girls, to see if she likes it or not. When the weekend comes, the two young women get together for this rather special initiation. After inserting a plug into her anus, Talia blindfolds her new friend and starts licking and caressing her tenderly. The two young women certainly didn't expect Talia's boyfriend Max to come home early from his business trip. Rather pleasantly surprised by what he discovers when he gets home, Max joins the two women for an impromptu but exciting threesome. In the evening, Clea goes to work as usual at the bar. There she meets Juan, the new bartender, a very charming man who immediately pleases her. Even though they hardly know each other, they immediately hit it off. So much so that they kiss passionately before they leave. It's an encounter that Clea won't forget anytime soon. Although she is madly in love with her boyfriend, to the point of accepting his proposal, she can't help but think of the handsome tattooed man she just met. So, the very next day, she decides to take matters into her own hands and take her new colleague to the bar's bathroom. Cléa is so excited that she lets him sodomize her with ardour before going back to work as if nothing had happened. Cléa Gaultier's dissolute life Back home, Clea discovers that her husband-to-be likes to watch camgirls on his phone. Surprised and slightly shocked at first, she starts dreaming about Lovita Fate, the pretty blonde Nick was looking at a few hours earlier. To get to the bottom of it, she even decides to get in touch with her. As the feeling goes rather well between the two young women, they even go as far as having a drink together to get to know each other better. The next day, they went into high gear and spent the afternoon playing exciting lesbian games. If only Nick knew what was going on behind his back … For once, the club Cléa works at is closed on a Saturday night. It's the perfect occasion for Cléa to meet Charlie Dean and Katy Rose, two of her best friends for a relaxing evening. After having dinner at a trendy restaurant in the city, the three friends join Kristof Cale, one of Charlie's friends who is in town for a few days on business. Soon, the four young people lose all inhibition and after a few daring pictures in the street, they decide to end the evening in the quiet of Katy and Charlie's sumptuous house. Making love with two is good, but with four is much better. The two young women offer themselves completely to their two lucky partners before Cléa goes home as if nothing had happened. Luckily for him, Nick will never know about his bride-to-be's antics...

Cléa, an indecent story Cléa, an indecent story Cléa, an indecent story Cléa, an indecent story Cléa, an indecent story Cléa, an indecent story
Rebecca’s initiatory journey Rebecca Volpetti is a 21 year old student who’s jut finished her...

Rebecca, an indecent story

With: Rebecca Volpetti, Amirah Adara, Talia Mint, Yanick Shaft, Kristof Cale, Juan Lucho, Emilio Ardana

Rebecca’s initiatory journey Rebecca Volpetti is a 21 year old student who’s jut finished her studies. Before moving on in her life, she decides to take some off just to relax and think about her future. To do so, she knows she needs to get out of her comfort zone and leave far from home. What about Spain? In spite of her worries and the difficulties she may have to face, Rebecca knows that a long stay abroad will only bring her positive adventures. Barely arrived in Barcelona, she meets Yanick Shaft, an attractive man who offers her to show her around the city and all its pleasures. Since she is not shy, Rebecca accepts the offer right away. On the way back to his place, Yanick stops to give a quick phone call. What he doesn’t know is that the young woman is already under his spell. She’s so turned on that she starts masturbating in the car while she waits. Once at Yanick’s luxurious apartment, Rebecca runs to take a shower to cool her down before the two lovers start to make passionate love. The sexual chemistry between the two lovers is so intense that the young woman quickly says yes when Yanick asks if she’s want to meet his best friend Kristof. If Rebecca was still innocent when she arrived, it’s clearly not the case anymore. While her boyfriend is preparing drinks, Rebecca starts making out with their guest although she just met him. She just wants one thing : getting fucked by the two of them at the same time. This very intense threesome when the two men give her what she wanted, a deep double penetration. Very sexual encounters for a not so innocent woman After this passionate night, Rebecca goes out running on the sea side to get a bit of fresh air. There, she meets Juan Lucho, a handsome Spanish stud whose muscles and tattoos are real girls’ magnets. After some small talk they each go their own way but not without exchanging phone numbers. The following night was filled with very erotic fantasies that made her so wet that she has to call Juan the next morning to arrange a new meeting. Juan being a boxing coach, Rebecca sees the perfect opportunity to see him again for a private boxing session. Of course, the shadow boxing and the punching bag are quickly left aside for a “very close” combat training session. Fortunately for the young woman, her coach has all the right to satisfy her fully. With all her sore muscles, Rebecca needs to find a masseuse who will be able to make her feel much more relaxed. Amirah Adara and her husband Emilia Ardana are very close friends with Yanick and they happen to own their very own massage business. During diner, Amirah starts to sensually massage Rebecca’s shoulders, sending her shivers of pleasure down her spine. The next day, the pretty Italian girl takes an official appointment with the couple. Of course, they soon start to share very intimate moments in an intense and sensual threesome. Is there anything hotter than feeling the soft touch of a woman and the hard thrusts of a man at the same time? Here’s an adventure Rebecca will not forget anytime soon. Unforgettable sexual adventures Yanick’s professional activities lead him to meet a lot of different people. Talia Mint, a very pretty young woman is among them and Rebecca feels that she might be a tough competition. In order to mark her territory, she starts seducing her new rival. It is clear that the competition will quickly fade away after the sensual lesbian games the two girls start playing. Nothing can beat some instense fingering and licking to calm things down. Knowing that the end of her stay is coming, Rebecca wishes to offer one of the hottest night her host has ever had. It’s clear that he will not forget her anytime soon after fucking all her holes and reaching the ultimate orgasm. You can bet Rebecca is now ready to live many more adventures on her own.

Rebecca, an indecent story Rebecca, an indecent story Rebecca, an indecent story Rebecca, an indecent story Rebecca, an indecent story Rebecca, an indecent story