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Ethically chartered film
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When Desire Takes Over

Chloé Duval is a teacher, and her husband James Duval is a plastic surgeon. They are in perfect love and live in a sumptuous villa. In a few hours, James is due to attend a medical conference and will be one of the keynote speakers. Chloe takes advantage of the time they have left together to prepare his favorite dish. She had thought she'd take advantage of the vacations to spend some time with her husband, but unfortunately, she'll have to reconsider her plans. After dinner, the pretty blonde does her utmost to arouse her husband and make the most of the last night in his company before letting him go.

The next day, Chloé calls her best friend Sara to suggest going for a run along the beach. As they climb back into their car, the two friends witness a scene they didn't expect at all. Lili Charmelle and Paulo Bangkok, who think they're alone in the underground parking lot, start caressing and kissing each other furiously. Excited by this spectacle, Sara gets out of the car and joins them without hesitation, leaving Chloé alone in the car.

A little taken by surprise, the couple decide to return home to finish off what they've just started in peace and quiet and invite Sara to join them. Lili is the daughter of a wealthy businessman, and she's looking forward to enjoying her new friend's company before joining Paolo to get down to business. The couple thought they'd be having fun in a parking lot but find themselves in an impromptu threesome.

New experiences for Chloé Duval

Frustrated at being left in the lurch by her girlfriend, Chloé returned home alone. That evening, she receives a call from James, who had finally freed himself. During the conversation, James tells her that he has bumped into Lauren Walker, one of his former colleagues. Although they had only crossed paths once or twice, the pretty brunette had made a strong impression on Chloé. After hanging up, she falls asleep and begins dreaming about Lauren. They had never had the chance to do anything together, but tonight, in Chloé's fantasies, they become lovers for a few hours.

The next day, Sara and Chloé get together to talk about everything they've been through the previous day. Chloé still doesn't understand where she gets all her impulses from, but one thing's for sure: she's going to make the most of them. As Sara asks her to leave to receive Tommy Cabrio, her boyfriend, Chloé suggests a game she wasn't expecting. Why not stay and watch them make love? A little surprised by this proposal, Sara finally accepts, which only increases her pleasure tenfold.

These two days without her husband have excited Chloé to no end. She now has only one thing on her mind: to make love with James as soon as he gets home. What James doesn't know yet is that his wife is planning to invite another man to join in their lovemaking. Up until now, the couple's sexuality has been rather conventional. It's a safe bet that from now on, they'll be looking for new experiences, each more exciting than the last.