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Ethically chartered film
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Tiffany Leiddi and Cléa Gaultier, a perfect love?

Tiffany Leiddi and Cléa Gaultier may have very different personalities, but they have a perfect relationship. One is a bookseller, the other a lawyer. They have completely opposite lifestyles, but it is their differences that make their marriage work so well. Cléa spends most of her time at the office, and when she finally comes home, Tiffany cherishes every moment she spends with her. They seem to lead a perfect life, but Tiffany, who is usually reserved, begins to fantasize about an extramarital affair. Instead of doing it behind Cléa's back, she suggests a little game: what if, to spice up their lives, they each slept with another woman alone... just to see what it's like? Against all odds, Cléa agrees. Now, without really knowing what to expect, they will both experience moments of pleasure they never knew existed.

The next day, Tiffany decides to get down to business. Alice Martin, her best friend, works with her in the bookshop. Although she claims to prefer men, Tiffany has caught her several times looking closely at some of her pretty female customers. When Tiffany told her about their new game, Alice didn't hesitate long before agreeing to be the first to try out this little "experiment". Taking advantage of the weekly closing of the bookshop, the two friends meet at Alice's to get to know each other better. While they are having fun together, Ricky Mancini, Alice's boyfriend, arrives unexpectedly. Tiffany, already very excited, decides to stay and watch the two lovers before joining them for her very first threesome with a man. She certainly didn't expect this first attempt to be so exciting. How will she tell Cléa that she has gone beyond the limits they have set for themselves?

A game not so innocent after all

Meanwhile, Cléa is so busy with work that she hasn't had time to find someone to have sex with alone. While Tiffany pretends to be asleep, Cléa scours dating sites in search of the perfect match. She stumbles upon the profile of Nata Ocean, a gorgeous blonde who seems open to all propositions. Despite the late hour, Cléa decides to call her directly to get to know her better, but Nata is already having a great time with the two men she met a few hours earlier. Nata confesses that she feels more comfortable with women and immediately accepts her invitation. Now that the date is set, it's time for her to get back to what she started: having fun with her two partners until dawn.

Tiffany, who overheard the whole conversation, couldn't sleep all night. She regrets her infidelity and is ready to confess everything to Cléa. When she returns to the bedroom, she can't bring herself to say anything. Their moments of intimacy are so rare that she prefers to enjoy her partner's charms. This doesn't seem to bother Cléa, who wasn't expecting such a sensual and passionate awakening. Unable to hold out any longer, Tiffany finally breaks down and reveals her dark secret. As expected, her wife feels betrayed and goes into a rage. How will the beautiful blonde pick up the pieces?

Revenge is a dish best served...

To take revenge, Cléa, still under the influence of anger, goes straight to Nata's house. The two women had never met, but their phone conversation was enough to bring them closer. The opportunity is too good for Cléa to pass up. As she tells Nata about her love troubles, Cléa finds herself irresistibly drawn to her new friend. To her surprise, Nata is not alone. Without hesitation, Cléa approaches the couple and follows them into their bedroom. This is the perfect opportunity to get back at Tiffany. Although she has always preferred women, Cléa realizes that she could have just as much pleasure with a man, so why hold back? Tiffany didn't hesitate...

Not knowing who else to turn to, Tiffany goes to her friend's house to tell her about her misadventures. To her surprise, her friend is not there and it's Ricky who opens the door. Without hesitation, Tiffany forgets all her remorse and passionately kisses him before following him into the living room to try to relive her experience, this time alone with him. Aware that they have both made mistakes, Cléa and Tiffany realize that this experience has unexpectedly strengthened their love.