Angelika, an indecent storyAngelika, an indecent storyAngelika, an indecent storyAngelika, an indecent storyAngelika, an indecent story
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Ethically chartered film
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Angelika Grays Seeking New Pleasures

Angelika Grays, a beautiful blonde Ukrainian woman leads a very quiet life. Every day she spends hours on the transport to work but it doesn't seem to bother her too much. As an accountant in a small business, she likes to keep everything tidy, both in the office and in her private life. Like all young women of her age, she has had several love affairs but has not yet met the ideal man. Luckily for her this will soon change.

One morning, on her way to the office as she does every day, she meets Alberto Blanco, a handsome 25-year-old Spaniard. Although they both have very different characters and lifestyles, it seems that they hit it off pretty well. Since their chance meeting they now make the trip together every morning and give more and more of themselves to each other until one evening they finally decide to spend the evening together. After going for a drink, Angelika agrees to join Alberto at his place. After a last drink, the young woman lets herself be tempted and gets down to business with her new lover, letting him make love to her like never before. Totally offered, the pretty blonde reaches an orgasm like she has never experienced before. It's a torrid night that neither of them will soon forget.

The sexual initiation of a not-so-innocent young woman

A few days later, Alberto invites the pretty blonde to an S&M club in the city and offers her to attend a very exciting show. The two lovers can’t take their eyes off Juan Lucho and Marica Channel, a couple of dominators determined to initiate Anastasia Brokelyn, their submissive of the day, to games of submission and domination of which they have the secret. This improvised threesome will leave no one unmoved, especially not the pretty submissive. Why confine yourself to the bedroom when you can discover new pleasures in much more exciting places?

Very excited by the show she attended, Angelika can't stop thinking about what she and Alberto could do to spice up their sex life. She, who until now had only known rather classic sex, is thinking of offering her still virgin anus to this man she has just met and of whom she still knows very little. How indeed to explain that he keeps private videos on his computer? Even if they are not yet officially a couple and he has the right to see other women, Angelika is still entitled to ask herself some questions. On the other hand, she is not happy about the arrival of Cléa Gaultier, a new accountant, who is beginning to make eyes at Rico, her boss.

For Angelika and Cléa, nothing beats the pleasure of sodomy

What Angelika doesn't know is that the pretty French girl has already seduced Rico and that she is much more experienced than she is when it comes to sex. The pretty brunette is indeed an adept of anal sex and intends to make her colleague benefit from it. The latter does not wait a long time before taking advantage of the charms of the French woman and especially, of her anus open to any proposal.

On her side, Angelika regularly meets Julia Roca, her best friend for years. Although they know each other by heart, the beautiful blonde had never considered her friend as anything but a simple friend. But that Sunday, she was about to have a special experience. After recounting her adventures with Alberto and her intention to let him sodomize her to Julia, the latter decids to take matters into her own hands and introduce her friend to the pleasures of girl-on-girl anal sex. After caressing her and then penetrating her with her fingers, the beautiful Spanish girl takes the pleasure up a notch with a nice sized sextoy. For a first anal experience, Angelika didn't think she would feel so much desire and pleasure in the hands of another woman.

To show Alberto that she is now ready to satisfy his desires, the young woman sends him a very explicit video. What is not his surprise when Angelika opens the door to him half-naked. The man is even more surprised when he discovers that Juan Lucho, already present in the room, has also been invited for this impromptu threesome. From now on totally liberated sexually, Angelika lets the two men caress her before taking her by all the orifices. Both of them then take turns enjoying her sex soaked with excitement and her anus now offered to their tense sexes.