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From Claire Castel and Clara Mia to Lana Rhoades and Mariska, they all dive deep into a world of pleasure and fantasy they never knew existed.

A very special encounter for Clara Mia As she does every night, Clara Mia manages the bar at one...

Clara, desires of submission

With: Clara Mia, Anna Polina, Carollina Cherry, Zaawaadi, Ricky Mancini, James Duval, Tony Carrera, Alex Romero, Jimmy Bud

A very special encounter for Clara Mia As she does every night, Clara Mia manages the bar at one of the capital's most exclusive clubs. Tonight, however, is not going to be like any other. As she fills her customers' glasses, she witnesses a conversation between two customers she's never seen before. The two women are not her regular customers, and one of them (Anna Polina) seems to have a certain power over the other (Zaawaadi). Moments later, Zaawaadi joins two men at their table, under Anna's approving gaze. Clara doesn't yet know what unites the two women, but what's certain is that Zaawaadi will end the night in excellent company. After some foreplay in the cab, the trio meet up in the young woman's apartment for an impromptu threesome. Discovering new pleasures The next day, on her way to her tattoo parlor, Clara "accidentally" meets Anna, who recognizes her and suggests they go for a drink together. A little surprised, Clara accepts this unexpected offer, which may well change her life. She learns that Anna, a psychologist by profession, is also a fan of the pleasures associated with the world of BDSM. According to her, these relationships of domination and submission only serve to reinforce desire in those who voluntarily indulge in these games. That very evening, Anna takes her new protégée to one of these famous parties, introducing her to a world that will totally change her vision of her own sexuality and desire. In this club dedicated to feminine pleasure, Clara meets James. The pretty brunette is quickly taken in by the game of domination and becomes very enterprising with this man she didn't know a few minutes before. This first experience makes a strong impression on Anna, who invites her to a more private party. Very exciting games for consenting adults The two women go to Anna's friend Tony, who regularly organizes specialized parties for consenting adults. When they arrive, they meet Carollina Cherry, who is playing the role of submissive tonight. As Anna explained to Clara, there's no such thing as dominant or dominated - everyone does as the mood takes them. Tonight, Carollina wanted to be introduced to the pleasures of anal sex, and Anna Polina arrived just in time to help her. Ricky Mancini, her partner for the evening, certainly wasn't expecting such valuable and experienced help. Clara, who has been left alone waiting for her new friend, is approached by Tony, the master of the house, who invites her to join him to get to know him better and find out more about this new world, its rules and its secrets. A few days later, Anna proposes that Clara fulfill her greatest fantasy, which is to be taken by several men at once. Once the rules have been established, Clara, who already thought she had a very fulfilling sexuality, is in for the most exciting and rewarding experience she's ever had. What if the experiences of the last few days changed her vision of desire forever?

From fantasy to reality Sometime after discovering a world of pleasures she had never known...

Whitney, desires of submission

With: Whitney Wright , Tiffany Leiddi, Carollina Cherry, Clara Mia, Ricky Mancini, Kristof Cale, Axel Reed, James Duval, Alex Romero

From fantasy to reality Sometime after discovering a world of pleasures she had never known existed, Tiffany Leiddi began writing a book to share her experience with the general public. Very fond of this kind of story, readers quickly turned the book into a real bestseller. It wasn't long before a producer decided to acquire the rights to bring it to the screen. When Whitney and Kristof, the couple chosen to carry the project, contacted Tiffany and Ricky, they tried to explain to them that as it was, the film could never be made. The facts related in the pages of her biography are far too explicit to be filmed as they are. For Ricky, the film will only be successful if Whitney, unfamiliar with Tiffany's experiences, really gets involved in the project. To do so, she will have to follow the same initiatory path of the author. Discovering New Pleasures Since the release of her autobiography, Tiffany has totally abandoned her professional activity to devote herself to her new life and all the pleasures and fantasies that are linked to it. Accompanied by Ricky, she regularly goes to a private club to live new experiences. Tonight, the couple has booked a private booth with a special feature. Strangers can watch them making love through a glass window. Since completing her initiation, Tiffany has found that she almost enjoys it more knowing that others are watching. What she didn't know was that today her husband surprised her by asking her to end the evening by having sex with the stranger who was spying on her just moments before. This is one more exciting proposal that she can hardly refuse. The very next day, Whitney and Kristof realize that Ricky was right. If they don't discover for themselves the universe they have to write their script on, the final result won't be credible. Their decision is made, tonight they will go to "The Night of the Divine Marquis", a very private party reserved for a very discerning audience. At first intimidated by what they discover, the two lovers tell themselves that this world is perhaps not made for them. However, when they meet Carollina Cherry, a regular visitor, Whitney feels reassured and follows her to a quiet corner to get to know one of her "friends" better. In another room, Clara Mia gives herself passionately to two men at the same time. The beginning of a new life Even if they have difficulty to admit it, Whitney and Kristof were very excited by the different scenes they witnessed. On their way home, the couple decided to release all the sexual tension accumulated during this special evening. More used to quiet love making, they had a real trigger which will certainly allow them to better apprehend the work which awaits them. To make sure they do it right, the couple offers Carollina and her husband to act as their guides and show them that making love with someone else in front of their partner can be a very exciting experience. Now that they have taken the plunge, the two directors feel that they have opened the door to a world they were totally unaware of just a few days earlier. Now, the quest for their own pleasure will allow them to better understand the world in which Tiffany and Ricky live. They will be able to propose a scenario much closer to reality... and to their own fantasies.

Whitney, desires of submission Whitney, desires of submission Whitney, desires of submission Whitney, desires of submission Whitney, desires of submission Whitney, desires of submission
Tiffany Leiddi, a lawyer dedicated to her clients Tiffany Leiddi is a lawyer in a prestigious...

Tiffany, desires of submission

With: Tiffany Leiddi, Bella Tina, Anna Polina, Ginebra Bellucci, Lola Bellucci, Ricky Mancini, Tony Carrera, Joss Lescaf, Axel Reed, J.P.X

Tiffany Leiddi, a lawyer dedicated to her clients Tiffany Leiddi is a lawyer in a prestigious Parisian law firm and specializes in divorce proceedings. During her nine-year career, she can say that she has seen it all and that she knows the subject inside out. However, since she has been handling Ricky Mancini's case, the young woman realizes that she was still far from knowing everything. It seems indeed that Ricky and his future ex-wife have particular tastes as regards to pleasure. In front of the casual reaction of her client on the subject, Tiffany discovers that he had a rather particular relation of consented domination/submission his wife. On her side, her colleague Bella Tina seems to lead a fulfilled life on all the plans with her husband Axel Reed. She takes advantage of her work to play sexual role-playing games to keep the flame alive and avoid falling into a routine. Their favorite game: the bad boy seducing his charming lawyer. It must be said that once the dress falls, what man could resist the perfect body of the young woman? What better way to end a long day at the office than with a good "interrogation" on the desk? A real invitation to pleasure The same evening, Tiffany has a dinner appointment with Ricky in order to finalize his defense and to settle some details of the divorce file. Once arrived in her client’s sumptuous apartment she discovers with surprise that they will not be alone. Lola, a pretty brunette, seems to be at the orders of this man of whom Tiffany knows finally little of. Ricky understands that Tiffany was asking herself many questions about his activities and he intends to take advantage of the situation to bring her concrete answers. Lola turns out to be the wife of one of his friends. The man "lent" his wife for the evening so that she meets the slightest desires of his host and his guest. To her surprise, Ricky undresses Lola in front of her before asking her to kiss her. In this way, Ricky will know that Tiffany will be able to accept all that will follow without being offended. Very excited by the situation, the pretty blonde lets herself go to the caresses and to the fiery kisses of the submissive, going even to let her lead her to orgasm. Now that she's stepped into a world she didn't know existed before, Tiffany will have a hard time going back to her peaceful life. Guided by Ricky, the young woman will now discover new pleasures. Once Tiffany is gone, Lola can now enjoy her master who will take her standing against the table. Tiffany's initiation Intrigued by the reasons which could push Ricky's wife to ask for a divorce, she decides to take a closer look at the file. Following Ricky's instructions, Tiffany agrees to meet a stranger in a restaurant. Tony, a fetishist of panties orders her to give him hers in the middle of the crowd before inviting her to follow him in a more discrete place. She finds him masturbating in the bathroom and has received very specific instructions to help him cum. Here is an evening that the young woman is not ready to forget. The next day, still a little shaken by the experience of the day before, she receives a mysterious gift directly at her office as well as an invitation to put on an outfit that does not hide anything of her generous curves before going to Ricky's. For this very private evening, the man invited some friends for a session of submission between consenting friends. While Tiffany agrees to participate in these games of which she ignored the rules under the expert hands of Ricky, Anna Polina, the mistress of ceremony, proposes a show of the most exciting kind to the guests present in the living room. Ginebra Bellucci, a pretty Spanish girl, submits without flinching to Anna's caresses before letting herself be sodomized by an unknown man. A submissive ready to live her desires fully A few days later, whereas Tiffany succeeded in closing the file of the divorce in favor of her client, she proposes to him to celebrate this victory during a party of which he has the secret. After a long rather uncomfortable journey in the car trunk, the pretty blonde gives herself for the first time to three men at the same time. The studs, used to Mr. Ricky's parties, intend to take full advantage of the generous curves of the young woman and of all the orifices that she has to offer them, even the tightest one. A few months ago, Tiffany was living a quiet life far from all the pleasures of the flesh. Now she is totally open to all proposals, even the craziest ones.

Tiffany, desires of submission Tiffany, desires of submission Tiffany, desires of submission Tiffany, desires of submission Tiffany, desires of submission Tiffany, desires of submission
Mariska, a Real Woman Discovering Her Own Sexuality Jean Lefort is one of the most influential...

Mariska, desires of submission

With: Mariska, Alexis Crystal, Cléa Gaultier, Alyssa Reece, Kristof Cale, David Perry, Joss Lescaf, Maximo Garcia, Ricky Mancini, Rico Simmons, Josh

Mariska, a Real Woman Discovering Her Own Sexuality Jean Lefort is one of the most influential "Masters" of the capital. In the past, the charming Claire Castel, Lana Rhoades and Cléa Gaultier were able to discover pleasures and sensations they had never known existed before they met him. Today, it is the beautiful Alexis Crystal who is about to discover that anal sex and double penetration can make her reach orgasms of a rare intensity. Totally open to the words and caresses of her mentor, the young woman is determined to abandon herself completely to the two strangers who have joined them for a trio she should remember for a long time. Unable to resist the desire, Alexis lets go completely. What she didn't know is that Cléa Gaultier, one of Jean's submissives, accompanied by Mariska, doesn't miss anything of the show. Mariska thought she was an accomplished woman. She will soon realize that she still has many pleasures to discover and fantasies to fulfill. Married for several years, she hadn't realized that routine had set in in her couple. Her recent meeting with Cléa Gaultier and her mentor Jean Lefort will quickly open the doors to a totally fulfilled sexuality for her. Mariska, subject to her own desires Disturbed by this rather peculiar evening, Mariska quickly returns to join her husband in their rich Parisian apartment. David seems more open to new experiences than his wife and even suggests to his companion to try new things. Reluctant at first, the latter seems to enjoy this “a little too quiet” relationship. However, tonight's experience has excited her greatly and she intends to give her husband the benefit of the scene she witnessed tonight for his greatest pleasure. The next day, unable to forget the previous day's show, Mariska accompanies Cléa to her rendezvous with Jean Lefort. The latter decides to take matters into his own hands and see how far this woman is willing to go to get out of her comfort zone and prove to him that she is not just a "curious" person. Despite the apparent pleasure she felt watching Alexis getting fucked by two men, she still has a long way to go to become a true submissive. Pleasure is only worth it if it is shared Fortunately for her, Clea is the perfect woman to accompany her on this true sexual adventure. Now perfectly at ease with her own sexuality, Clea takes advantage of the opportunity to follow the two waiters in the kitchen. The two men, at first a little surprised, quickly understand her intentions and intend to take advantage of the moment. It must be said that since meeting Jean, the young woman has become a sex expert capable of offering all her orifices to the men she likes. This is a tip in kind that both men would have regretted if they had refused it. The next day, Mariska goes to a store that specializes in S&M accessories. A little impressed, she buys a simple necklace with a chain that she hastens to show David on her way home. At first a little surprised, David is quickly excited by the new attitude of his wife who is usually so reserved. After putting the leash around her neck and walking her on all fours in the living room, he is surprised to hear her say that she finally wants him to sodomize her. She who had always refused him in this way, finally became another woman, much more open and eager to feel new sensations. For his part, Jean Lefort is determined to continue training his new recruit Alexis Crystal. Less prudish than her elder sister, Crystal is determined to live her sexuality to the fullest, with both men and women. Today, it is with the beautiful Alyssa Reece that she decided to spend the evening. Already an adept of anal sex, Alyssa Reece has never tried it with a woman before. Tonight, she will experience ecstasy by letting Jean take her from behind while being caressed by the pretty Alexis. What more could one ask for? To perfect his wife's education, David has reserved a surprise for her. With Clea, Mariska joins him in a very private club. After having undressed in front of strangers, this woman, who had been so reserved until recently, is finally going to take part in her very first orgy. After her very first sodomy, the beautiful Mariska will now discover the ultimate pleasure of double penetration and love with multiple partners. This unforgettable experience will make her an accomplished woman for whom sex and all its pleasures will now be an integral part of her daily life. With this fourth (and last?) part of the "submissive" series, director Hervé Bodilis proves to us that even an accomplished woman can still live new experiences and discover the existence of a sexuality of which she was previously unaware.

Mariska, desires of submision Mariska, desires of submision Mariska, desires of submision Mariska, desires of submision Mariska, desires of submision Mariska, desires of submision
Cléa Gaultier, unconditional submission Cléa Gaultier is madly in love with Jean Lefort, her...

Cléa, desires of submission

With: Cléa Gaultier, Claire Castel, Mariska, Philippe Soine, Pascal St James, Kristof Cale, Ricky Mancini, Math, Joss Lescaf

Cléa Gaultier, unconditional submission Cléa Gaultier is madly in love with Jean Lefort, her Master. She would do anything to fulfill all his fantasies. Her love for him is so exclusive that Cléa can’t stand him initiating other submissives. Unlike Jean’s other submissives, Cléa isn’t shy and she gladly accepts to do everything her master tells her to do. Getting fucked in the ass by two men in a swingers S&M club seems so natural that she does it without a frown right in front of Jean and Claire Castel, a former submissive of his. Claire, very excited by what she sees wastes no time joining the party. Totally overwhelmed by the situation, Jean tries to calm things down by sending his protegee to Philippe Soine, a retired Master. He had to withdraw from the S&M world after falling in love with one of his own submissives. Along with Claire, Cléa goes on vacation for a few days to Philippe’s property in the Normandy region. There, she expects to meet new people and make new experiences. She doesn’t imagine how much this stay out of her comfort zone is going to change her whole life. A new Master for Cléa As soon as the two young women have set foot in Philippe’s house, the old Master takes things over control and order Cléa to undress in front of him in his photo studio. Quickly, he leaves her alone in the dark. Destabilized, Cléa starts feeling the hands of a stranger all over her body. Although she may never see that man again, Cléa is totally offered and gives him a blow job he will remember for a very long time. The following morning, during a conversation with Claire, Philippe realizes that the two women didn’t just pay him a visit to relax far from the busy Parisian life. He quickly understands that Jean had sent him Cléa so that the young woman could become his new submissive. Pretending an important meeting back in Paris, Claire leaves Cléa alone with her new Master. Now that her training is over, the pretty blonde is now free to live her own fantasies, her own desires. Tonight, her sex drive leads her to an almost empty highway parking. There, she meets a stranger to whom she completely surrenders. Without any foreplay, the man enjoys the moment with that woman who just wanted satisfy her impulses, without any long term promises. Submission and domination games for Cléa Since he stopped his career as a Master, Philippe is now a full time photographer and his work is very much appreciated by connoisseurs. During a diner with Pascal and Mariska, two potential buyers, Philippe and Cléa tell their hosts that their special relationship is mainly based on trust. Intrigued and excited at the same time, Mariska then accepts to play lesbian games with his guest’s submissive. Once Philippe and Cléa are gone, Pascal and Mariska were so turned on by their guests’ stories that it doesn’t take long before they start making love on the dinner table. You can bet they hadn’t had such an intense sex session for a very long time. Now that Philippe has found his taste for domination back, he decides to take Cléa to a swingers’ club he knows very well so that she can prove him that she’s worthy of really becoming his new submissive. The young woman will surrender to four men who will enjoy all her holes until the final climax. Despite the change of location and her new Master, Cléa quickly falls back into her past habits and becomes the ultra-possessive woman she once was all over again. After Claire Castel and Lana Rhoades, it’s Cléa Gaultier’s turn to play the main character in the third episode of the submissive series. Marc Dorcel’s very own contract girl embarks on the journey to the world of submission and domination. This trip is about to change her whole life… forever.

Cléa, desires of submission Cléa, desires of submission Cléa, desires of submission Cléa, desires of submission Cléa, desires of submission Cléa, desires of submission
The beautiful and talented American journalist Lana is going to launch herself into an...

Lana, desires of submission

With: Lana Rhoades, Claire Castel, Cléa Gaultier, Lucy Heart, Rico Simmons, Alberto Blanco, Philippe Soine, Math, Ricky Mancini

The beautiful and talented American journalist Lana is going to launch herself into an investigation about submission. She will meet Jean Lefort, a writer who is specialized in the subject. Taking him at first sight as a narcissistic manipulator, Lana will soon end her interview. Not being the kind of person to give up so easily, Lana will make her mea culpa and agree to leave her camera to share a weekend of initiation with Jean at Claire's, one of her loyal readers. On the way, she will even force her nature into an exhibitionist game to convince her host of her intentions. While waiting for the journalist's arrival, Claire and her guests, under the direction of Jean, will attend during a dinner at the first experience of submission of the charming Clea with sodomy where pleasure and perversion will mix. As for Lana, once there, the subject of her investigation will very quickly turn to obsession and take her into this universe where these practices, which cannot be confessed, are lived in the eyes of everyone in total enjoyment. Thanks to Claire's experience and advices, Lana will discover true freedom by setting limits to her fantasies only those of her masters. Between lust and fetishism, Lana will finally reveal her true nature alongside Jean whose SM tendencies will finish driving her to the most delicious submission.

Lana, desires of submission Lana, desires of submission Lana, desires of submission Lana, desires of submission Lana, desires of submission Lana, desires of submission
Claire Castel comes back in her most perverse hardcore movie of her career. She thought she had...

Claire, desires of submission

With: Claire Castel, Mina Sauvage, Ania Kinski, Lucy Heart, Candy Alexa, Rico Simmons, Ricky Mancini, Josh, Kristof Cale, Math

Claire Castel comes back in her most perverse hardcore movie of her career. She thought she had sexually experimented everything, this movie will show her that she is still far from reaching her limits Claire, 30 years old, is a shy woman who spends more time at work than trying to sort out her love life. When she meets Jean Lefort, a famous writer, Claire can't imagine how much her life is going to change. This very charismatic man is a true Master of domination and submission games. What Claire doesn't know is that he's decided she would become his new plaything. Claire embarks on an initiation journey that will take her through submission, perversion and luxury. From now on, Jean and her will meet only if she agrees to his unconditional terms. Her Master will make her feel pleasures she didn't even know existed. Public exhibition, prostitution, nothing will be spared to turn her into a woman proud of all the pleasures she can give. Her journey will lead her to accomplish her most extreme fantasy.

Claire, desires of submission Claire, desires of submission Claire, desires of submission Claire, desires of submission Claire, desires of submission Claire, desires of submission