Tiffany, desires of submissionTiffany, desires of submissionTiffany, desires of submissionTiffany, desires of submissionTiffany, desires of submission
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Ethically chartered film
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Tiffany Leiddi, a lawyer dedicated to her clients

Tiffany Leiddi is a lawyer in a prestigious Parisian law firm and specializes in divorce proceedings. During her nine-year career, she can say that she has seen it all and that she knows the subject inside out. However, since she has been handling Ricky Mancini's case, the young woman realizes that she was still far from knowing everything. It seems indeed that Ricky and his future ex-wife have particular tastes as regards to pleasure. In front of the casual reaction of her client on the subject, Tiffany discovers that he had a rather particular relation of consented domination/submission his wife.

On her side, her colleague Bella Tina seems to lead a fulfilled life on all the plans with her husband Axel Reed. She takes advantage of her work to play sexual role-playing games to keep the flame alive and avoid falling into a routine. Their favorite game: the bad boy seducing his charming lawyer. It must be said that once the dress falls, what man could resist the perfect body of the young woman? What better way to end a long day at the office than with a good "interrogation" on the desk?

A real invitation to pleasure

The same evening, Tiffany has a dinner appointment with Ricky in order to finalize his defense and to settle some details of the divorce file. Once arrived in her client’s sumptuous apartment she discovers with surprise that they will not be alone. Lola, a pretty brunette, seems to be at the orders of this man of whom Tiffany knows finally little of. Ricky understands that Tiffany was asking herself many questions about his activities and he intends to take advantage of the situation to bring her concrete answers. Lola turns out to be the wife of one of his friends. The man "lent" his wife for the evening so that she meets the slightest desires of his host and his guest.

To her surprise, Ricky undresses Lola in front of her before asking her to kiss her. In this way, Ricky will know that Tiffany will be able to accept all that will follow without being offended. Very excited by the situation, the pretty blonde lets herself go to the caresses and to the fiery kisses of the submissive, going even to let her lead her to orgasm. Now that she's stepped into a world she didn't know existed before, Tiffany will have a hard time going back to her peaceful life. Guided by Ricky, the young woman will now discover new pleasures. Once Tiffany is gone, Lola can now enjoy her master who will take her standing against the table.

Tiffany's initiation

Intrigued by the reasons which could push Ricky's wife to ask for a divorce, she decides to take a closer look at the file. Following Ricky's instructions, Tiffany agrees to meet a stranger in a restaurant. Tony, a fetishist of panties orders her to give him hers in the middle of the crowd before inviting her to follow him in a more discrete place. She finds him masturbating in the bathroom and has received very specific instructions to help him cum. Here is an evening that the young woman is not ready to forget.

The next day, still a little shaken by the experience of the day before, she receives a mysterious gift directly at her office as well as an invitation to put on an outfit that does not hide anything of her generous curves before going to Ricky's. For this very private evening, the man invited some friends for a session of submission between consenting friends. While Tiffany agrees to participate in these games of which she ignored the rules under the expert hands of Ricky, Anna Polina, the mistress of ceremony, proposes a show of the most exciting kind to the guests present in the living room. Ginebra Bellucci, a pretty Spanish girl, submits without flinching to Anna's caresses before letting herself be sodomized by an unknown man.

A submissive ready to live her desires fully

A few days later, whereas Tiffany succeeded in closing the file of the divorce in favor of her client, she proposes to him to celebrate this victory during a party of which he has the secret. After a long rather uncomfortable journey in the car trunk, the pretty blonde gives herself for the first time to three men at the same time. The studs, used to Mr. Ricky's parties, intend to take full advantage of the generous curves of the young woman and of all the orifices that she has to offer them, even the tightest one. A few months ago, Tiffany was living a quiet life far from all the pleasures of the flesh. Now she is totally open to all proposals, even the craziest ones.