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Ethically chartered film
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A very special encounter for Clara Mia

As she does every night, Clara Mia manages the bar at one of the capital's most exclusive clubs. Tonight, however, is not going to be like any other. As she fills her customers' glasses, she witnesses a conversation between two customers she's never seen before. The two women are not her regular customers, and one of them (Anna Polina) seems to have a certain power over the other (Zaawaadi).

Moments later, Zaawaadi joins two men at their table, under Anna's approving gaze. Clara doesn't yet know what unites the two women, but what's certain is that Zaawaadi will end the night in excellent company. After some foreplay in the cab, the trio meet up in the young woman's apartment for an impromptu threesome.

Discovering new pleasures

The next day, on her way to her tattoo parlor, Clara "accidentally" meets Anna, who recognizes her and suggests they go for a drink together. A little surprised, Clara accepts this unexpected offer, which may well change her life. She learns that Anna, a psychologist by profession, is also a fan of the pleasures associated with the world of BDSM. According to her, these relationships of domination and submission only serve to reinforce desire in those who voluntarily indulge in these games.

That very evening, Anna takes her new protégée to one of these famous parties, introducing her to a world that will totally change her vision of her own sexuality and desire. In this club dedicated to feminine pleasure, Clara meets James. The pretty brunette is quickly taken in by the game of domination and becomes very enterprising with this man she didn't know a few minutes before. This first experience makes a strong impression on Anna, who invites her to a more private party.

Very exciting games for consenting adults

The two women go to Anna's friend Tony, who regularly organizes specialized parties for consenting adults. When they arrive, they meet Carollina Cherry, who is playing the role of submissive tonight. As Anna explained to Clara, there's no such thing as dominant or dominated - everyone does as the mood takes them. Tonight, Carollina wanted to be introduced to the pleasures of anal sex, and Anna Polina arrived just in time to help her. Ricky Mancini, her partner for the evening, certainly wasn't expecting such valuable and experienced help.

Clara, who has been left alone waiting for her new friend, is approached by Tony, the master of the house, who invites her to join him to get to know him better and find out more about this new world, its rules and its secrets.

A few days later, Anna proposes that Clara fulfill her greatest fantasy, which is to be taken by several men at once. Once the rules have been established, Clara, who already thought she had a very fulfilling sexuality, is in for the most exciting and rewarding experience she's ever had. What if the experiences of the last few days changed her vision of desire forever?