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Ethically chartered film
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Reunion of old friends

For several months, Léa Guerlin and Ricky Rascal have been trying to organize a dinner party with all their best friends. They hope that this time will be the right one, because every time something unexpected happens, it makes the reunion impossible. After spending the day in the kitchen preparing the meal, the two lovers decide to relax a little before their guests arrive.

That evening, while everyone is seated, Léa suggests a little game to her guests. Everyone must put their phone down in the middle of the table and pick up another to discover the owner's dirty little secrets. What seemed like a fun game turns out to be a dangerous one as the evening progresses and everyone's secrets are revealed.

A dangerous and exciting game

Nick Ross, who is in a relationship with Isabella de Laa, seems to have had some pretty explicit exchanges with Clara Mia and Lauren Walker. According to him, Clara just told him about one of her erotic dreams. But what if this "dream" was a real-life threesome that Nick was trying to hide from his partner?

Ruby Reign finds naked photos of Clara in Isabella's phone. Shocked, Lauren demands an explanation from her girlfriend. Clara confesses that she feels increasingly lonely when Lauren is away on business, and that this time she needed a little reassurance... Despite these revelations which would have broken up any couple by now, dinner goes on and everyone agrees to continue with this perverse little game, wondering just how far it will go.

Love is stronger than anything

Nick and Isabella have been a couple long enough to know how to deal with the difficulties that a "classic" couple can encounter. When Lauren discovers that they've arranged a threesome with one of the party hosts, it doesn't seem to shock anyone. This little game of musical chairs, in which all the participants have slept with each other at least once, is ultimately more fun than the group of friends expected at the start of the meal. Nick and Lauren had a great time together, and Ricky slept with Ruby behind his girlfriend's back.

While the dinner could have been a real fiasco, each couple realizes that the love they have for each other is in fact much stronger than the few "mistakes” they made along the way... This game could have broken up all the couples but ultimately seems to have brought them closer together, for better, and for worse.