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Ethically chartered film
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Clara Mia and James Duval, a blossoming couple in love living in the capital, indulge in role-playing to spice up their relationship. Tonight, Clara will be Anaïs, a free-spirited, unattached woman who spends her days and evenings squandering the fortune of her wealthy father. For his part, James becomes Raphaël, an art dealer who travels the world in search of rare pieces for wealthy clients.

The couple meet at their favorite club for an evening of fun and pleasure. The two lovers wanted to relive a meeting between two strangers, and this little game exceeded all expectations to say the least. What if next time Clara played the role of a boss summoning an employee to seduce him?

Clara is a creative woman who dreams of becoming a writer but lacks the self-confidence to tackle her first novel. In the meantime, she expresses herself through columns on food, fashion, lifestyle, and decoration for the magazine she works for. But relations with Ania Kinski, her Editor-in-Chief, are tense.

They can never agree on how to treat the various subjects covered in the magazine, and Clara always ends up having to rewrite her articles as Ania has decided. On the advice of her best friend Zaawaadi, Clara must compromise to avoid open conflict with her boss. To smooth things over, she even invites Ania and her husband Ricky to dinner.

After dinner, James and Ricky slip away to leave their wives to chat alone. Clara confesses to her boss that her life as a couple, which has been very happy since the beginning, is starting to become a little routine, despite their regular role-playing. Ania invites her to join her to discover a very closed environment, which should enable her to rediscover the desire she thinks she's lost. At the same time, Ania offers to chronicle all her future experiences for the magazine.


The next day, the couple receive a mysterious invitation to join Ania and Ricky at a very private club. Once there, the couple are initially reluctant to stay and discover a world they never knew existed. In a discreet room, they finally discover Ania and Ricky's secret. On a regular basis, they offer each other the chance to make love with another partner, provided they can watch and, of course, participate.

Clara and Ania now have no secrets from each other and Clara, on the advice of her Editor-in-Chief, is starting to think about her own fantasies and, above all, how to tell them as excitingly as possible in the magazine's columns. Until now, Clara has never had the opportunity to make love with another woman.

After some research, she meets Janice Griffith, a charming woman who not only agrees to be Clara's "first time", but also to let James witness this new experience. It's the first time since they met that Clara has made love with another person. What if this first time was the beginning of a new life for the two lovers?
A few days later, Clara had a little surprise in store for her husband. She met blonde Chloé Duval on a specialized website and asked her to join her for her very first threesome. James certainly wasn't expecting such a visit on his way home from work.

All these experiences have restored Clara's confidence and, above all, breathed new life into her relationship. For her last article, the columnist decided to finish on a high note by organizing her very first libertine evening. And it's a safe bet that it won't be the last!