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Ethically chartered film
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Shared pleasure, tenfold pleasure

Despite their hectic schedules, Eve Sweet and James Duval always find a moment to live their passion to the full. For this couple, a day in which they don't make love at least once, regardless of the time of day, is a day wasted.
Tonight, Alex Romero was looking forward to a romantic evening with Clémence Audiard. Just as the serious business had begun in the living room, Clémence decided to blindfold him before leading him into the bedroom. Alex certainly didn't expect Clara Mia to join them for a steamy threesome.

The following evening, Clémence and Alex welcome a couple who, like themselves, are quite free-spirited. Their guests have recently discovered the pleasures of libertinage. James is an ultra-jealous man who can't stand another man touching Eve. Only Clémence is allowed to play with her while their respective husbands watch. Understanding Alex's frustration, Clémence reassures him by promising to have fun with him later. After lengthy foreplay between the women, the men join their respective companions for an evening of desire.

A passionate reunion

A few days later, Eve receives a call from Clara. The two friends haven't seen each other for several months and are determined to reminisce about the good times they had together when they were roommates. Clara is well aware that Eve's invitation is not innocent, and she has no intention of wasting time on their old adventures together. For Eve and Clara, the reunion will be the perfect opportunity to rediscover each other's bodies and relive their passion.

Carollina Cherry has invited Clémence to her home for a little get-together. Like Eve and Clara, they haven't seen each other for a long time and have a lot to talk about. But when Carollina shows her girlfriend photos of her current lover, Clémence thinks she'd like to enjoy them too. A little surprised, Carollina finally agrees to call Ricky Mancini to end the day in a rather unexpected way.