Pornochic - Tiffany and CarollinaPornochic - Tiffany and CarollinaPornochic - Tiffany and CarollinaPornochic - Tiffany and CarollinaPornochic - Tiffany and Carollina
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Ethically chartered film
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True Pleasure Experts

Tiffany Leiddi and Ricky Mancini love to make love everywhere and as often as possible. Today, as their cab takes them home from one of their many romantic outings, Ricky can't help but kiss his girlfriend full on the lips while exposing her ample breasts to the driver's unblinking eyes. Once back home, the two lovers intend to get down to business and they don't have to wait long before finding themselves completely naked in their sumptuous Parisian apartment. Excited as ever, Tiffany offers herself entirely to her partner who intends to enjoy this moment of pleasure in the arms of the woman he loves.

Ricky and Tiffany may be madly in love with each other, but they sometimes invite friends or single women they've met on dating apps to share their intimacy and sexual games. Tonight, the couple has set its heart on Alice Martin, a young woman adept at shared pleasures. After a quick aperitif, Tiffany and Alice decide to raise the temperature by kissing and caressing each other in front of Ricky. This last one intends to benefit a maximum of the spectacle that the two pretty blondes offer him. Finally not being able to resist any longer he joins them on the sofa to participate in the three-way that was initially planned. Not very shy, the two young women willingly accept to share his hard sex until the final climax.

Very enterprising couples

The very next day, Tiffany and Ricky, still looking for the ultimate pleasure, invite Yanick Shaft and Carollina Cherry to join them. They were so excited about the previous day's trio with Alice that they decided to quickly kick things up a notch by inviting another couple of friends to join them. They have known Carollina and Yanick for some time now, but they had not yet had the opportunity to get to know each other better. What if inviting the couple to their home was the starting point for a longer-term relationship? One thing is sure, after this evening rich in experiences the two couples will have a deeper knowledge of each other's desires and fantasies.

Carollina and Alice have been friends for a long time and regularly go shopping to renew their wardrobe with a focus on very sexy lingerie sets. Today, they decided to surprise Marcello, Carollina's companion, by buying lingerie that will hide nothing of their intentions. Until now, the two young women had never dared to jump the step but today it is decided, they will finally make love together. While Marcello was quietly waiting for them in the living room, the muffled laughter of the two young women pushed him to go up and see what they were up to. ... What man could resist watching such an exciting show? What was supposed to be a fitting session between girlfriends finally turned into a very exciting three-way experience.

Clara Mia and Carollina Cherry have met several times at friends' houses or at very private parties. It is impossible for them to hide their attraction for each other and tonight they will finally discover how far they are willing to go to reach orgasm together. Thinking they were alone, they start kissing and caressing each other tenderly on the bed but Yanick, Carollina's companion, comes back from work earlier than expected. At first a little surprised and disappointed, the two young women invite him to join them to finish this private party in a very exciting way.