Pornochic - Maya and JiaPornochic - Maya and JiaPornochic - Maya and JiaPornochic - Maya and JiaPornochic - Maya and Jia
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Ethically chartered film
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Whether it's with two or four partners, pleasure must be shared

After several unsuccessful attempts, James Duval finally managed to invite the pretty redhead Jia Lissa to a restaurant. As he drives her home, Jia suggests they go up to her place for one last drink. Having already had a few drinks at the restaurant, James prefers to refuse her proposal, until she finally suggests he come up anyway, but for a completely different activity. Who could refuse such an invitation to pleasure?

Maya Woulfe and Alex Romero just spent the afternoon together. Their respective schedules usually don't leave them much free time to be together. As soon as they get home, the two lovers are determined to make the most of these few hours of freedom.

Very exciting reunions

Maya and Jia have been friends for a long time and are used to sharing everything, especially their current boyfriends. Tonight, they invited James and Ricky to join them for a four-way plan they won't soon forget.

The next day, Jia receives a call from Chloe Duval, one of her friends whom she hadn't heard from in a very long time. Chloe is in Paris and only has two hours to spare for her friend. What could they do during such a short time?

Although very close, Maya and Carollina Cherry haven't seen each other in a while. This afternoon, Maya decided to introduce her current hookup to her friend. Alex Romero dreams of having a threesome and Carollina seems to be the perfect candidate to make this fantasy come true.