Luxure - my wife's perversionsLuxure - my wife's perversionsLuxure - my wife's perversionsLuxure - my wife's perversionsLuxure - my wife's perversions
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Ethically chartered film
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They share their fantasies with strangers

Tiffany Leiddi and David Perry lead a happy married life in every way. They are very much in love with each other and their sex life is much more active than average. However, one day, after an intense sex session, the pretty blonde suggests to her companion to spice up their sex life by inviting another woman or another man to join them. To Tiffany's great surprise, David accepts on one condition that the third person be a man. He confesses to her that for a long time, his fantasy has been to see her being fucked by a stranger. The couple met Ricky Mancini during a party and the current passed immediately. It didn't take them very long to convince him to join them for a very special dinner. A few days later, Tiffany offered herself completely to this man while her husband watched her take immense pleasure. To David's great surprise, his girlfriend even let herself be sodomized by this man she didn't know until a few days ago. There is a good chance that the couple will quickly renew the experience.

What excites Cléa Gaultier the most is to submit to the least of the desires of her husband Ricky. Tonight, Ricky must participate in a poker night with two of his acquaintances. To ensure a good place at the table, Clea will serve him as a starting bet. If he loses, the two men will be able to enjoy all the assets of the young woman. After a masterful bluff by Joss Lescaf, Ricky has no choice but to keep his word and accept his defeat. Very excited by the situation, Cléa then reveals her body to die for and offers herself to the three men. The young woman may not master all the subtleties of poker but she knows perfectly how to give pleasure to all the men who want to play with her. An expert in fellatio and sodomy, the young woman ends the evening with a bang, much to the satisfaction of her three partners.

Their desire and pulses come first

Tiffany Leiddi is a hardened bachelor. The rare times when she officially put herself in couple with a man she quickly got bored. Her various partners had difficulty in satisfying her. It must be said that the pretty blonde has a libido well above the average and quite difficult to fill. Tonight, while she was invited to dinner at Ricky and Megan Lopez's, the couple gave her the secret of their happiness. To avoid falling into routine, they do not hesitate to share their lovemaking with a third partner. Quite surprised by this revelation, Tiffany is it even more when Megane asks Ricky to leave his sex and to masturbate in front of them. Following the orders of Megane, Tiffany then takes the tended sex in her mouth and begins to suck it. Very excited by these preliminaries, the trio finds itself in the room for a threesome of a rare intensity. Until now, Megane and Ricky had only had fun with one other man, but after this experience, they should invite other women much more regularly.

Pure sex and pleasure

Bound and gagged on her bed, simply dressed in a set of lingerie highlighting her curves, Clea waits patiently for the surprise that Joss has reserved for her. The couple is quickly joined by the curvy Anna Polina. The two young women have known each other for a long time but they had never had the opportunity to share a man... at the same time. Great seducer, Joss had until then been able to enjoy their charms each in turn. It was thus logical that the three partners meet to share an intense evening of sex and pleasures of all kinds.

While he comes back late from a long day at the office, Joss is surprised that Maïlyne is not back yet. The pretty brunette indeed decided to offer herself an improvised evening. A little disappointed that she did not warn him, Joss realizes that she did not go out with girlfriends but with two men. He is even more disappointed that she did not invite the two strangers at their place, he could at least have taken advantage of it. Fortunately, Maïlyne offers him to attend this impromptu threesome from a distance. Long live the new technologies. It is thus on his telephone that Joss attends a most exciting show. He’s been dreaming to see his girlfriend being taken by other men for a very long time. He is now in the front row to see her offering all her orifices to strangers.