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Ethically chartered film
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Mariska, an experienced woman, not as innocent as it seems

Although they don't see each other as often as they'd like, the pretty Cléa Gaultier and her mother Mariska have remained very close and very complicit. Taking advantage of a lull in her busy schedule as a future lawyer, Cléa comes to spend the weekend in Mariska's magnificent country home, far from the hassles of the city. This visit is not so innocent as Clea wants to take advantage of it to introduce Luke Hardy, her new boyfriend, to her mother.

Mariska is a woman with a beautiful body who does not hesitate to use all her charms to seduce younger men. Those of her age bore her and especially, they are much less enduring than her conquests. For some time, she has been infatuated with Kristof Cale, a handsome dark-haired man with piercing eyes and extraordinary sexual abilities. Since her daughter is not due to arrive until the next day, she doesn't want the two young people to meet each other and intends to make the most of their last moments by the pool. On his side, Kristof would never have imagined that a woman like Mariska could excite him so much and give him so much pleasure. It should be said that in addition to her curves capable of making any man crack, the beautiful brunette has an extraordinary libido. It would have been a shame not to take advantage of it.

Cléa Gaultier, a woman in love

Clea does not suspect for a moment that the meeting between her mother and Luke will completely change her life. Since her father's departure, she thinks that her mother has not known any men. If only she knew... To rest after their long car ride, Clea and Luke decide to go rest in the room Mariska has prepared for them. Of course, the nap quickly turns into a moment of love and passionate sex during which Clea proves to Luke that he was right to fall in love with her. Between expert fellatio and intense anal sex, the young couple intends to make the most of their first moments of relaxation in the countryside.

Whereas the two lovers are hardly arrived, Mariska announces to them that she must leave them to go to the birthday party of one of her friends. A little later in the evening, while Cléa and Luke sleep, Mariska proposed to Tiffany Leiddi and her boyfriend Ricky Mancini to come to finish the evening at her place. The trio does not suspect one moment that Luke, awakened by the noise observes them from a distance. Here is a spectacle which the young man risks to remember very a long time. He who had the impression that his mother-in-law was a little stuck, discovers with surprise that she is much more liberated sexually than she wants to let it appear. Men or women, Mariska takes pleasure where it is and her two guests will certainly not complain about it. Although Tiffany seems to be an expert in all areas of sex, Mariska has absolutely nothing to envy her.

Exchanges of good procedures in love

The following day, while Cléa is gone for her daily run, Mariska takes advantage of the situation to get closer to Luke. She knows perfectly that Luke saw her the night before and that excites her even more. Not backing down in front of nothing to seduce the young man, Mariska quickly takes things in hand, which is not to displease her new prey. A little later in the day, Clea finds her mother on the tennis court of her property and to her great surprise, she discovers that it is Ginebra Bellucci, one of her childhood friends, who is her teacher. To celebrate their reunion, Mariska proposes to the beautiful Spanish girl to come to dinner the same evening, with her boyfriend... Kristof, who happens to be one of Clea's ex-boyfriends and Mariska's current lover...

During the dinner, Luke has difficulty to support this strange situation, especially when he surprises Clea kissing Ginebra in the kitchen, under the amused glance of Kristof. After having struck Kristof, Luke finds his new mistress in the kitchen. She would not have imagined one moment that her daughter’s boyfriend would find himself so easily taken in her nets. Without preliminaries, she starts to suck him before letting him take her with ardor on the kitchen floor. Here is an excellent means for Luke to eliminate all the tensions of the evening.

On their side, Ginebra Bellucci, Cléa Gaultier found themselves taking care of the wounded... in all the senses of the term. While Cléa had never dared to give in to Kristof's fantasies until now, she is voluntarily taking part in this improvised trio. Between the enormous sex of her ex and the dream body of her friend, it would have been a shame not to give in to the temptation. Now that she is single again, this is the perfect opportunity to make new discoveries and try new sexual experiences. Finally, the double betrayal of her mother will have been beneficial to everyone.