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Why resist your impulses when you can just indulge them? All women have desires and urges of varying intensity. The only difference is that here, they do everything to satisfy them.

These propositions are impossible to refuse Every day, when the weather's nice, many employees...

Impulses vol.6

With: Shalina Devine, Clémence Audiard, Brill B., Liz Ocean, Tiffany Tatum, Selva Lapiedra, Sasha Rose, Kristof Cale, Alex Romero, Raul Costa, Renato

These propositions are impossible to refuse Every day, when the weather's nice, many employees from the offices surrounding this park come to relax on the grass during their lunch break. Today, Kristof Cale and Alex Romero have a lively discussion about what they think they know about women's sexual desires and urges. To their surprise, they are approached by Sasha Rose, a pretty brunette who has overheard their conversation. They're speechless when they realize that Sasha is offering them exactly what they've been talking about: intense, direct sex with no strings attached or obligations. Selva Lapiedra is a thrill-seeker, especially when it comes to motorsports. Her best friend knows this, and for her birthday she treated her to a racetrack session with Raul Costa, one of the best drivers in the region. Far from being intimidated, Selva appreciates the gift. After a few laps around the circuit that were far too short for her liking, the pretty brunette decides to thank the driver in her own way, and in turn provide him with some... very intense sensations. Clémence Audiard and Kristof Cale both have very busy schedules. So, when they finally have a bit of free time, they like to relax in the sun by the pool of their magnificent villa. While Kristof tends to the garden, Clémence receives a surprising message from her best friend Nathalie (Tiffany Tatum). The two friends have known each other for almost five years, and against all odds, Nathalie has just proposed a threesome with Kristof... At first a little surprised that his girlfriend would accept such a proposal, he realizes that he'd be really stupid to refuse. Unexpected encounters Shalina Devine is used to carpooling with strangers to get to her office. This morning, she has an appointment with Renato, her driver for the day. As his route doesn't change, he offers to pick her up every morning before he leaves for a business trip abroad. As the contact goes well and the man is charming, she readily accepts. For her last journey, Shalina has no desire to go to work and offers Renato a lift home instead. She plans to thank him in her own way for all the trips she's made over the last few weeks. Recently single, Brill B no longer wants to tie herself down to the wrong people. What she wants now is just sex, for her own pleasure. Until now, the pretty blonde has never had the opportunity to do anything with another woman. If she's going to have fun, she might as well try something new. While looking for a potential partner on a dating app, she matches up with Liz Ocean, who seems to be far more experienced in the field and offers to teach her a thing or two. Brill B certainly won't regret this encounter, which far exceeds all her expectations.

They can't resist their impulses Since moving to Barcelona, Clémence Audiard has made a habit...

Impulses vol.5

With: Agatha Vega, Clémence Audiard, Angie Lynx, Carollina Cherry, Sata Jones, Mary Popiense, Kristof Cale, Tommy Gold, Tommy Cabrio, Paulo Bangkok

They can't resist their impulses Since moving to Barcelona, Clémence Audiard has made a habit of strolling along the beach as often as she can after her long days at work. Today, the pretty redhead decided to spice up her evening a little by inviting Kristof Cale and Tommy Cabrio, her two regular lovers, to come and have a drink at her place. Naturally, the two men know nothing about each other and are "surprised", to say the least, to meet under such circumstances. Clémence, who is used to having only one partner, will for once have two men ready to satisfy her every impulse. At the office or in her personal life, Sata Jones is a very active woman who generally gets everything she wants, when she wants it. During her daily jog, she crosses paths with Tommy Gold, a man she finds very much to her liking. Without speaking to each other, they race to see who can finish first. To reward her adversary of the day, Sata invites him to join her at her place for a long moment of relaxation and pleasure. Isn't that better than a medal or a drink in a bar? Truth or dare? Carollina Cherry and Mary Popiense have been friends for years, but their respective careers prevent them from spending time together. So, when the opportunity finally presents itself, they rent a large villa to spend a few days together. After a day of shopping and photos on the terrace, a simple game of truth or dare reveals their true feelings for each other. Mary's boyfriend Paulo Bangkok won't regret joining them at the last minute. Angie Lynx and Mary Popiense are true social networking professionals. Today, Mary invited blonde Angie for an interview to present her new cosmetics range. It doesn't take long for the two influencers to forget the real reason for their meeting, preferring to spend time together away from the cameras. The social networking video can wait a few more minutes. While strolling along the beach, Agatha Vega meets the gaze of a total stranger and falls head over heels in love. Normally rather reserved, the young woman plucks up her courage and suggests to Kristof Cale that they move straight on to the main course without stopping at a café. She suggests going straight to a nearby hotel to explore their sudden desire in depth.

They live their desires to the fullest Today, Linda Leclair decided to play her favorite game....

Impulses vol.4

With: Clémence Audiard, Candee Licious, Linda Leclair, Mary Bambola, Alika, Natalie Grace, Veronica Leal, Totti, Kristof Cale, David Perry, Charlie Dean

They live their desires to the fullest Today, Linda Leclair decided to play her favorite game. She loves to go out of town on weekends but hates to commute alone. For some time now, she's registered with a carpooling website and regularly takes passengers with her. This saves her money and allows her to meet new people. This afternoon, she gave Totti and Charlie Dean a ride on her route. However, on this beautiful sunny day, the pretty blonde decided to make an unexpected stop in a quiet place to enjoy the presence of these two men. The latter are a little surprised when Linda starts caressing herself in front of them while driving. All their doubts fly away when she stops on a deserted road and orders them to take care of her otherwise, she will leave them without any remorse on the side of the road... For some time, the pretty redhead Clémence Audiard has had her eye on her new neighbor but has never had the opportunity to approach him. He is often away on business trips, and she has not yet found a valid reason to talk to him. This morning, however, everything may change. While she's showering, a delivery man rings her doorbell to ask if she can take a package for her neighbor. This is the perfect opportunity to finally get to know each other better. When she saw him leave this morning with a simple attaché case, she knew he would be home later that day. So she decided to leave a note on the door for him to come and pick up the package. When she opens the door for him, the outfit she wears hides nothing of her body... nor of her intentions. Why resist temptation? A gym is a great place to meet new people with at least one common interest. As she finishes her daily session with her coach, Alika returns to the locker room and discovers with surprise that she is not alone after all. Mary Bambola, a brunette with more than perfect curves, is undressing to take a shower after her session. Until now, Alika had never fallen under the charm of another woman at first sight but her previous meetings were done in public places, in other circumstances. Why not take full advantage of the current situation and offer her to take a shower together and more if all goes well? Kristof Cale and Natalie Grace have been in a relationship for a few years and their sex life is in good shape. To maintain the flame one or the other always manage to surprise their partner. Tonight, while they're having a good time at a select club in the city, Natalie has a little surprise for Kristof: a vibrating remote-controlled sextoy that she decides to test on the spot despite the crowd. Kristof barely has time to play with the remote control when his girlfriend, too excited by the situation, drags him to a quieter corner of the club to get down to business. Why settle for an object when you can have a man on hand? Their urges are stronger than anything Candee Licious and Veronica Leal are both office mates and best friends. Their special relationship helps them overcome the almost daily problems they have with their superiors. To unwind a bit after work, Veronica asks her friend to join her that evening on a date with a man she's been seeing recently. At first a little surprised by this impromptu threesome proposal, Candee ends up accepting. Although they know each other by heart, the two friends had never done anything serious together before. This is the perfect opportunity for them to have new experiences that neither of them would soon forget.

Impulses vol.4 Impulses vol.4 Impulses vol.4 Impulses vol.4 Impulses vol.4 Impulses vol.4
They give in to all their impulses, for their greatest pleasure Valentina Nappi is a fan of...

Impulses vol.3

With: Valentina Nappi, Anna Polina, Tiffany Leiddi, Ania Kinski, Aya Benetti, Joss Lescaf, Axel Reed, Ricky Mancini, Kristof Cale, Ryan Benetti

They give in to all their impulses, for their greatest pleasure Valentina Nappi is a fan of private Parisian parties. For some time now, she has regularly met Kristof Cale, a man she finds very much to her liking. The only problem is that he is always accompanied. Although she is generally very sharing, Valentina would prefer to have him all to herself. Tonight is her lucky day, Kristof arrived alone at the party. It doesn't take much for the pretty brunette to take the first step. A simple glance and a smile are enough for the two lovers to meet discreetly in one of the rooms of their host. After long, languorous kisses, Valentina decides to get down to business by gently masturbating her partner of the day, just to raise the temperature. Why rush when they have plenty of time to enjoy each other. Very excited by this foreplay, the couple completely lets themselves go until Valentina discovers that a stranger is looking at them as if nothing had happened. Of course, Valentina could have been satisfied with just one partner, but the young woman is a fan of all the pleasures available to her. So it's only natural that she lets Ricky Mancini join them for a totally improvised but intense threesome, even offering her anus to the two men to end the evening in style. Behind her shy looks, the blonde Tiffany Leiddi hides in fact a very free young woman who is always ready to realize her deepest fantasies. Today, sitting on the terrace of a café, she surprised Ricky Mancini's phone conversation. While the latter was planning a banal evening with friends, the young woman decides to offer him something much more entertaining. After paying her bill, Tiffany places a piece of paper with her phone number on Ricky's table, without talking to him, without turning around to see his reaction. All she feels is the look of this stranger on her generous curves. It took her less than ten minutes to receive a call from Ricky and to arrange a meeting that same evening. For this first date, Tiffany didn't do things by halves. Dressed in her sexiest lingerie, blindfolded, she was waiting for Ricky to come and fuck her. As expected, the originality of the situation had the desired effect on the couple who didn’t know each other just a few hours ago. Who knows what they will do next, but for now, only Tiffany's sexual urges are directing their passionate lovemaking. Pleasure is only worth it if it is shared While they are quietly having a romantic dinner at their favorite restaurant, Valentina and Kristof realize that Ania Kinski, sitting at the counter, is not taking her eyes off her lover. Although they are very much in love with each other, the two young people are also very sharing and never refuse a little fantasy in their relationship. Kristof therefore decides to invite this stranger to join them at their home. While Kristof leaves for a moment to fetch a bottle of champagne, the two pretty brunettes soon start kissing each other passionately. Kristof is very excited by the lesbian show in front of him and soon joins the duo. Although they are not from the same generation, Ania proves to be a true expert in group sex. While they thought they would have a quiet evening, Valentina and Kristof certainly won't regret giving in to their impulses and experiencing such ecstasy for dessert. Tonight, Anna Polina and Axel Reed invited Joss Lescaf, Axel's colleague and best friend to dinner. After talking about gossip and work, the conversation quickly drifts to each other's fantasies. Although she is madly in love with her husband, Anna admits that she has always dreamed of banging a handsome, muscular, well-hung black man. At first a little surprised, Joss cannot refuse such an invitation to pleasure. It must be said that for his part, he had long dreamed of taking advantage of the young woman's generous curves. As for Axel, he knows that next time he will have the chance to participate in a threesome with Anna and one of his sexy and slutty colleagues. This is the perfect example of a simple evening with friends that turns into an evening of fun in the snap of a finger. Why turn down new experiences when they come naturally to you? Desire can be multiplied tenfold by an unexpected situation Aya Benetti, a charming brunette with a body to die for likes to seduce but for her, encounters have to take place in the evening, at friends' houses or in clubs. However, her beautician friend manages to convince her that she can also use dating applications to quickly find a man who wants the same thing as she does, to get to the point, without wasting time in useless discussions. At first a little reluctant, Aya finally eventually gives in in. Shortly after she registered on a reputable site, she is contacted by Ryan, a charming young man whose perfect physique immediately makes the beautiful brunette fall in love with him. For her part, Aya has physical assets that would melt any man. That same evening, the two young strangers get together for a long moment of pleasure that would never have happened if Aya had confined herself to her overly classic flirting technique. For this new installment of the Impulse series, director Hervé Bodilis proves once again that giving in to the urge of the moment always brings its share of excellent surprises. Why wait if you can have it all, right now.

Impulses vol.3 Impulses vol.3 Impulses vol.3 Impulses vol.3 Impulses vol.3 Impulses vol.3
Why resist your impulses when all you have to do is satisfy them? Today, Jia Lissa has an...

Impulses vol.2

With: Jia Lissa, Cléa Gaultier, Anissa Kate, Tiffany Leiddi, Mégane Lopez, Nelly Kent, Luke Hardy, Lorenzo Viota, Rico Simmons, Ricky Mancini, Kristof Cale

Why resist your impulses when all you have to do is satisfy them? Today, Jia Lissa has an appointment with Luke Hardy, a man she only knows through a dating application. After talking for several days, they finally decided to meet each other. Not too shy, the pretty redhead has agreed to join the man at his home. For Jia, life and sex are games whose rules are made to be turned to her advantage. As soon as she arrives, the young woman literally throws herself at this stranger who certainly didn't expect to have his sex in Jia's mouth so quickly. What man could resist this body and the sexual energy emanating from it? Luke quickly discovers that the young woman loves only one thing: to give in completely to her impulses, especially if they are of such sexual intensity. No one knows if the couple will see each other again, but one thing is certain, they will have benefited from each other. As happy in her personal life as in her professional life, Cléa Gaultier has sexual needs that one partner cannot satisfy. This afternoon, between two appointments, she joins Mégane Lopez, one of her best friends. The two young women have a more than friendly relationship that sometimes leads them to play lesbian games to satisfy each other's desires. With their tongues, fingers or sextoys, Cléa and Mégane manage to give each other pleasure, without this calling into question their respective lives as a couple. They want nothing but uncompromising sex Anissa Kate leads a busy life but she likes nothing more than to share her evenings with her friends, especially if they are well equipped. Tonight she has invited Rico Simmons, Ricky Mancini and Lorenzo Viotta for a more than perfect dinner. Long-time friends, the three men know that when Anissa invites them, the temperature usually rises very quickly. This evening is no exception to the rule, since as soon as the aperitif begins, the young woman reveals a very light outfit that barely hides her generous curves. It doesn't take much for the three men to start caressing her. Already very excited, the beautiful brunette wastes no time and starts to suck on these three partners of the day with passion. She will even go so far as to offer them all her orifices at the same time, even accepting a deep double penetration that will make her climax it like never before. Tiffany Leiddi and Nelly Kent haven't seen each other for a very long time. They were lovers during their studies but each has since followed a different life path. Tiffany is now married but both young women are eager to remember their fun times. What if they invited Tiffany's husband Ricky to join them in celebrating their reunion? After watching his wife and her friend get excited in front of him, the man soon joins them for an improvised but so exciting threesome. What could be better for a man than to be able to enjoy the pleasurable sex of his wife AND her best friend at the same time? Icing on the cake, Nelly is also a fan of anal sex. It's a great way to make up for all that wasted time. Mégane Lopez is a young woman for whom sexual impulses must be satisfied as soon as they appear. The pleasure is apparently all the greater for her. Today, she joins Kristof Cale, just for a booty call. She has only talked to him for fifteen minutes, but she already knows that she wants him. As soon as she gets there, she knows she is going to have a great time. Very quickly, the two lovers head to the bedroom for a game of intense and passionate sex. Like what, making love with a stranger can increase the pleasure tenfold.

Impulses vol.2 Impulses vol.2 Impulses vol.2 Impulses vol.2 Impulses vol.2 Impulses vol.2
Why resist your impulses when all you have to do is satisfy them? All women have more or less...


With: Tiffany Tatum, Jill Kassidy, Mariska, Cléa Gaultier, Anna Polina, Ricky Mancini, Kristof Cale, Joss Lescaf, Lutro, Rico Simmons, Maximo Garcia

Why resist your impulses when all you have to do is satisfy them? All women have more or less intense desires and impulses. The only difference is that Jill Kassidy, Cléa Gaultier, Mariska, Tiffany Tatum and Anna Polina do everything to fulfill them. On a trip to Paris, the pretty American Jill Kassidy spends most of her time walking around and photographing the capital's most beautiful monuments. One would think that the miles travelled during the day would have tired the young woman, but it is not so. In the evening, alone in front of her mirror, Jill exchanges her casual tourist outfit for very sexy lingerie that she covers only with a loose coat. After hiding her blonde hair under a brunette wig, she goes down to the street to patiently wait for the first man who comes within her reach. Tonight, she wants only one thing: to make love with a stranger, with no strings attached, just to enjoy the moment. In other words, the lucky Kristof Cale will enjoy the charms of the pretty tourist throughout a night of pleasure. Unbridled sex for their own enjoyment For Lutro, Clea Gaultier is just another booty call. What he doesn't know is that his latest conquest has far greater than average sexual needs. So, when he tells her that he is cancelling their weekly date to spend the afternoon watching a football game with his best friends, the young woman doesn't hear it from him. After dressing very sexy, Clea calls him back to suggest a four-way plan that they will remember for a long time. After joining the three men, Cléa offers herself entirely to them, to her great pleasure. Mariska, a beautiful and accomplished woman is happily married. Yet, despite her love for her husband, she finds it hard to resist the temptation when Maximo Garcia, a handsome Spaniard, enters her life. So, while her husband is away for one of his company's many seminars, Mariska decides to discover new pleasures with the young man. Thanks to Maximo, all of Mariska's impulses resurface and the routine of the years spent with her husband is transformed into a moment of intense passion and desires she never knew existed. They live only for their own desires After too long a period of celibacy, Tiffany Tatum decided to take the plunge and sign up for dating applications. With her dreamlike physique, she doesn't have to wait long to receive numerous dating proposals. Today, she has set her sights on Ricky Mancini. To get off to a good start, they decide to meet in a bar in the capital. Nothing better than a neutral place to get to know each other. Even if the current seems to be flowing between them, Ricky never imagined for a moment that the young woman would offer to come up to her place for "a nightcap". After parking his car in Tiffany's private parking lot, he met her at her home. As he enters the apartment, he discovers with pleasure that she is patiently waiting for him on her bed, almost naked, ready to fulfill all her fantasies and satisfy all her impulses. Anna Polina has a very full sex life, but she still needs more. Today, she has an appointment with two strangers she met on the internet. During their conversation, the two men promised her intense, strong and unforgettable sex. That's all it took for Anna to ask her best friend to take her to the luxurious country house where her two partners are waiting for her. After a quick foreplay, Anna takes matters into her own hands and takes full advantage of the two men's sex to achieve ultimate ecstasy.

Impulses Impulses Impulses Impulses Impulses Impulses