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85 min.
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Ethically chartered film
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While strolling along the beach, Leila and Victoria come across a handsome man bathing in the nude. They enjoy the view. The more enterprising Leila decides to take a closer look and invites Victoria along. Eventually, the girls get to know each other and are soon having sex with him. In the evening, they invite him to dinner and decide to do it again... Kloé receives a call from Diana, who's looking for news of her and Greg. Greg is on the sofa with his friend Bill. Although he's friends with Greg, Bill has a secret relationship with Kloé and never misses an opportunity to please himself when his friend turns his back... But the beautiful girl can't decide between the two, because they both know how to make her come. While Sandra Bourgeois is showing Cara Joly her new underwear, a stranger enters the girls' hotel room. He's in the wrong room. Sandra takes the opportunity to show him her new lingerie too...