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88 min.
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Ethically chartered film
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As the sun sets over the village, Stephy decides to rummage through Vanessa's suitcase and comes across a huge dildo. Surprised, she decides to tell her friend about it, who decides to introduce her to the pleasures of this very special toy. Nej, Siara and Jamila wash clothes together by a river. Nej asks Jamila to go home and make tea for the men. Delighted to see Jamila, Tony takes advantage of Ringo's absence to make love to Jamila, who offers no resistance. Meanwhile, Siara reproaches Nej for letting her sister dress too sexy. Nej defends her and tries to reassure Siara, but to no avail. Siara then tells him that her fiancé Ringo is a sex addict and that since he caught her with another girl, she won't give him her body. She's afraid that Ringo will fuck the pretty Jamila. Three young women, Aya, Nabilé and Sandra, each disappointed by their boyfriend's infidelity, decide to buy an apartment together and abstain from sexual pleasures for at least a year. Will they succeed, or will they end up pleasuring each other?