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90 min.
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Ethically chartered film
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Paul and Victoria are out for a walk when they bump into Paul's ex-girlfriend Leila. Paul can't resist her generous curves. He's obviously keen to reconnect with the past and is just waiting for the chance to try something. Just in time, Victoria decides to go shopping, leaving the two ex-lovers alone... How long can they resist? Kloé and Bill are kissing languorously when a knock at the door startles them both. Kloé opens the door to find her boyfriend Greg. Kloé introduces Bill as her cousin, who has no choice but to play along. Greg and Kloé retire to the bedroom for a brief moment and Kloé, still horny from her languorous kiss with Bill, decides to offer Greg a greedy blowjob. But as soon as Greg leaves, it's Bill who takes advantage and indulges in some torrid sex with Kloé. Cara Joly is back to tell you about a new experience. Always keen to discover new sexual adventures, she decided to try it out with a stranger.