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Ethically chartered film
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An almost perfect love story

At the start of their relationship, as with all couples, everything was perfect in the lives of Cherry Kiss and Ricky Rascal. The little attentions, the passion, everything was just right. However, as time went by, routine set in and the two lovers locked themselves away in their work, no longer really paying attention to each other's desires and needs.

What Cherry doesn't know is that Ricky has recently begun a relationship with Lia Lin, a pretty brunette he met by chance in a bar one evening. Will the couple be able to pick up the pieces and get back to their "old life"?

Cherry feels neglected but does whatever it takes to keep the flame alive. Like tonight, while Ricky is showering, she puts on a sexy lingerie outfit and waits for her husband on the bed. Who could refuse such a proposal?

Extramarital adventures

For her part, Lia, in a relationship with Cherry's colleague and friend Venera Maxima, is forced to find excuses to hide her relationship with Ricky from her. When Venera worries that her girlfriend isn't returning her calls, she explains that she was just spending the day with a family member she hadn't seen in a long time. Luckily for her, the questions soon stop when the two women get into bed, making the dull talk magically disappear.

Lia finally confesses her relationship with Ricky and is convinced that he really does intend to leave his wife to live with her. Venera, however, is truly in love and would marry her girlfriend to keep her by her side.

As a journalist, Ricky can spend his days at home writing articles. So he takes advantage of his wife's absence to receive his mistress in peace. Cherry senses that something is changing in their relationship. During a discussion with her friend, Venera realizes that Lia is Cherry's mistress. How can she break the news to her?

All's well that ends well...

A few days later, Ricky is joined by his best friend Tommy Cabrio to put the finishing touches to an article they're both working on. When Tommy receives a call from his girlfriend Brill B, he knows he's finally got the chance to fulfill one of the couple's greatest fantasies: making love with a third partner. Without realizing it, Ricky is about to have one of the best evenings of his life.

For her part, Cherry has become a little closer to Venera, and the two women take advantage of their stay in a luxury hotel to enjoy an experience they would never have dared imagine just a few days earlier. Despite all this, she knows that Ricky is hiding something from her, and when Venera finally reveals the truth, she initially decides to take revenge, before changing her mind and trying to save her relationship.