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Ethically chartered film
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Prologue: A Dream Trip

Vicky Chase is the owner of Dream Locations, one of the most prestigious and reputable travel agencies in the country. While waiting for her next appointment with Jane, a new client, she decides to give a few minutes of her precious time to Charles, her current boyfriend.

To make sure they were safe, she even sent Lilly Bell, her assistant, on an errand on the other side of town. One thing is for sure, Vicky manages to stay very professional while having a good time at work. The appointment with Jane was made at the end of the day, so Vicky took advantage of her few hours of free time to go home and rest. She receives a call from her assistant who tells her that she has been in a car accident, fortunately nothing serious.

To comfort her, Vicky offers her to spend the night at her house to recharge her batteries. Lilly has always been attracted to her boss, but she has always refused her advances so as not to tarnish their friendship and work relationship.

An Almost Perfect Weekend

Jane came to Dream Locations to plan a dream weekend with her husband John. Two or three times a year, he organizes a golf weekend with his best friends, leaving Jane alone. To make it up to her, he promised to pay for a dream vacation in a lavish villa with a pool on the West Coast. What Jane doesn't know is that the famous golf weekend is also an opportunity for John to cheat on her with other women.

Now, with his best friend Tommy, they've met a gorgeous blonde with curves and a sexual appetite that would make any man fall in love. With that in mind, what better way to unwind than with a threesome after an 18-hole course?
A few days later, Jane and John have finally taken possession of the luxury villa and intend to make the most of the few days of peace they have been dreaming of for a long time. Meanwhile, Vicky begins to realize that her assistant Lilly is acting strangely.

She seems to want something that her boss can't or won't give her. While she thought she had left her home after having hosted her for a few days, Vicky understands, too late, that nothing will ever be the same between them again. What if the pretty blonde was playing a dangerous game with all the women she meets and falls in love with?

Lilly Bell reveals her true personality

While Jane and her husband thought they were going to spend a weekend together, they were surprised to receive a visit from Lilly. The latter apparently wanted to take advantage of a short stay in the area to check that everything went well for them. This is a personalized after-sales service that the couple did not expect. Furious Jane takes the visitor aside to tell her how she feels, especially after what they've been through together.

Lilly then reveals her true personality. What if her angelic face was hiding a much darker soul?