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Ethically chartered film
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Does love last forever?

After several years together and despite their best efforts, Mariska and Marcello have allowed routine to creep into their marriage. Will a romantic trip to Paris be enough to pick up the pieces and rekindle the flame? As soon as they arrive in their hotel room, the lovers realize that they've had a wonderful time in the capital in the past and that it's the perfect place to start over. With desire and passion still alive, Mariska and Marcello decide to make the most of their stay.

After a stroll through the city and along the banks of the Seine, Marcello reveals to his partner the surprise he has in store for her: a massage in one of the capital's most exclusive salons. Clara Mia and Alex Romero, the two masseurs, even invite the couple to join them in a private club that evening. A little reluctant at first, they finally accept. If they're going to get off the beaten track, they might as well go to places that take them away from their everyday lives. What Marcello doesn't know is that Mariska has orchestrated the whole thing with Clara to find out if her husband is as loving and faithful as he seems.

A very special night

Both disappointed that Marcello has resisted her advances and excited by the situation, Clara Mia sets out to find a partner to end the evening in style with Alex. She sets her sights on the beautiful Lauren Walker, who certainly wasn't expecting such an offer. Spending the evening in one of the city's most famous private clubs and ending the night with a threesome - that's the real deal. Meanwhile, back at the hotel, Marcello realizes that Mariska has been planning this all along.

She confesses that she's never really forgiven him for all his extramarital affairs. Marcello loves to seduce other women, and her only fear is that he'll leave her for a younger, more beautiful woman... Now that they've pierced the abscess, the couple realize that all those unspoken words nearly broke up their relationship. But despite all these missteps, their relationship has held together. From now on, they decide that each of them must accept the other, despite his or her faults, and above all, accept that nothing prevents them from living their sexuality to the full with other partners.

Discovering new sensations

The next day, Mariska invites Alex back to her hotel room. During their meeting at the massage parlor, she had not been impervious to his charm and had appreciated his massage. Now that things are settled with her husband, she's no longer embarrassed to ask for what she wants. At first a little surprised by the invitation, Alex finally succumbs to the charms of this experienced woman, unaware that Marcello is eavesdropping.

After Alex leaves, excited by the experience, he joins his wife to prove his love to Mariska. Although their sexuality is highly developed, it's been a long time since they enjoyed each other so much.
To end their stay in style, it was Mariska's turn to surprise her husband. After visiting specialized websites, Mariska contacted a swinging couple. That very evening, he couple joins Chloé Duval, Clémence Audiard and James Duval for an evening of pleasure and new experiences they won't soon forget.