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Ethically chartered film
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For Vanna, Katrina and Lacy, pleasure comes first

Vanna is the personal assistant of a rich businessman. She manages all his current affairs for him, even the most personal ones, and doesn't count her hours. In appearance, she leads a perfect life. In reality, the pretty redhead is secretly in love with her boss and can't stand to see him spending his nights with a different girl every time... until now.

Katrina and Tommy live a passionate love story. Every day, both of them are doing everything to keep their relationship from falling into a routine. Today, the pretty brunette decided to surprise her boyfriend with a set of lingerie that hides nothing of her intentions, nor of her extraordinary curves.

Mike and Helena are living an almost perfect life until Lacy, Helena's sister, comes to spend a few days with them. After dinner, while his wife goes upstairs to sleep after drinking a little too much, Mike decides to stay a little longer to "chat" with the pretty redhead. The next morning, as the couple fell asleep in the living room after a long night of pleasure, Helena almost surprises them. Mike then has to find a good excuse to justify not having gone to bed with his wife.

Bella Tina, Anya and Aya like to share everything

Bella Tina and Anya are more than just best friends. They spend most of their time together, both at work and on vacation. On their first vacation in a long time, they rented a beautiful villa to make the most of their stay. Although very much in love with each other, the two young women never turn down an opportunity to have fun with other partners. Today, they have set their sights on John, a handsome stranger they met while Anya was shopping. This last one certainly did not expect to be thanked in such a beautiful way.

Anya and Ryan are madly in love with each other but over the years, the young woman has developed a sickly jealousy. As soon as she can, she searches her partner's phone to make sure he is not cheating on her. To try to solve this pesky situation and save their relationship, Ryan calls on Aya Benetti, a couple therapist with off-the-wall techniques...