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Ethically chartered film
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They live their fantasies to the fullest

Emma Rose, a beautiful transsexual, and Victoria Voxxx met by chance the night before in a bar. They were immediately attracted to each other and spent a passionate night together. When Victoria wakes up and tells Emma that she is married, both women wonder if their budding relationship is such a good idea...

Maya has a very liberated sexuality, and it is not the presence of two workmen who will prevent her from giving herself pleasure while they take care of the renovation of her house. As the work progresses, the young woman and the two men get closer until the trio finally gets down to business.

When passion is stronger

Candie has two passions: lingerie and her boyfriend. Every day, the young woman spends long minutes in front of the mirror to choose the perfect outfit that will allow her to seduce her partner before making long love to him.

Chloe and James have been friends for years. They grew up together in the same village. She dreams of becoming a model and he a professional photographer. During a photo shoot a little more daring than usual, their relationship will go from a simple friendship to something much more intense.

Combining business with pleasure

Ana and Johnny are working together on an important case, but when Ana realizes that she's forgotten her files at home, she suggests to her colleague that they save time and go to work at her place instead of going back and forth. Once there, she realizes that this is the perfect opportunity to get to know each other better, especially when Johnny tells her that his wife knows about his many extra-marital “habits”.