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Ethically chartered film
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For them, pleasure comes first

Tonight, the lovely Emily Willis has decided to stay late at the office to finish up an important file. But the real reason she likes to stay this late is that she wants to do everything she can to get her boss Sterling Cooper to notice her. There's so much activity at the company during the day that she rarely gets to see him. To her surprise, she discovers that Stirling also has a crush on her and has been waiting for the perfect opportunity to get close to her. Tonight, the couple can finally get down to business in the empty offices.

Baby Nicols has been living in the South of France for some time now and after several unsuccessful interviews she has finally landed the job she was looking for. To put all the chances on her side, she decided to take French lessons. Her private teacher, Cléa Gaultier, is a beautiful young woman who leaves no one indifferent. Men or women, no one can resist her charms. With such a professional, Baby Nicols will quickly make great progress.

Their fantasies become reality

Lina Luxa and Juan Lucho live the perfect love and have a pretty good sexuality. At least that's what the young woman thought until she discovered that Juan was fantasizing about girls practicing anal sex. Ready to do anything to satisfy Juan's fantasies and her own, Lina is about to offer the most beautiful gift to her boyfriend.

Romy Indy and Tommy Cabrio thought they had everything planned down to the last detail. They had been preparing their plan for weeks. Once they got into the villa of this rich businessman, they only had to threaten the inhabitants to get the code of the safe. When the day came, nothing happened as planned. The villa was completely empty. Not to be discouraged, the young couple decided not only to enjoy the place but especially each other ... until the police arrived.

In search of her own desire

Anya Krey is very much in love with Nick but he is too busy with his work to take care of her properly. From now on, only her dreams allow her to take the pleasure she no longer finds in the arms of her boyfriend.