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Ethically chartered film
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A Very Exciting Reunion

Weddings are a great time to celebrate, but after a busy day, guests just want to collapse into bed and sleep it off. That's exactly what Jane was planning to do... until her ex-boyfriend crashed in her room. Always a little bit in love, Jane can't finally remain insensitive to the charms of her evening companion.

Today, the beautiful Spanish Ginebra Bellucci is the happiest of women. Indeed, her best friend Anya, whom she has not seen for a long time, is visiting her for the weekend. Ginebra has been fantasizing about her for years without ever daring to admit it. This stay is likely to take a very interesting turn and the temperature should rise several tens of degrees between the two young women.

They finally realize their fantasies with strangers

Today, the pretty Spanish Anastasia celebrates her birthday. For the occasion Tommy, her boyfriend, has prepared a surprise that she will not soon forget. While she thought she was going to spend a quiet day with her lover, he invited his best friend, whom Anastasia has been fantasizing about for some time now. Too happy of this surprise, the young woman rewards the two men in the most sensual way.

Cléa Gaultier and Juan Lucho have been together for some time now. Today they decided to take a new big step in their relationship by looking for a house to buy. Tommy Cabrio, one of the most famous real estate agents in the area, showed them the most sumptuous villa in his catalog. The lovers fell in love with this house but the selling price is much higher than their budget. With the help of her boyfriend, Clea decides to take matters into her own hands and makes a proposal that Tommy will find hard to refuse.

A road-trip full of surprises

Julia Roca hitchhikes around the country without any specific goal, according to her desires and the encounters she makes along the way. One day, she crosses the road of Tommy and Ginebra who invite her to their home to rest during her journey. Taking advantage of Ginebra's departure, the pretty brunette will quickly seduce her host and thank him in her own way for his welcome...

Once again, Dorcel has gathered some of the most beautiful actresses of the moment for 5 videos, each more exciting than the other. Whether they are French, Spanish or American, they have all the qualities required to make you have a great time, alone or in couple.