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Ethically chartered film
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Passion, desire and nothing else

Mia Malkova and Izabella both like sex, whether with men or women. When they first met, they were both coming out of a complicated relationship and had no intention of settling down again... anytime soon. Their chance encounter was a real trigger. At first a little shy, the two young women didn't wait long before finding themselves in each other's arms. Discover here a love scene between women of a rare sexual intensity.

Although the pretty Maïlyne and the charming Luke have only recently met, it can be said that the current quickly passed between them. For some time now, they have been turning around without having taken the plunge. Today, the time has come to finally get down to business. They have arranged to meet in a luxury hotel to get to know each other better. Faced with Maïlyne's dream body, Luke can't resist for long before covering it with kisses and caresses. Very quickly, the young woman invites her partner to discover much more and lets him penetrate her with passion. They may not see each other again but one thing is certain, they will remember this moment for a long time.

Discovering new pleasures

Appearances can be deceptive. Behind a calm and composed young woman's physique and attitude, Baby Nicols is one of the most fashionable photographers of the moment. Today, she organized a photo shoot with Juan Lucho, a model tattooed with the plastic of her dreams, whose image and career the agency wants to develop. It must be said that the young man has absolutely all the qualities required to succeed in the profession. While Baby Nicols is used to pretentious models, Juan turns out to be a man who is very attentive to the photographer's instructions. Very soon the two young people leave the professional setting to live a much more personal and sexual adventure.

TIffany Leiddi and Mégane Lopez are best friends. They have known each other since the dawn of time and have always shared everything. Already in college it was not uncommon for them to find themselves in the same man's bed. However, for some time now the pretty Tiffany has finally found a partner that she would like to keep to herself. Luckily for Megane, her friend remembers all the good times spent in each other's arms, with or without a man. So when TIffany proposes a threesome with her new boyfriend to Mégane, she is quick to accept.

Fun first

Stacy Bloom and Juan Lucho are lovers and for them, nothing matters more than sex when they have the opportunity to spend a few hours together. Of course, they could also spend quiet evenings at a restaurant, at a friend's house or in front of a good movie, but they much prefer to take a bite out of life. Stacy has a gorgeous body and curves that would make any man fall for her. As for Juan Lucho, he has a lot to seduce all the girls he meets. When they realized they had to be made for each other, passion and desire took over all their other hobbies. Why deprive themselves?